Australia · 7 Days · 10 Moments · December 2017

Darcy’s Journi to Rottnest

3 January 2018

Today we enjoyed our day thoroughly- as it was our last day here in Rottnest. We went down to the basin to go for a swim and play some beach cricket, but there was a shark sighting so we went to the relatively free Geordie bay instead. We stayed there for most of the day and went to a code shop where we had milkshakes and iced coffees. We rode to some of our favourite bays and hung around town before waiting in the queue for a smooth ride home on the SeaFlyte. Saba was waiting for us at the jetty where we got our bags and drove home.

2 January 2018

Today we woke up early and rode around the island (again)! 😅🚲 We reached Port Vlamingh and went on the same side on the way back- as it was the more enjoyable side. We went back to our room and played Rummikub before having dinner and going to bed.

1 January 2018

Today we woke up- welcome 2018!!!! We went snorkeling down at little Thomson’s bay before waving Nonna and Nonno back to the mainland. We hung around at the beach for the rest of the day before retiring to our welcoming bed.

31 December 2017

Today we woke up and rode around the south side of the island but didn’t go to the west end. We stopped for lunch at Catherine bay and rode home. We rested at home for a while before heading to Thomson bay to participate in the New Year Eve festivities.

30 December 2017

Today we woke up to yet again- a breakfast of bacon and eggs on the barbie. We took a beach ball down to the beach and played volleyball while waiting for Nonna and Nonno’s ferry to arrive. We got jam doughnuts and pies and sat on the jetty- watching them dock. We then had lunch with them and went down to the beach where we played beach cricket. We saw their luggage arrive so we went back to our cabin to unpack and have lunch. We came back to the beach afterwards and played cricket, went for some nice walks, and chilled until dinner. After dinner we read, and went to bed.

29 December 2017

Shop to buy a sunshirt for Mum, but after seeing the price ($170) they decided against it. Afterwards we played sequence, had dinner and went to bed.
Today we woke up and had an energising breakfast of bacon and eggs on the barbie to get ready for a tiring ride around the 11x4.5 km island. We passed through Geordie Bay and drove next to the beautiful salt lakes before stopping in at the stunning Little Parakeet Bay. We stayed there for a while and then rode around stopping at the various lakes and bays. A good hour later we stopped in at Ricey beach to have a swim and a snack of watermelon and cut up apples. We then went on the long, hilly but scenic road to the ‘West End’ the surfer’s windy nightmare on the opposite side to the settlement. From there we went to the Cathedral rocks- where there were rumoured to be New Zealand Fur Seals. Unfortunately- these were feeling antisocial and decided not to show their faces. We then went on the long- and EXTREMELY hilly road to the lighthouse in which we looked around for a bit before heading back to our cabin. We enjoyed refreshing icy-poles before Mum, Dad and Tahlia went to the tbc

28 December 2017

At Caroline Thomson bay where we saw the amount of boats that were parked- ready for New Year’s Eve. We went back to our cabin and sat outside for lunch. A Quokka decided to come and join us for lunch. We went back to to Pinkies beach and relaxed there until we web to the visitors centre to pick up the key to our accommodation. We unpacked our bags and then Tahlia and I went to the oval to play soccer. Afterwards we came back to have some watermelon. Tahlia and Mum both went to have a shower, while Dad and I went to the Basketball court to play basketball. When we got back I went for a shower and we went out to eat a dinner of lasagna and salad. We then went to bed
Today we woke up early at 7:00 to reach our 9:30 ferry trip to Rottnest. After a seemingly endless time rushing around and doing last-minute jobs, we managed to get in the car and drive to Hillarys boat harbour where we waited for our ferry. For the first time- the ferry ride over was RELATIVELY SMOOTH!!!!! Mum stil had to stand in the back corner of the open section so she got absolutely DRENCHED! When we arrived at Rottnest, Mum and Tahlia had to lie down on the concrete outside the jetty while Dad and I checked us in for our accommodation. We then went to the Main Street/mall, Mum and Dad bought coffees and shared a sausage role while Tahlia and I had a Chai Latté and a Potato pie + Steak,Bacon and Cheese pie respectively. After, we went around to see where our cabin was and orient ourselves to the Quokkas and other beautiful aspects of this island. We walked to the lighthouse where we were swept off our feet by the sheer beauty of the bays. We walked around to the jetty tbc