Costa Rica · 9 Days · 21 Moments · July 2016

Costa Rican Expedition 2016

9 July 2016

Saying goodbye is going to be hard tomorrow morning. Tonight we said thank you to Gustavo our tour director and Chalo our bus driver.
This afternoon was a snorkeling adventure. Although I didn't snorkel I did enjoy floating in the Pacific Ocean. The students found tons of hermit crabs.
Lunch today was at a local 'farm'. Some crafts for sale. The kids made friends with the animals. And I found chairs I want Al to make.
Our last day started with a boat tour in Palo Verde national park. After seeing so many animals in their natural habitat I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy a zoo again.

8 July 2016

Long drive this morning to get to Guanacaste. But the scenery was beautiful. We then hiked an active volcano. We saw some natural hot springs as well as some current volcanic activity. Lots of GIANT bugs and a couple of white faced monkeys. Ended the day with our favorite Costa Rican drink...Pura Vida!

7 July 2016

Cacao plantation excursion this afternoon. Each pod contains 40 beans. The beans are covered in a slimy white fruit that is delicious. The beans are dried, roasted, mashed, the ground with sugar. This powder smells like fresh baked brownies. It is used to make hot cocoa. I loved it with vanilla and coconut.
Kayaking in the rain this morning. I sat on the boat to take pictures because I have a headache from our stinky hotel room. Couldn't get too many pictures because some of the kayakers didn't want to stay with the group. We had to keep chasing them down. And even with a cover on the boat we were getting very wet making it hard to take many photos.
Our hotel last night and tonight is really cute. Too bad our bathroom smells to high heaven. They are moving mom and I at lunch. So that should be good!

6 July 2016

We took a night walk to look at wildlife. Some creatures we saw were red-eyed tree frog, blue jeans frog, a big frog, caiman, sleeping birds, and turtles. It poured on us during our walk. But that's ok because we were already dripping with sweat.
This afternoon we went to La Fortuna waterfall. 500 steps to the bottom. The kids swam. Grandma and I were happy to make it to the bottom. The hard part was getting back up. Which we did. 😊 we are very tired from this adventure.
Whitewater rafting today was amazing! Our guide, Mourice, was so much fun. He tried to flip our raft on us! But we didn't let him. Many raft water wars. We also spun around with our raft as we went down the rapids. Hyman, the "kayak dude", pulled Mia into the water! So much fun.

5 July 2016

Some new (or newly prepared) foods we've tried on this trip... Yucca chips 😍, mamon chino, garlic mashed sweet potatoes, pineapple in coleslaw, pasta with fruit, just to name a few. There has not been one bad (or even meh) meal. All have been amazing.
Some dance lessons this evening. I believe the teachers may have created a baby or three on the dance floor. Some sex education for the kiddos! 😉
Left the jungle to head to Sarapiqui area. We stopped at a fruit stand. We bought manon China which is the furry fruit. It tastes a bit like a grape. Some pictures of our cabin. And as always, Minnesota group is on the bus and ready to go before anyone else. We zip lined today. Still don't enjoy it.

4 July 2016

After a torrential rain storm this morning, we took a boat tour to look at wildlife. Sightings included a sloth, howler monkeys, macaws, and very playful anteaters.

3 July 2016

After our village adventure, we returned to the resort. The swings at the bar were open so we immediately grabbed them. Mom really enjoyed the experience. I bought Mia her first legal drink a guaipirinha (see photo for ingredients)
After a couple of hours we took a quick boat across the river. There we saw Great Green Maccaws and some other wildlife. We walked the Caribbean beach taking time to get to know everyone on our trip. In the village several of use purchased hand made items from a fantastic women. So great to help a local artisan with our purchases. These cups keep cold things cold and warm things warm. Can't wait to use mine. 😍
What a fantastic start to our Costa Rican adventure! Breakfast at the San Jose hotel was great. We then loaded the bus to head to Tortuguero. 4 hours and an amazing boat ride through the jungle we arrive to a papaya juice welcome. Lunch was simply divine. We then settled into our rooms and enjoyed a couple of hours by the pool.

2 July 2016

We have finally checked into our hotel. We waited forever for the Maryland group to arrive. They seemed very nice. Arrived at the hotel at 1am. Minnesota group...quiet as mice. 😍
On the plane. The 5+ hour flight is feeling very long. ☚ī¸ I'm ready to be at the hotel and tucked into my bed.

1 July 2016

Off and running. Left Duluth with little issues. Alexis had oversized liquids but plenty of time to take care of that. Sitting in Chicago waiting for our flight to Costa Rica. Lots of laughs.