Austria · 7 Days · 16 Moments · April 2016

Vienna and Graz ,Austria

29 April 2016

The Hapsburg final resting place was closed. Still a nice piece of history. The double staircase gets you nowhere, but worth it if your in the neighborhood. This town is all about walking. There are so many hidden little gems. Bars, cafes and restaurants that sneak up on you everywhere. If your paired up. Even better. If your here in spring... The parks are so fun of beauty and good energy. They are a must. Well... At flann O'Briens and saying goodbye with a few local libations.
Four of these pics are from one point. When I say they love their cafe's. It will always be an understatement. I've had more espresso with buttered bread in these 3 days then any 3 day span of my life. Annnnnd living it!
I just met Sisi of Austria. This Elizabeth's having just celebrated her birthday is flirting with the century mark. She's pointing me in the right direction. My intense map study caught her attention. Ha! And she knows Panama! Cause of the Panama Papers😞.
Um... This walk way speaks for itself.
What a view! This hill has history.... Debatable history apparently. Whether Napoleon force the surrender directly or orders came from the conquered Vienna is a debate for another day. So I stopped at the end of this little trek for a coffee.... And the best pita and hummus EVER!
Now this is the way to start a day!

28 April 2016

Bye bye Vienna! The frozen tundra of Graz.... Here I come.

27 April 2016

Last night reminded me I'm no longer 21. Breakfast at 1230. Ouch! The youth movement managed to get me on the road for one last walk about. It's freaking cold! so back for the last few beers, games of resistance and our surprisingly difficult goodbyes. Viral... Your poker face is terrible. Nick... Yours is scary good. The Catan 4 have broken up!
Catan... It morphed into enormous games of resistance, which lead to 15 of us raiding the night. Amazing time! opportune and arguably the best kabab in the city. No one could find it the next day. That kinda night.

26 April 2016

Day 2 solo-ish.... Produced the best 3 headed news bit ever. More on that another day. Cruised around on my own seeing churches, parks and god knows Vienna has them by the boat load. Incredible. Stopped into the Freud museum.... Ok, but only ok.

25 April 2016

This... German version of Catan changes the course of the next two nights. Who would have known. Madaline from Indian and Matt from the Canada.
Sooooo, it's not a one sided issue. Here a protest was in full force. A drum circle kept chants in rhythm. The signs said things like" protect the people and not the boarders. " The far right had just scored a big victory in parliament. Breaking the 2 party system and creating there own Trump-o-crats.
Ribs of Vienna... Apparently the word is out in the Asian travel circle. You all need to join in. Tina hit a home run on this one.
Well... Day one... Solo. Checked into my Freud themed dorm. A pleasant surprise. Mom was still on my mind I presume. Solo... That lasted 5min. Met Taiwan Tina (aka TT) in the hall and we were off. Hunderwasserhaus! What a strange, fun design. The columns attached to the bar had running water trickling down, and all the floors were uneven.... So watch your step!

23 April 2016

Opera night! Even caught a glimpse of What has to be Ms. Malek's long lost sister.
Just a day in the city. Mom, dad and I ripped up the streets. From 68 or so coffees to a chimney cake that's changed my life. It was a glorious day. Chimney cake fresh from the orea cooker.... Hmmmmmm! The Hungarians got that one right! The market is the spot. There are plenty of delicious options, like steroid veggies and fresh seafood. But did I mention the chimney experience?🤘🏻