China · 1 Days · 2 Moments · May 2015

Rozelle Evans

Rozelle's trip to Hong Kong

18 May 2015

The view from The Peak walk is amazing! The trip up the Peak Tram was crowded but certainly worth it. I mean, it really shows you how built up HK is-yet also shows you how much untouched rainforest there is. There was so little pollution around we could see the chimneys on Llama Island, something I had never seen before (even though I had lived there for 9 years!). I miss HK so much, someone said to me while we were out there that "You can leave Hong Kong but it will always be part of you, no matter where you are." I think it's true- there is something so special about HK. Maybe it's the lifestyle or maybe it's the easy access to everything, but either way it's certainly had a huge impact on me. I can't wait to go back!
Ahh Stanley! I spent a lot of my childhood playing around there, in the plaza, on the beach, in the market- it's such a safe place. The market has changed considerably though (although a few stall remain the same) others like the hand warmer stall and a few clothes stalls are much smaller or have gone completely. It's always sad seeing parts of your fond memories change or disappear altogether, but I guess that's just the way things happen. I like to think that they didn't go out of business but moved on to bigger and better things, that's just my optimistic/hopeful view. The plaza has also changed a lot too, in fact has gone through a complete revamp! It's very clean and modern but doesn't feel used or 'lived in' yet, not like the old building. That'll come with time. The very little pollution meant that the views out onto Stanley Harbour were fantastic! Best I've seen in a long time!