South America, North America, Europe · 134 Days · 88 Moments · March 2017

Roz's tour through South America

18 July 2017

Back home

14 July 2017

Raccoons, sloths and monkeys - Manuel Antonio National Park

13 July 2017

Went rafting down the Pacuare river for 4 hours - absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I don't have any photos as my phone isn't waterproof!

12 July 2017

Manzanillo and Cocles beaches

8 July 2017

Bocos del Toro - saw dolphins and sloths and we went deep board diving!

7 July 2017

Bambuda Lodge

6 July 2017

Overnight bus from Panama City to Bocos del Toro

5 July 2017

Sad to be leaving the San Blas islands.
Another amazing island!

4 July 2017

Had dolphins chasing the boat! So amazing - could almost touch them! Then spent the second night in another Kuna village!

3 July 2017

Spent the night in a Kuna village and had a tour around
Birthday crossing the border to start the San Blas adventure

1 July 2017

On our way to doing the San blas islands !

30 June 2017

Last night in Cartagena

28 June 2017

Isla grande and playa Blanca

27 June 2017

Barú and Islas Rosario

26 June 2017

Playa Blanca

25 June 2017

Volcano de Totumo - spent the morning floating in mud, being massaged and groped by Colombian men. An entertaining experience to say the least.

23 June 2017

Cartagena walking tour and then some gorgeous sushi at Pezetarian

20 June 2017

Went to Tayrone Park - walked roughly an hour and a half to reach Cabo San Juan, which is an absolutely gorgeous beach. Slept in a hammock up in the hut on top of the rock (spot it in the photos).

17 June 2017

Went to Minca - stayed in Casa Elemento. Chilled in a huge hammock and went to see some waterfalls !

15 June 2017

Went to costeno ! Such a beautiful beach, very empty with very few people around!

13 June 2017

Went to Palomino - stayed in the dreamers hostel and went tubing down the river!

6 June 2017

Took a boat to Pablo Escobar's house and then had a tour around
Climbed to the top of La Piedra

5 June 2017

Communa 13
Took the cable car up to get a view over Medellin

3 June 2017

Went to a football match in Medellin. Nacional Vs Jaguars - unbelievable atmosphere. The Medellin "nacional" team won, 3-2.

31 May 2017

Visited a coffee farm. Picked some beans, peeled them and learnt how to make some coffee.

30 May 2017

Trek through Valle de Cocora. Went to the hummingbird sanctuary and went to the bosque de palmas

27 May 2017

Booked in for a night of luxury in Cali

26 May 2017

Flying from Lima to Cali

24 May 2017

Laguna 69, north of Huaraz

23 May 2017

Laguna wilcacocha

21 May 2017

Paracas National Reserve
Islas ballestas, otherwise referred to as "the poor man's galapagos"

19 May 2017

Sand boarding and buggy-ing

18 May 2017


14 May 2017

Last night in Cusco

13 May 2017

More photos of Machu Picchu
Day 4: arrived at Machu Picchu

11 May 2017

Day 2: full day of trekking. Walked along part of the original inca trail

10 May 2017

Day 1 of the jungle trek. 85km of downhill mountain biking and some water rafting

8 May 2017

Rainbow mountain. Really beautiful - 5100m. Could really feel the altitude.

7 May 2017


6 May 2017

Islas Uros

4 May 2017

Isla del Sol
Isla del sol, Lake Titicaca

3 May 2017

La Paz

28 April 2017

Mirador, Sucre

26 April 2017

Casa de libertdad, Sucre

25 April 2017

Sucre cemetery

23 April 2017

More salt flat photos and then we went to a train cemetery !
Sunrise in salt flats - day 3. Went to cactus island - 1000 cacti

22 April 2017

Day 2 - more rock formations and then an unreal canyon!
Day 2 of salt flat tour - went to see some rock formations. Really amazing.

21 April 2017

First day of salt flats tour. Went to Laguna blanco, Laguna, verde and Laguna rojo! Also saw some geysers - not as impressive as Tatio.

20 April 2017

Geyser Tatio ! For sunrise, -10 degrees! Very unprepared.

19 April 2017

Cycled 45 km to Laguna cejar - but unfortunately closed because of a sensus!

18 April 2017

More photos of Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna - Atacama desert

16 April 2017

Bus journey from Valparaiso to San Pedro de Atacama! Started off well, with two seats to myself. All went downhill from there. Someone threw a stone through the window - so we had to wait 3 hours for replacement bus. Then the next buses wheel lit on fire - so had to wait 2 more hours for a new tyre. 28 hour bus became 36!!!

14 April 2017

Spent a day exploring Valparaiso

13 April 2017

Went on a walking tour of the city. Visited the cemetery, the fish market and the la vega market. Also visited the museum of memory the day before, but didn't take any photos.

11 April 2017

Arrived in Santiago. Stayed in La Chimba hostel. Wwalked up to cerro San Cristobal - gorgeous view over Santiago and a big statue of the Virgin Mary. Also walked up Cerro Santa Lucia, with a pretty castle at the top in a nice hideaway in the centre of Santiago.

10 April 2017

Getting ready to fly up to Santiago!

3 April 2017

80km in 2 and a half days! Completed the "w" trek!! Starting with Torres de Paine, and the beautiful sunrise, then the French valley and finally grey glacier !

30 March 2017

Perito Moreno Glacier

28 March 2017

Laguna de los Tres, el Chalten

27 March 2017

Laguna Torres

24 March 2017

Hiked the Tombado trail in El Chalten, got a beautiful 360 view at the top - great view of Fitzroy - 24km

23 March 2017

27 hour bus to El Chalten, Patagonia

22 March 2017

Hiked to the Laguna on Refugio Frey trek in Bariloche - 30km trek

21 March 2017

Cycling around the lakes in Bariloche

19 March 2017

Visited Ruca Malen vineyard. Enjoyed a six course tasting menu with wine pairings. - Dad, I have uploaded the list of food and wines for you!

18 March 2017

Breakfast in Mendoza, then visited Potrerillos
Made it to Mendoza in time for St Patrick's Day

16 March 2017

Casa Blanca

14 March 2017

Exploring cosquin.

13 March 2017

Arrived into Córdoba early in the morning. Walked around the city and visited the cathedral and several churches. Right up dad's street.

10 March 2017

Puerto Madero, Reserva Ecologica, Museo de Arte Moderno, Theatro Colon, Tango Show

9 March 2017

Leaving Buenos Aires on an overnight bus to Córdoba!
Plaza de Mayo, Cemeteria de Recoleta, steak

8 March 2017

Art walking tour, Palermo

7 March 2017

Congress building and a strike