Australia, Indonesia · 43 Days · 250 Moments · February 2019

Rosy's Coddiwomples in Australia

7 April 2019

Leaving Australia. From Cairns on Jetstar Airbus A320. 21.45 Arrive Demspar Bali at 00.20 local time 4hiyrs 11 mins fliggt

4 April 2019

Boomerang Flat one side curved on other.
Bush food and medicine. Black beans in didi bag grate leave in running water to get rid of poison. To fire grind up to make flour. To make bread today buy bread! If eat too much nuts and berries constipated rain forest termite ant bed crush add water sip go calcium and magnesium 2 outback rainforest and desert. Now menamusal tablet. Bea charm cocatoo favourite nut but have brown crack open . Layers like walnut.
YOn bus to Tjapukai. ... Aboriginal experience. In Cairns went past enormous fruit bat's hanging in trees. Pouring with rain. But forecast set may be to clear later Manauka trees bark aborignals Local aborignals here b4 coral reef story how sea rose and had to move Rainforest tribe Flying helicopter service 1928 called help with pebble powered radios. Best for rainforest Waterfall. Barren Falls from sky rail. River salt and fresh water crocodiles. On Captain Cook Highway 9000 miles, around Australia. 260 drop will be thundering today 25 thousand million years oldest rainforest in world. Used to be attached to Antarctica. Could get sea sky to see Baron Falls on sea sky.

30 March 2019

Largest Banana plantation in Southern hemisphere. Platic bags to stop rippening to fridge 4 months then spray with chemical it needs to start ripening sell to supermarkets. Did u know there are male and female bananas? How do u tell a male banana from a female banana? When you peel the! skin splits into three skins. The male banana skin splits into four skins!!
Nice cool swim in Allegator creek Climbing Gum boot in Tully see ran clouds coming in.

29 March 2019

Having a cuddles with Pebbles!

28 March 2019

Ferry from Townsville. Nelly Bay terminal Magnetic island
After a 5 am start. I am on the train to a place called Townsville. Then we take the Stray bus to Magnetic island. Where there should be lots and lots of koalas released a number of years ago into the wild. There is a koala sanctuary and tomorrow we have "breakfast with the koalas. I am really looking forward to seeing them! They are an endangered species now due to so many Eucalyptus trees being cut down in Australia. There are various projects to rescue and reintroduce koalas back into the wild. But Australians don't seem to put the protection of these beautiful animals and other endangered species and environments very high on the agenda. They seem generally more interested in making money and human needs! . Not much from government either! Sad really. Kangaroos are doing well though! Apparently there are more Kangaroos than people! Maybe they should govern!! Lol!

24 March 2019

Interesting plants and facts on walk back though the Bush.
Even bigger spider at toilets.
Our fab Solway Lass group.
My friend Emma.
Emma's friend tries her hand at being photographer.
And my faithful hat who has a will of its own!! Lol
Who got carried away! Multiple views 9f Nanna Gramsey at Whitehaven beach. Take ur pick!! Lol!
Views of Whitehaven beach. Very beautiful. We could see some sting rays swimming in distance!
Home in and spot the spider on our walk through Bush on Whitehaven Island! Aaah!!
Posing for that photo shot!! Ooh hang on! Jacky likes me to take my glasses off!
We set off under engine to Whitehaven beach.
Galley chef Harvey produced Fantastic spread for breakfast! Hot coussoins , cereals, fruit yoghurt and toast! Tea coffee.
Early morning on Solway Lass
We motored out to Woodwark bay in the Whitsundays Islands. See map. And anchored for evening. Pues on arrival followed by large supper!. Fish lights were put on by the boat and we could see large fish hunting squid. The squid came to hunt the hundreds of luttel fish sparkling in Ships light. Very beautiful evening. Stars too.
It was Grace's birthday. Special cake made singing by crew, with banjo and didgeridoo! Great surprise for her. Inspite of slip up. I managed to put her off track!
Masses of fab food well stuffed. Long tables on deck in shade. Gathered round for fun group games. Drinking games but more emphasis on fun fellowship than drinking. I didn't like my large tequila cocktail so this was used for the drink for loosing! We played and chatted til late after supper. Gelkedcrealkyvwell as a group. Lovely inclusive fun caring group of people.
German family travel alot. 2 small children one age 4 other 3 years old. With Oma. With. Nanna. Wife 8sed to be in national gymnastics team! This showed later in trip.
Inside 1920s built 2 master squared rigged Solway Lass. Beautiful. I was given a 4 berth cabin on my own, $50 behind the bar and given back the $50 difference between 3 nights and 2. Shortened because not enough people for 3 nights and coral reef badly damaged by cyclone in recent years. Many of us were compensated but I had most behind the bar! I found my new drink. IlCaptains Rum (generous double shot) and iced lemonade sprite is best mmmm delicious especially in hot temperatures! Toilet and shower combined almost literally as on side of narrow wall beside toilet. Very easy to knock on and get wet!! 3 mins each 2 showers a day. Rationed water for showers so don't run out!! But fine.
On my way to the Quay to meet up with Solway Lass crew. (used new waterproof cover attached on strap round my neck! Proved not so good for taking photos but excellent for keeping phone dry and fine sand out from Whitehaven beach.)

22 March 2019

Arlie beach
Eventually slept after 2 sleeping tablets a paracetamol and putting oashminna over my face! Cos my body was aching and cold air on my face kept me awake. Inspire of applying snore spray, I snored and woke up hearing myself snore very loudly! Got off train at 6.30am. Kind lad carried my. Backpack. On bus to Whitsundays and Arlie Beach
In overnight train from Rockhampton to Arlie, Beach. Train left at 00.20 gets in 6.30 am! Just got reclining seats. Going to be a taxing journey. I have taken a sleeping tablet so hopefully I will sleep. As I am on the tall ship tomorrow!
Bus ride back to Emu Park resort
Ferry back from Keppel Island to mainland. Very noisy lots of diesel fumes. Sat on sundeck. Best view.
Hot but beautiful scramble then climb then walk along beach. One girl suffering from too much sun. No one seems to carry rehydration tablets. I gave numerous ones our to young girls. Lots 9f 19 tear old just out of scholl. Some smothers more mature and in 20 +. Great day out together Returned to Emu Park. Swim and cocktails. Cool iced pear cider in pool. Played sort of volley ball 3 then 4 of us. Good fun. Did washing, shared with 2 others. Then my bikini shared with another girl to dry out. Great BBQ. All repacked bags. Played trivial pursuit. Met 2 australian Christian ladies. Good chat. Sad to see us go. Left about 10.30,11pm to catch 00.0 train to Rockhampton.

22 March 2019

After cooling off, we collected our snorkeling gear. (just fins for me) and walked in very hot sun along the beach, climbed over a hill in the trees +came out to a beautiful secluded beach to snorkel and look for turtles. Strong current hard returning. Getting cramp from fins that were too big! None seen except during lunch, guide rushed out with my action camera to get a puncture of a turtle. I just saw a shape! 2nd snorkel for sting rays. Saw several.
2There is a sacred grave yard which he explained is actually where the british frequently came, took the women + girls + repeatedly raped them as they pleased! The women + girls all died of sifalis as a result. Incredibly moving + heart rendering. The Aboriginals were forbidden to speak their language, or practise their culture for a long time. He said it would be nice if the Queen could apologise for their treatment before she dies. I was moved to tears, once again I was moved to apologise for the dreadful things my ancestors have done to his tribe + all Aboriginals. I was extremely burdened emotionally + spiritually, with this horror we had done. it was this that I took to him and apologised for the terrible things my ancestors had done to the women, his tribe + all the aboriginal people. I wept with him as he hugged me + he told me now to let it all go +feel only the positive. He thanked me+ said he really appreciated what I said . He washed off my sands + I returned to the group.
1.Had a fab time on Keppel Island. Felled well as a group. Our guide was good fun. On arriving we were welcomed with an Aboriginal ceremony on the beach. We sat on the sand in the hot sun in a circle. Our aboriginal host acknowledged his ancestors. Then told us to think of those we loved as he came round with the smoke. (he asked 2 lads to rub a stick to make fire + then used a lighter! Was testing them! it would take too long to light it! We then had to think of anything negative that was bothering us he bought 3 different coloured sands onto out hands. Earth sea and I think sun not sure. We then had to go to the edge of the sea + wait to go forward individually, for him to pray with us let go of negative + feel positive as he, washed it off us. Prior to this he gave the history of his, agorininal group. How when English came they were treated as less than animals or any form of life.....
Off to Keppel Island. In bus to catch ferry.

21 March 2019

Same driver on Stray bus from Rainbow beach Dale. Chatted. New guide with us for Train and Emu Park. Sat with me and chatted on bus. 6 hour. Train ride from Noosa to Rockhampton. Comfy train. Proper WiFi.! Devises having a hayday updating! Charger on seats and trays. Met new fellow travellers from Stray. Miri helped me with my luggage tolley cos shared it. Riddle at back of train. I knew the answer then I remembered some riddles from Fiji. We then spent about an hour an half asking each other riddles. Sat next to Kate on working Visa for year in Australia. She is from England.

19 March 2019

Victory point ceremonies aborignals Arranged marriages manhood. Canoe. Swam lots of cat fish swimming by boat. I swam. Bullsharks cleaning on barnacles. Only one incidence of beach.attack.@ Fresh water turtles baby eels change to female at 30 years old one swim back to Caledonia. San dunes giant sponge of trapped water. 5 metre snake largest. King Fisher Azure. Cacatus grasshopper.
Noosa Everglades today. Met Emily at bus. Driving to Elanda Point to meet boat. Lake Kafara largest tidal lake Mill Point largest sawmill. Waist deep. Sand dunes Caloola Nat Park. Great dividing range built between volcano moves 1 metres a year. Lots pelicans different fish Malaluka colour water tee tree oil Wrapped babies in barj Roots under lilies eat Not heart shape leaves hair Noosa shady Hybuscus yelliw tea headaches stop. Mangroves

18 March 2019

Stop pump up tyres. Magnum ice cream. River Noosa runs from Rainbow beach river runs parallel to sea. R I ver water comes up from artisan water deep underground like Ftasr island.
Back on main land. Sea cull why Fraser Island made.sea came in around campers. Scary. Look up on Google. Sand mining mineral zoca and another up 1980 to make explosives.. Environmental Group to stop sand mining. Govt had yo reimburses companies leases given so gave them land in Rainbow beach. Check coevo sand globe sunset. Will be next natural place like Noosa. Series creek 8 km out to creekon right.
Pregnant wife. Cap James Fraser struggled after mutiny list baby came ashore speared after wouldn't give jacket looked after ekisacdeaser with Avi Search picked up John Graham xco. Who had lived with Aboriginals. to find survivors no clues but promised pardon if find survivors search 4 Eliza spoke to elder yes we have White , woman, driving us crazy take her, use canoe. Elusa Arrived mainland after her traumatic experience. Make living. She told her story. USA NZ Aystralua hit by bus in Melbourne! novel to movie Elisa's tales. Kept changing.story. Led to name Elisa, Fraser Island now back officially aboriginal kgauwi. Original aboriginal name. 40 min drive back along beach to ferry!
FtCreek Valleys 1000vyears old. Sand gradually sinks.cos water. Anciiebt fern going back to diinasaur times. Thrived for 1000s years. Aboriginal elders. Still in Fraser 8sland. Writibgs by escape convicts history. Had 2 doo hard labour. Ran to Bush. Ist interaction with Aboriginals. Belief reincarnation believed White spirit. Lived. With Aboriginals nursed back to health. Med knowledge reset bones. Bush medication like antibiotic etc. Women control of mensteal cycly only pregnant if want d Think of future generation dvto preserve nattyre etc Look ibto . Cultural centre workshops talk with a original elder. Fraser later to be colonised many came here. Not til 1835. Battles to protect land. Writen 1836 stole sheep. 2000 Aboriginals slaucgrwrd bt drunk soldiers. Darkest day of australian history. Dingos hunt wallabies. Pippins, shells in banks meeting place. 30 Thousands years. evidence of Aboriginals here 1836. Captain Sterling Castle last journey. To Singapore cargo of spirits Crashe
ILake Mackenzie perched Lake up high 1.2 K acrosd. 8.2 metres deep. No crwerk in or out rain water. Bottom of leaf malsh to hold water level maintained by layer of water Each time swim 10 years younger. Round sand exfoliate Acidity very good for hIr deep condition. Crystal clear. No crocs in lake. Animal long neck turtle. 20 metres Baby. Gudgionn fish and cray fish. Burongula lake Mckenzie Lovely swim very clear beautiful blue.tles. Hair in water feels soft. Exfoliate Ed with sand. Swam out deeper but no fish. Or tur Tracks thousands years old aboriginal tracks. Loggers used same tracks. Town in middle in 1800s was train station for logs. Lovely Spanish family mum sat with me. Showed me her home. Lovely sandwich lu nch sat with French girl cold beer. Biscuits. Very bumpy on next track.
Dream time story. Star fire. Burelle. Frogs serpents tapped frog laughed to make flow out rivers and valleys etc. Messenger Indigivand Gary help trees Lay on rock Gary can't stay as s0u changed to island covered lakes Kingfishe to sing. Batchelor people looked after the island. Called Patadiae
I Forest walk. Kauri pine ship harrd wood mast uniform in army camouflage. Lemon mettle Skin mo Bugs in fire at night Strangular fig purpose but kills tree. Rangoga creek silent cos lots under neath. Sacred birth place wash babies and women after. Sound sicata beetle noise makes to attack female.
White chested Sea Eagle.lsrge wing span. Osprey. Kites. Anzac australian and nrw Zealand army Biscuits. Coconut ginger oats. Cars 80mph. Sea Mouth blocked by cyclone rubbish sand etc. Lost 5 metre sand dunes growing for 8 thousand years. Aboriginals fire farming b4v Rainy season young shoots wild life hunt. Move to respect nature 4 hours hunting food needed. Women and children stories and art. Move on. Massage Fraser. On bumps. Back straight abs tight Good ab work out. Rain forest section. 2tgousabd years old 2.5 diameter and 70 metre tall cari pine cut down all rrgrowth Satanay too hard didn't dry. No good. Dumped in ocean. Clean up ssturbay tree no ocean rot best for warfs and pilones.
TK'Gari named original returned. Respect to Aboriginals. Paradise. 124 l long 24 K wide. Fresh water creekd Only sand island with full tropical rain forest. Fully protected Dingos spot. 1/3rd beach drive 55miles long D a, test oldest before wolves. 400 dingo. 1960 fed Dingos fat and happy. Bread to 3000 too many big packs. Hungry hustling people stealing food. 12 year old boy killed by pack. Monitored maintained to safe numbers. Now not in packs. Only pure bred Dingos. Rest of Australia in bred with domestic dogs. Steal back packs. Captain Cook didn't realise it was an island.. Coming here since. 12. No swimming. Fishing Fish bitten off by 10 hammer head sharks. 4 wheel drive lady. Save son current Rescued boy swam accrross current. Lot of fresh water creek attacks lot fish and sharks and dangerous rifts. Only swim in creeks Water in creek drinkable. 100 years flutters through sand to creeks Drinking and bathing aqua fer Water store deep I n islands belly.
YFRASER ISLAND Safety talk. Dingos people been bitten. NO FOOD. good stay CLOSE 2 group. Stand tall. Dominate. DON'T RUN. If they bite they are killed. Lake Mackenzie. Harvey Bay 120 K Long. On ferry spot Gego Mistaken for whale Dolphins turtles. Birds gannets turns. On point while waiting 4 ferry to rtn.
Fraser Island tour. Driver Jamie. Borea warrior. truck special high truck. For off road. Easier after rain. Seat belt prevents thrown in air Morning tea. Lemon noddle cake tree native tucker. Kangaroos fresh green meadows. Koala  without water moisture from eucalyptus trees Reki da possum. Non native. Wild horses Deer ferral meat project farming 1900 Hunt cos 2 many with antlers over 2 metres tall. TAGAGAN RD THOUGH country. Bus very bumpy. But pleasant drive to Rainbow beach. Lol large brown cows chocolate milk from maybe.?? Large for macdonalds burgers! Stopped suddenly cos kangaroo jumping in front of bus 3 kangaroos  hopping.
Another early morning start. Had to meet bus for 6 am this morning. 3 lads came in dorm from their night out as I was getting up!! Off to Fraser Island today on a day tour! There is a big family group on bus for Granddad's 60th they have a cute little 3 year old sitting behind me. Coach to Noosa Everglades. Met buy special 4 by 4 tall bus. Big step up! Saw Kangaroos along track into and out of Everglades.

17 March 2019

Paddy day here. Lots of people wearing light green hats. Irish pipers came to our hostel on way round town to different venues. Paddy night at Nomad hostel. Free hit dog when buy drink. Green drinks. Free wrlcome cocktail.for Nomad camping island tour. But still got one! In 8 bed dorm. 5 guys. Toilet stinks like mLes urinal. Bathroom no door but door on shower. Not v nice hostel very rugged. Can't even hire a towel. $10 to keep it! Got small pool. Not much shade. 15 min Walk up hill to beach in heat. No one to open kitchen early. Damp patches on shower door! I kept out my breakfast and bought a cup of. Tea on my way to bus.!
Bruce Highway from Brisbane up Sunshine Coast. Cis most amount of sunshine!
Surfers Paradise Golf Coast cos of real estate boom. Lots of high rise buildings. Comercialused
Left Byron Bay early this am at 7.15!! Travelling towards, Queens land and Gold Coast. Clocks gone back an hour because of no daylight saving here. We have crossed alit of wise ri ers on our way up from Sydney, wending their way to the coast. Alot of fish breeding in the rivers. Driver is called Gordon. Met up with some others from earlier stray travelling. Met new people. We pass through God Cost and a Brisbane then onto Noosa, where I get off for 3 nights, until 20th March.

16 March 2019

Bought some food at Aldi. Just caught shuttle bus. Bumped into Catherine. Tired lunch. Did my washing. Washed my hair. Sorted my case. Chatted with room mates. Michelle from Holland and Kuke and Rebecca, from England. Cooked Supper +ate with Rebecca +Kuke invited me to have a drink with them. We had a mug of wine together! Ready packed early night. Emails sent re rest of flight dates to Rob. And asking for help for girl from Edinburgh.
Up 5.30 am ready for booked taxi at 6.30pm. It didn't arrive! Panic stations needed to be at dive centre for 7am + needed to buy some breakfast! Wake up night staff drove the shuttle bus especially for me and dropped me off at dive centre. We passed the taxi going to hostel at 6.45am NOT Good! Dive centre busef me to buy some breakfast. So kind All flustered and stressed. Just had time to eat most of it! Set of to..... Rocks in Byron Bay. Supposed to see turtles and Manta, Ray's. Given wrong BCD but luckily they had a spare larger one on the boat. Dive master Eric + my dive buddy Sam looked after me very well. Guy on boat wasn't nice snappy +unkind stressed at me made me feel stressed! Not nice More stressful dive but they looked after me OK. I had warned them when I called telling them I was a novice + will need a one to one. 3 other more experienced divers in the group. Saw 2 large Manta Ray's. I had to go back up,whole dive only lasted 30mins instead of 50 mins. Buoancy probs.

15 March 2019

Arrived at Wake up hostel Byron Bay. In a 6 bed mixed dorm with outside covered patio for drying clothes. 2 young German lads Joel and Fin. Chatted alit with Limuke and Rebecca from England based in Australia and travelling together.Been to Thailand so lots of tips. Also Michelle from Holland, very nice, tips on Indonesia. Nice beach. Very hot. BBQ for $10 at 7 pm. Heavens opened poured with rain. Very big lightening and very loud thunder! Had to dive through rain to que for BBQ. Met up with Catherine from Stray. Chatted and ate, together. Then found out she is Christian so shared together. She did youth camps in Holland for Lutheran Church for young people pee baptism. But hard cos some didn't want to be there. She had had that experience. Loves travelling, - finding herself. She, is topping 5 nights in Byron Bay. May see her later on trip. .
Lovely hot breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach hash browns beans toast and of course wake up tea cooked by our ace driver Tom. Left about 8.15am after being shown a snake by Gray that he to exteacste from somebodies bathroom on a call out. It wasn't poisonous was a tree snake but can give u a nasty bite! Did an early stop to buy lunch and then had an hour relaxing on Yamba beach. Sunbathing swimming and catching the powerful breaking waves. Left at about 12.45 to drive to Byron Bay. Will say goodbye to many friends but some we will see again on bus or in same hostels. Sadly we say goodbye to our fab driver. Fresh driver from Byron Bay!
Lovely hot breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach hash browns beans toast and of course wake up tea cooked by our ace driver Tom. Left about 8.15am after being shown a snake by Gray that he to exteacste from somebodies bathroom on a call out. It wasn't poisonous was a tree snake but can give u a nasty bite! Did an early stop to buy lunch and then had an hour relaxing on Yamba beach. Sunbathing swimming and catching the powerful breaking waves. Left at about 12.45 to drive to Byron Bay. Will say goodbye to many friends but some we will see again on bus or in same hostels.

14 March 2019

Swag time! Too tight to change, used bathrooms. Very hot and oppressive airless with canvas, shut. Opened completely with zipped mosquito net over me. Could see stars faintly through clouds! Felt few drops but was from trees. Kept open asked God to please wake me for stars. I covered my things to keep dry. I woke quite, a few times in night and enjoyed the stars. Thank u Jesus. In am checked my shoes before putting them on for insects! Lots of poisonous wildlife in Australia! Thankfully I didn't have to go to bathroom in night.! Experience was worth it.
Emily, Catherine. Alena. another English girl +another. More normal chatty social travellers Some yrgers nice 2 Youngsters abit cleeky. ?ageist attitude, a bit? Embarrassedbut laughed it off earlier Suntan lotion was a zink so I didn't realise stays bit whitish on my skin looked a bit like a clown! Different reactions from group. Eg trying to hide laughing at me, others kind + told it was going, NB to put on. Will use in future for water eg diving. Cos apparently better. Lol quite funny. Shame how, some could feel they could joke with me? Less mature maybe? Lack of respect. Bur no problem I understand am OK specially now found some kindred travelling spirits.! Camp fire lovely for those of us still up. Toasted marshmallows on fire. Reminded of Martin felt quite emotional tearful. Surprised. Could share. Mostly left with more sensitive members of group. Fun closer comradeship time together +with Tom. Little possum? Young female. Fed few marshmallows. Shanna quiet.
Catherine Alena, and Emily let me share their cabin cos spare bed. Good for back up and use to begin with and charge my battery. Swag finally put up. Had been ticked off as having been put off! Not good. Almost dark but I had sorted Mt night thi gs out. Very small. So wash things, wre left out on cBin verandah in plastic bag for me to get when I needed. It has thick canvas over a mosquito zipped bet. Very low round feet with raised bit over my head. Can have open with zipped net if not raining. To star gaze. Mattress with pillow sheets and thin blanket made up as bed. Threw in my stuff and went to group supper. Tom driver for $10 each was doing a group meal as well as a cooked breakfast!! Delicious sausages potato wedges salad rolls sauces etc. Lovely to sit eat together thanks, Tom. New 6 people mire social able cos lot of group until tonight just paid f e inking games and got drunk. Very interesting chats, with Catherine earlier and in particular Emily from Canada,normal chatty tra
Stopped after late healthy lunch, and Walked on Emerald beach over headland. Saw lots of kangaroos. Young ones too. Very hot. At headland I spotted dolphins swimming. Night stop. Great time at the Nymboida camping and Canoeing River Retreat. Had a swag bag booked. Not up. Other 2 chickened out cos rain expected. Not up yet. Changed in Jackie and Avrils, cabin. Went River canoeing on Nymboida River. Open old type canoes fibre glass. Shared with Catherine girl from Netherlands. Fortunately she was experienced so she steered! Nice to cool down. Bothered a bit by tummy ache. But lovely peaceful time. Canoes 3 km up river. Saw a very rare blue backed red bellied kingfisher! Beautiful. Not much chance to use go pro not sorted helmet mount cos needed hands. Used to be whitewater Kayaking centre but engine for control of water broken. Lots of Kayaking on river up to grade 5. Evening no chance to chill cos they forgot my swag u til just before supper! Someone had ticked it off.
Surfing lesson
Arrawarra surfing beach
Spot x Surf Camp. Evening open Mike singer guitarists Nice atmosphere. Country and Western. All sang along. Shared wine with Jackie. Chatted with 2 girls and Scottish lad.

13 March 2019

Headland views
Young Kangaroos right up on geadland
I spotted dolphins swimming round headland
Emerald Beach NSW.
Healthy cheap lunch. Feta cheese andsalad bowl with added 2 slices of cheapest ham. Cheap fruit salad bowl with added banana!
Toto house at Koala hospital
One of the many wide rivers we crossed enroute
Barrington bridge
With Oaking relaxing on deck waiting to board the bus.
Early morning views.

12 March 2019

Party time.having fun.
Relaxing in hottub with coqtail after tubing down the river. Mmm nice.
Sunset Y Treetops.
. Straight into hotub at Treetop resort after tubing. Cooled down. So lovely in warm tub in decking view of valley etc. Chatted. House cocktail a bit like Sangria! Garlic bread and cheese and garlic bread served while on pool. Watch out for hungry fog Oakey! Supper chips +salad on own! Pizza freshly cooked in pizza oven. Young goup drinking games. Enjoyed beautiful stars amazing but light pollution only from resort lights. Amazing enormous Milky way Southern Cross stars. Etc. Looked for shooting stars. Slept OK. But pokey.
Treetop Retreat Barrington tops.
1st stop Treetops Retreat up in Barrington hills. Arrived in heat of about 34°C! Had to all take only what needed for night.. Managed to get smaller female dorm with Jackie + daughter Avril. Changed ready for tubing bikinis life jacket wet suit boots - too big and helmet. Bused to River. Uncomfortable rocky walk down to river! Getting in had to be careful cos slippery muddy rocks. Sat with bum in middle of tyre. Quite hard to steer, had to wait turn + follow route of guide down rapids. Essential to lift bum so lying flat as go over rapids cos of rocks under. Hard to steer kept getting to wrong part, got stuck in 1 place, where not good place to go down. Took me a long time to get back to correct side of river. Bit scarey as if I was swept down that part wouldve hurt! Quite small rapids but fun. Spent long time relaxing in quiet places of river lying in our tubes!! Last ones best bigger more fun. Nice+ cool on river. Got out at end to swim. Returned in open jeep! Others kind 2 me.
Concerts at Hope Estate. Many famous people played their. One of biggest open air stadium. /stage.
Vineyard Hope Estate. Hunter Calley
On our way to Hunter Valley for our inckuded wine tasting tour! After pit stop. Ice cold Delicious and healthy but free. alkaline smoothy. Full of fruit. Bit like probotic but conntains echonacea too! Driver Tom.
Leaving Wake up hostel and Sydney today on my Stray tour up North East Coast of Australia. Sydney was interesting but glad to be leaving city. My driver is called Tom. Going to be Very hot today apparently up to 35°C later!! Whew! Air conditioned bus but no WiFi. Ha ha here, we go again!
On our way through Sydney traffic.
Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Ippei Japanese from Tokyo. Just graduated in medicine. Going to a, rehabilitation doctor. I met him at breakfast in Wake up Cafe. He wanted to draw me! I thought it was, extremely complimentary he, said I look better than that!! Lol!! Maybe he's captured that I feel younger than my years!!?

25 February 2019

25 February 2019

Tour of Sydney Opera house. Very interesting. Beautiful! Incredible acoustics. Shame about the person superimposed on the picture spoiling it!!
Famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and spectacular Opera House
Ferry ride across Sydney Harbour from Manly Quay to Circular Quay on cheaper slow ferry. Very nice. Bit choppy. Chaated with other passengers.
Manly Harbour by Ferry Terminal. Dropped off just before 9am by Renee on her way to take Zac to school.

23 February 2019