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12 March 2019

HiMy favourite picture of Merioni and Matt healed now of abscesses on their faces. Taken in Nadi Monday 10th March. 2 water tanks ordered and on there way to port. To be shipped to the village. Lots of discussion re re Merioni's plans for her daily business to sell goods needed by village hopefully to start baking too, planting extra veg etc in her plot of land. She plans to use profits to reinvest, feed her family, and firstly build some washrooms and then repair her 2 houses for them to live in a and use for Airbnb. Solar panels already up and running.!Much prayer support given for her to have wisdom and for the success of her business. It's, so important it takes off for them as then they should never go hungry again. God bless you my sweet friend. Headman of village is backing her and will announce her shop to the villagers. Malti will be sending her Airbnb clients too. Praise God for His faithfulness.

11 March 2019

Merioni's mum... AND her younger sister Pas

7 March 2019

I year on remember g Merioni's dad who died on 7th March.

24 February 2019

Taking off at Nadi Airport 9 am. Leaving Fiji with a heavy heart. Missing all my beautiful friends.

23 February 2019

22 February 2019

Abby Merioni's 8 year old son dressed ready for school after recovering from very sore conjunctivitis.

21 February 2019

Merioni's, mum's new cooker. replacing the other one which was dangerous!

20 February 2019

Breakfast table.

19 February 2019

A rather nice large moth on ceiling. Gheko was trying unsy cessfuly to catch it! It was very much bigger than the Gheko!
Delicious supper. Was a little late as the boat with supplies was late home due to bad weather. They only just got back before dark. But worth waiting for. Beautiful flowers on the table too. We were fanned by.... as it was a hot evening. We were sung too with guitar and banjo. Fijian songs which would have been Christian lovely. Battered bananas in red caramel sauce for pudding. Delicious!
Back with my friends a White Sandy Beach Resort I am in a different Bure due to problems with no 4 Bui very apologetic cos no outside shower. Lovely to relax in the large hammocks under the shade, listening to the waves crashing on the beach Lovely Fijian and loving welcome back. Tide was, a long way out when we arrived. Had to share Korovou resort boat and walk along the beach cos boat gone for supplies. Staff apparently tlexcited to have me back. Watched me come in and laughed as I was last off the boat! They sing a lovely welcome. Very hot still. Bure is nice. Inside shower and possibly cooler than other one. Ceiling fan good. I had a nice cold shower Had cup of lemon tea chatted with other guests. 3 German girls and one Emanuel from Argentina. English couple gone to visit their friends on other resort. Then went for swim in warm sea and chilled in hammock. Almost chilly under the trees. . SO nice to be back..! Different guy Addi announcing activities was on a 2 week holiday.
We waited for Yasawa flyer atBarefoot Kuata Resort beach .
Bucket shower room!
Flush toilet very posh!

18 February 2019

Crab caught by Merioni on the beach at high tide. They crawl up the beach to the trees when tide is in. The sea covers their holes. Merioni caught one especially for me as she and her Mum wanted me to try one. It was nice but unfortunately I could only eat 9ne and couldn't eat very much cos of heat and my upset tummy! I left the second one for her to eat. I had to attempt to eat it with my fingers in the chipati. Interesting!!

17 February 2019

Fish ca8ght by men and boys of the village. Enough to feed the whole village. They were caught yesterday. Merioni's 7 year old likes fishing. He caught 15 fish. This was when he was spear fishing. Merioni's mum cooked the fish for the feast
Fish ca8ght by men and boys of the village. Enough to feed the whole village. They were caught yesterday. Merioni's 7 year old likes fishing. He caught 15 fish. This was when he was spear fishing.
Fish caught by men and boys of the village. Enough to feed the whole village. They were caught yesterday. Merioni's 7 year old likes fishing. He caught 15 fish. This was when he was spear fishing. Merioni's mum cooked the fish for the feast The children all ate theirs together. The rest of the village bought a plate and took it back to their families. I was given mine in my Bure and ate alone! Maerioni 7sed to do Airbnb in her mothers house but they are still repairing the damage from the last cyclone. Merioni moved out of her house with her son to vacate her Bure for me! I have decided to leave Tuesday am. The flyer comes at 10 am. We will need to leave the Bure gT about 9.15am with all my bags. My body is not doing so well in the heat so I need to go somewhere cooler and just chill out.

16 February 2019

I am not sure if my blood pressure is up as I have a wee bit of a thick head and I am so hot! I wish now, I had got off at White Sandy beach inspite of it being more than I can really afford.! I have a pair of cute little geckos to keep me company! Uoh here comes more rain.
Moriana sat with me this evening while I ate my supper. I am eating in my Bure not with the family though. We had a nice chat though. She then went to catch crabs in the rain and will come back to help me sort the shower out. So far since I arrived I have just sat in my Bure with small children in and out with instructions to send her little boy if I need ex anything. She has gone for her supper now. She is going to come back to help me re shower etc. I don't feel I can go out into the village until I have had permission from the chief. And I can't go to the beach without going through the village. Its all very different. Feels a little like being a prisoner as I don't want to offe d anyone. but she is very sweet and villagers I have seen are friendly Marioni is going to show me the beach I can safely swim from as I was asking re what I should wear! I have met the nurse she called in earlier on her way from the nursing station. Her house is nearby and she has said I can go see her
Well I have arrived ii Yalobi on Waya island. I was collected by the village boat. My homestay is right in the back of the village! My Bure is nice but extremely simple just how villagers live. My bedroom is very hot! And has a lovely blue mosquito net over it. Water from rain water is filtered. But fortunately a breeze blows through the main room my bedroom is off. I am a bit concerned re coping with the heat here. There are cyclones elsewhere in the Pacific so weather is changeable rain then very hot apparently. My hostess and I both think I need to take it a day at a time to see how I am with the heat. Right now I have 2 small children with me while we sit out the rains and I have had doughnut round things and lemon tea very refreshing
The children called Abisai and Dailolo show me Rig the goat on the rocky hill behind the village they 10 goats.
Pouring with cooling rain
Refreshing lemon tea and doughnut rings made by Marionis Aunty. With mixed fruit jam
View out to village from 8ns7de my Bure.
Marionis son and another child Ava... .... Loli
My room in a Bure in back of the Yalobi village. Marioni my hostess. Mari. Is little girl my hostess's niece.
Sending my love to all staff on White Sandy Beach. Mani and... come out to the flyer to collect 3 passengers. Called to each other BULA BULA. How are you? God bless. Send my ove to everyone. Sad I wSnt going there. Bye bye Nanna Rosy! Lots of spray and rocking! Catarmarabg splashing through waves. Quite rough today!
View from my hammock waiting for Yasawa flyer at 12.30.I am all packed ready to go. Fruit lunch at 11.30 am. I am rather concerned re next place as not what she told Malti. It will be a good experience in Fijian but I am concerned I will be OK in the heat! I have messaged Bui to see if she has any spaces just in case!

15 February 2019

My new Sulu and necklace I bought in the village here at Nacula

14 February 2019

13 February 2019

Beautiful evening light from view from tea hours
Enjoying a drink of coconut water and delicious coconut cake, at Buis Auntie teashop by beach., with Debbie and her son Jamie. Jamie treated us! '

12 February 2019

Kava ceremony at Safe Landing honestay
The chief 9f the village whose job it is to look after everyone to make sure they are, all OK. Any problems he meets with the elders of the village and they discuss best plan of what needs doing and put the plan into action. Each person and family has a part to play within the village. Families chosen to have specific jobs back when they all first arrived at Safe Landing. Many different families came. Each family to to do a specific task in the village. First village where present homestay a are. They moved in..... when the village grew too big.
Visit to local Nacula Village
Cuddles and pictures with Morwena. Little sweetheart.

11 February 2019

Blue Lagoon resort beach
Dawn on Safe Landing beach!

10 February 2019

Mowena playing in the sea with one of her cousins!

9 February 2019

Happy 4th Birthday. Mowena!

8 February 2019

Beautiful sunset my last evening.
Bua gave me a lovely massage on the house in my Bure. Taken just after! Goodness Bua what did you do to me ! Lol!

7 February 2019

Afternoon snooze before visit to village round the other side of the island! Bua is going to lend me a fijian top to wear.

5 February 2019

Bea the owner wants me to learn the welcome song and sing it with them when the next guests arrive! I have asked for a translation.too. I was surprised as I didn't think the new guests would want to see me there! But she thinks they would like it! So I will need to learn some of the Fijian words.
Livi, Louise and Rebeka chatting on beach.
Yasawa flyer brings more guests and takes some guests away.
Ambers birthday celibration today at breakfast. We all had different coloured hats.
Beautiful little purple flowers beginning to open on pathway Bach to chalet Bures. Lovely perfume
Filling my bottles from filtered rain water tank.

4 February 2019

3 February 2019

2 February 2019

Off to Yasawa Islands tomorrow I am So looking forward to it! One of the main Highlights of my trip. Thank you Jesus! Its 00.08 now, and I have caught up on my photos apart from go pro pictures and some more write ups!! Better get some sleep now as got to get up at 4.45 in morning!

1 February 2019

Leyla and Marian he. 2 ladies selling bananas in street nearby. Marian put my brolly up for fun. Lots of people selling fruit and vetg in pm and evening under overhang to keep dry. It was puri g with rain because of the rainy season in their summer. Rain is welco. E. Refreshing and cooling in the heat. About 30°C again today.
I am now booked repacked and ready to go to the Yasawa Islands tomorrow. I have decided I need some time out relaxing on the beach for a week first so I am going to Navita Island backpacker resort. I will be in a Bure by the beach. There is swimming and snorkeling in the Bay. I do have WiFi. too so hepefully I can contact you all from there with some tantalising photos to show you!! Then when I am more acclimatised I will probably go to a more basic air b&b on Nacula Island. And go to Blue Lagoon resort to book my next dive! I am being collected by a free bus tomorrow morning just after 7 am at a place very near to my hostess. Her husband is going to very kindly give me a lift.with all my bags. The Yasawa flyer the boat that goes to all the islands leaves Port Danaru at 8.15am! I think I will be at my island for about 10am!!: If you are interested check the awesome Fiji. Com and find the one co
: If you are interested check the awesome Fiji. Com and find the one coconut free choice section and my resort is called White Sandy beach on Navita Island. It's, a pachage that included 1 boat ride there and 1 boat ride onto next island. It sounds really nice and will be run by Fijian! I couldn't find a suitable airb&b! My hostess s daughter has a friend with an airb&b on Waya Lailai Island which sounds great. It will be a real fijian experience but she knows what its like as she has been there! I will have access to a shower and a fan and all food is included. A bedroom to myself. Beautiful bay with swimming and snorkeling and really good fijian village experience.!
Danny says it's snowing in England! That’s good,less washing up!!!!😆😆 i hope it’s warmer there,it’s snowed here!!
In Fiji most people don't use hot water to wash up. This is an amazing cream you rub on the plates to get rid of grease then just rinse under cold water! Very clever!
. . I am back in Nadi with my lovely Indian hostess Malti. She feeds me every meal and she has introduced me to eating the Indian food with my fingers. Mmm it tastes much nicer like that.
I went to buy Kava from Street sellers ready for villages chiefs this late pm in pouring rain!. Bananas I bought were $2 a big bunch! Very cheap. They are nice and sweet.

31 January 2019

Stall beside the road.
View from Pacific Express bus from Pacific Harbour to Nadi Airport. 13.20 to 16.30. Sat next to Isaac. Free diver offers me to contact him and he would taking me swimming with dolphins on North of Vitu Levu and stay with his family

30 January 2019

Garden Cat and kitten under the cupboard on Charlotte's car port in front of house. Charlotte feeds the cat who comes to kitchen window meowing for food everyrume she hears us near.! Cute kittens.
My lovely friend Charlotte. Lots of I testing and fun chats. And chats sharing our faith. Charlotte is a christian sister and is a Roman Catholic
Charlotte's beautiful garden

29 January 2019

More views of Pacific Harbour walkway in Arts Village thatched covered walkway over bridges pondsxwuth lily pads on them.
Beautiful Indian Sari wedding dress in shop in Arts Village. I wandered round and browsed. everyone very friendly. Saw a Silk Bolerio. Sundress with matching jacket. I would like to find one would be very useful.

25 January 2019

Tiny Gheko in the bathroom.
Charlotte's lovely house

24 January 2019

During the hours break between dives. We were given orange juice and biscuits. I wore my wet shoes inside the fins for second dive. We went to another area on edge of the coral reef. It was much better. 8st time going in from boat and down a mooring line. I improved but buocancy still a problem a bit. ILY guided me with it as there was a problem with a leak in BCD!! Was a more pleasurable dive and enjoyed seeing different colourful fish.
....... Island I dived from after leaving the boat we swam to the shore and practised some skills underwater. It felt very different in sea. Took awhile to get my balance. Then we did my first dive, swimming down from the shore bottom. There were some lovely coloured fish. I struggled with my fins which wte too loose and gave me cramp underwater but know how to sort it. Then lots of trouble with my buocancy I kept floating back above ILY which was very bad he had to pull me down and he did something to my BCD I think, I kept going up and down not good! It was a good thing it wasn't deep! ! We tested out my depth watch and timer. Also problems with mask. Alit to take in in one go! But I managed and kept calm. I used my air fast because of the fins!
On our way, ready for my first Open Water dive with my lovely Fijian diving instructor Ily

22 January 2019

Blowing Kisses back home.
My bedroom at Yasi circle! Teeming with ants until we got out the ant spray. Whole house got fly screen around it but lots of ants! They got in everywhere!,

21 January 2019

Charlotte, my lovely chines /Fijian 83 year old hostess, gave me a lift and took me shopping in her golf car. Pacific Harbour.
View of Arts Village walk through Pacific Village

19 January 2019

Welcomed by Fijian musicians in Nadi Airport.
Arriving in Nadi Airport. I was met by Sachin Malti's husband
Descent to Nadi Fiji.
Flight path to Nadi Fiji from ChristChurch New Zealand on Fiji Airlines.