Europe, Asia · 1 Days · 2 Moments · April 2018

Round the World in more than 80 days

19 April 2018

Emirates is definitely plush economy with thousands of films; free flowing refreshments and a complimentary pillow which meant it quite literally flew by. Lunch on the plane was also rather grand - some sort of Lebanese stew with rice and beans in a tomatoey-Olivey tapenade + ciabatta and dairy free butter + a dressed noodle salad with crispy tofu + some fresh fruit (not too bad for economy!) Arrived in Dubai at 19:15 local time which was such a new experience. Sounds odd but it smells different and is so quiet (found out it’s a silent airport so no announcements). Got a shuttle train to my gate where I mooched around a handful of shops which are another level of expensive! Went to the loo which was probably the highlight of my airport stopover (despite walking round 20 times in circles trying to find it)- it had marble tiles, auto flush that actually works, a small shower head to clean your behind (Sadly I didn’t find enough excitement about this to use it - maybe next time?)
Woke up at 4:45 this morning which I don’t recommend. Had very early Molly cuddles; rechecked bags; printed flight itinerary for m&d; added 10 or so probably unnecessary items to bag and got in the car with the lovely parents who whizzed me out to Heathrow. Arrived at Terminal 3, where I was asked one too many times how old I was (almost expected a kid’s activity pack to be handed to me). Went and collected foreign currency - felt momentarily rich as I was handed 100,000 Vietnamese Dong before realising that was equivalent to about £3. Gave numerous hugs to m&d, shed a few tears and ventured through security. Airside I filled my stainless steel, eco friendly water bottle (what more would you expect from me?); searched for a multi-country adapter (Singapore will have to supply me with this gem); ate a banana and chocolate as pre-flight-breakfast munchies; and, after a wee sit down, headed of to my gate to catch flight 1 of 2 to Singapore.