United States of America · 6 Days · 18 Moments · February 2017

Roxanne's voyage to sunny California

11 February 2017

Our last dinner in Caramel. Some shots of interesting items in the restaurant. I want this sink in my cabin!
It's always fun when you travel with friends!
Last sunset here in California.
Could not leave the AT&T pro am tournament without a Great One sighting! WAYNE GRETSKY.
Golf tournament favorite, Bill Murray. He is fantastic with the crowd. What a hoot! Today's outfit was farmer joe overalls! 😂
It's going to be a great day today! Al woke up at 6:30 and said, let's go to breakfast. I made him wait an hour. 😊

10 February 2017

The sun finally trying to break through the clouds just as it sets.
After lunch, I sent Al back to bed while I did a bit of shopping. It started to rain as I left the store. So glad I brought my raincoat; especially since I left the umbrella in the room. 😳 Fortunately it was gust a light drizzle...unlike yesterday.
Al is running a fever so we didn't make it to the golf tournament. Fortunately, he felt a bit better this afternoon so we went out for lunch. DeMetra's did not disappoint. So glad we stayed for desert because the staff sang and danced. What a fantastic show. We've never been Party to this talent in the past when we stopped in. But so happy we experienced it today!

9 February 2017

It was raining when we got here. We had our annual lunch at Friar Tucks. Had a great visit with the owner, Greg. Wish I had thought to take a photo with him. And dinner with friends was why we drove from San Diego to Carmel. Dinner was in a wine cave in Monterey. Love how they serve their sorbet between courses.
Oh my God! Saw this on the side of the road as we continued our trek to Caramel.
Had to pull over to let cars pass me while driving through the mountains. Our rental, a Hyundai Velostar, has no umph. But if I had to pull over this was a great spot to do so. 😊
A stop in Summerland for breakfast. Loved this etiquette piece.

8 February 2017

As opposed as I am to zoos, seeing the Pandas is worth it!
More zoo pics!
I've made it to the zoo. I know I said last summer I couldn't ever go to a zoo again...after seeing wildlife in their native habitat. It's hard. But...San Diego Zoo has pandas. PANDAS! I was here in high school and it was raining. Must see pandas again. I'm justifying my visit because the only way to see pandas is in captivity. So I'm making an exception for my beloved pandas.

7 February 2017

Very lazy day today. I did do some shopping. Got some work done. Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo.
After arriving in San Diego around midnight, it took forever to get out luggage. Then off to the car rental to get our car. Thank God for iPhones to get us to our hotel. 1 am local time we are finally in our room. Both of us exhausted. But it was an early morning for us. I had to drive Al to his conference so I could have the car. Not too bad. It's nearby, 15 minutes away. I stopped to pick up some breakfast. Now fed. I am back in my room. Curtains closed. Pajamas back on. I'm ready for some sleep. Too bad NCIS is too distracting.