North America · 13 Days · 62 Moments · March 2016

Ross's trip to Costa Rica

12 April 2016

I have just arrived back home... It's been wonderful.. Thanks for following.. This will be my last post of this trip.. Stay tuned.. This is just the beginning...
Goodbye Miami, thanks for the good times. Next stop Raleigh.p
Adios Costa Rica, Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Pure Life! Hello Miami... South beach bound, headed to mangos for lunch, then who knows maybe I will do some surfing.
Sitting in Libiria airport waiting to board. With a new set of teeth, a new outlook, and a lot of motivation.
That's the biggest ceiling fan I ever saw.
Dropping off my ride. She's been a good one.
I found a Mountain Dew to kickstart my morning.. Headed out from Coco. Goodbye for now. But not for long.

11 April 2016

Had a blast in South Beach, crashed at another Airbnb here in Miami, it was cool but I was tired so I just crashed out in stead of meeting new people.. In a little bit, I'm going to uber back to the airport for the last leg of this adventure..
Can I get an uber back to cr? Or at least catch a ride on the ship.
Had another cool flight seat neighbor, J.T. Guess who runs a surf shop in Nags Head!
Adios Costa Rica, Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Pure Life! Hello Miami... South beach bound, headed to mangos for lunch, then who knows maybe I will do some surfing.
Wood shop
My Costa Rican Mama' and Papa'. I've been in good hands. They are my hosts at the bnb. #teamlanden
I am now nitrox certified.

9 April 2016

I'm pretty sure North Korea just dropped a nuke in the South Pacific
Last night was a blast at the lizard lounge in coco. Today is a 2 tank nitrox dive, for my nitrox certification. Then an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. Time is winding down fast now, I fly out of here tomorrow at 7 am. I have an overnight stay in Miami, for one last night of adventure.
It's great to make new friends, and trade stories, and hopes, and dreams. These two are made for each other, I am happy to call them friends. Thanks David and Sarah for an awesome afternoon!
Sarah and David showed me this beautiful house today, I fell in love with it immediately.
Holy Moly I just found out that Vision exams are $10 and 3 months of contacts are $50!!!!!! Appointment tomorrow afternoon
Last night was a fun night out in Tamarindo, it is very nice here, very upscale. This morning I am off to the dentist to get my crown and night guard. Then to meet Sarah again before I leave. Then I'm going to swing by the dive shop again to either pick up my stuff or schedule a final dive Sunday. I can feel my time winding down. I'm loving this country and its culture.

8 April 2016

So I am sitting here talking with sissy.. The owner of a bar/restaurant here and she speaks French, a little bit of Spanish and no English.. I speak English, a little bit of Spanish, and no French. Interesting conversation to say the least.. It's kind of like listening to Manuel talk to Zach.. Lol. Her husband Ray is the cook and it was some of the best typical food I've had here.. Go figure
Im really glad I don't have pics of me surfing.. It was pretty goofy.
I have some bad news to report.. I loved surfing.. I have too many hobbies.
Today I'm headed to Tamarindo to learn how to surf, Sky board or do something I can find to get into
Yesterday was an amazing day I wrote a really really long journal entry about it and it's too long to post so I'll just have to tell you guys about it later it was one of the most awesome days I've had in a long long time. When I first got here I was worried that by the end of the week I'd be bored now I'm worried I won't have enough time. Yesterday we had an awesome crew I was repelling with a neurologist named Jill, rafting with two guys that work at Apple and One that works for Google. They are from Austin and invited me to south by southwest next year. and rafting with two guys named John from Germany that our molecular biologist. I was given an awesome idea for a new start up company and also some resources to use to start it with big things might be on the horizon.

7 April 2016

Goodbye for now La Fortuna/Arenal. I will be back!
Another great day full of great experiences and great people I wish I had time to tell you more but I need to get on the road back to Coco I have a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of me when I get back home I will upload video and tell you all about my day.
Well that was amazing.. The rappelling part is done.. GoPro videos tonight! Now quickly changing gears to whitewater rafting.. Pura Vida!!

6 April 2016

Last night was really cool. They have a kind of "open mic" stage in the center of town.. They had a marionette girl.. A magician, and music.. Ate a traditional Costa Rican meal.. And enjoyed the free entertainment.. It's a great idea, maybe a good one for the rec center in Cooleemee.. It was a family affair with a lot of the entertainment aimed at the kids. Also a chance for local startup entertainers to show off their talent. Today it's whitewater rafting and canyon rappelling. I'll have to find my SIM card adaptor so maybe I can upload some gopro video tonight! Buenos Dias!
Ok I was wrong.. NOW I found their bullhole!! What a great little find when you cross the one lane bridge look down and see all the local swimming in a swimming hole i stop i meet them hang out with them. Two locals names Andre and Andreas were there and sharing stories.. What an amazingly awesome day.
Milton at toad hall.. Sign says best fish tacos on the planet.. Have to say they are pretty good.. Met 3 guys on an adventure from Quebec. Danny, Dominic and jake..
Headed to Arenol in search of adventure.. I'm sure I'll find wifi there to update y'all at some point..

5 April 2016

Well that was great! I'm pretty sure I found their bullhole! Only a bit more beautiful. I stopped by an bought a pina from raffe' I believe I'm beginning to see what this Pura Vida is all about! Now I'm in downtown Libiria for lunch and shopping and whatever else I can find to get into!
There's a time for us to let go... This is the time.. Today's that new day I've been looking for, yesterday didn't count because I was in the dental chair all day. For starters.. I'm going to say it .. I'm going to get into better shape for this hobby that I love so much. Yes even if that means exercise! Being healthy is important while diving. Also It's been a rough couple of days for me finally letting go of someone I care so deeply about.. She has verified what I already knew, but even more while I am away. This trip has been all business so far with studying, getting certified, and dental work.. All that changed today! Today I'm going to get busy living and venture out a little from Coco to a cool looking waterfall. hopefully I'll have some pictures for you all later on this evening. I'll be on the road a lot today so I won't have much service. I'll post when I get back to coco. Love y'all! This is just the beginning.

3 April 2016

Pacific sun sets have been very few in my life, but very meaningful. The first one I got engaged to the girl I thought I'd be with forever.. This one sets on thoughts way different.. I wrote a whole long journal entry that I will keep for myself for right now. One thing is for sure, the sun will come up on the other side of that equator tomorrow and shine on a new day! I love you all and I wish you were here to see this beautiful sun, set on these beautiful people, on this beautiful black sand.
Thanks to Ben I am now PADI advanced open water scuba certified. Now that all the hard work is nine it's time to go celebrate. We had three amazing dives today where we saw more octopus eels seahorses, millions of fish, another white tip shark, amongst many other colorful creatures.
Headed to the dive shop..

2 April 2016

Look who I found!! Our old friend Sarah! Thanks again Jen!
First and second dives complete, passed all activities, no dental issues. Dives 3, 4, 5 tomorrow. Both dives were beautiful!
Well I finished my studying and reviews last night, it was a lot to learn in a little time.. Now it's off to the dive shop to do some diving.

1 April 2016

This advanced stuff is hard, but something tells me it's going to be worth it!
My classroom for the evening! I hear howler monkeys in my classroom!
This local food is great. Oh how I love Ceviche.. Taking a break from studying for a happy hour snack and margarita!
I went to the dive shop first thing this morning signed up for my advanced scuba class is really nice instructor named Ben took all my permission and signed me up for the class he also gave me a book to take to study over night our first day I will be at 8 AM in the morning and then will go again tomorrow afternoon. Then I will have some more studying to do and we will go again Sunday and then I should have my advanced scuba certificate. Then went down to the beach made a nice omelette for breakfast at a really nice soda. Sodas are local restaurants ran by the locals and it is where a lot of the locals eat. After that I went down to the beach and read the first chapter of my book. Then went to the local grocery store and stocked up on some simple foods to eat while I am here at the house. Somethings here are a little culture shock but the more I'm here the more you get used to them quickly.
Just a note to y'all, you can turn notifications off if my notes are too often.. Also, iMessage is free as long as I have wifi.
I don't know if y'all can see it or not but it is pouring rain here which is a beautiful thing for the people that live here. They haven't seen rain in a long time. I'm awake at 6:00 am and looking forward to what today has to offer. The rain will stop soon and that's all we're going to get. As you can see it's going to be hot, and that means I'll be in the water a lot.
Wow! I was pooped. After leaving home at 1 am, flying 3 times, going through customs, getting the rental car, checking in the room and getting my belly full.. I stopped and got an 8 dollar 6 pack (the cheapest beer), drank one, and conked out at 8pm. I'm sure I needed the rest for the adventures that are ahead. Good night!

31 March 2016

Skipped the tourists spots and went right for the hometown cooking. Lunch was delicious.
Well I can't say that I haven't had some second thoughts and that I might be off my rocker just a little bit , but I'm past all that now. The owner of the place's mother and father live here and they are very sweet people. They want me to call them mama and papa. Now I'm headed downtown to find some local cousin!
Safe on the ground.. Passed customs.. More to come when I get settled
Already met some really cool people from Cincinnati/Columbia. They made for great seat neighbors. Luis and Katherine

31 March 2016

Well there is no turning back now! Wheels up for Libiria at 11:30. Goodbye USA, Hola Costa Rica! Pura Vida!
What's a trip to Miami without a Mojito?!?!
Nice little stop in Charlotte for Bojangles.. Wheels up to Miami at 07:00.
Wheels down Clt... Next stop sunny Miami FLA!
Onboard and headed to Charlotte! Woo Hoo!
Remember to check the scuba gear next time undoubtably regulators look suspicious
On my way
About to leave the house on a great journey my good friend Terry is driving me to the airport in the middle the night and he has to work tomorrow!