Canada · 5 Days · 11 Moments · December 2017

Talia- Kelowna Devils Hockey Tournament

31 December 2017

Abdul left Somalia 25 years ago after the government fell. he came to Canada in the sandals Christmas time! He told us that we were very lucky to live in paradise like Canada. He went on to explain why Canada is a paradise, even though he professed to not like OTTAWA winter cold! Then said he hope that in the afterlife he’d be in a warmer place. He said he will get there as long as it doesn’t make a “ Big mistake”, such as murder, assault, rape, thievery, lying... we were thankful that he cleared that up for us😁. Next he told us that all the religions of the world would come together soon. That Christians and Jews are nice people too! The Muslims would make sure that everybody knows with the big mistakes are so that nobody makes big mistakes! We were thrilled when our cab ride ended, to enjoy the silence!

30 December 2017

After renting a car we drove to The Kozdas farm visited with Eileen, Anthony, Mackenzie, Bronson, Margaret, Madison and Mario. We made chicken and played euchre. When we blinked it was time to go- we had great fun. Then it was off to MITCH and BA’s house. They made an amazing dinner of roast beef, vegetables and then auntie Nancy’s special dessert which MITCH and Chloe finally got Wright apparently. Top it all off I even liked the egg plant- Which apparently was auntie Marsha’s recipe. After dinner, to work it off we went snowmobiling with mickey and MITCH. Talia got to drive- wha fun!
With a record of one and two, the Kelowna Devils did not make the playoffs but had a great time playing hockey at the Canada 150 tournament. This left a free day. The team organized bus to go to the mall and to the Canada war museum. Talia chose instead to visit her auntie Aileen and family, and then go to Mitch and house. So together with grandma and grandpa, we got an a taxi to go to the airport to Rent-A-Car. Our taxi drivers name is Abdul. He told us his life story and dis not stop talking the entire time we travelled with him. In fact he was so engrossed in storytelling, he missed the turn to our destination at the car rental place. He felt horrible and promise not to collect the additional meter fare! He said we were very nice people👍. Off to the farm!

29 December 2017

After hockey we went on a tour of the parliament buildings. We learned that they were built with limestone wit lots of fossils in them and we looked around to find them. There are lots of sculptures of owls around. The reason? Well, a group of fish is a school and a group of owls is called a parliament.
After a good nights sleep it was often play team northern Ontario. This time the girls prevailed. Winning six nothing. We had extra special fan support. Hi Andrew, Erin, Ethan and Emily joined us.

28 December 2017

Two hockey games today was not enough, off to the skills contest. Tallia is so tired she would rather go to bed. It was quite a spectacle lots of kids eight teams parents. Talia participated in the speed skating event.
Game two was against New Brunswick.The girls played well and it would’ve been a close game except for the number 10. Score ends up 6-1 Number 10 for New Brunswick scored six goals and didn’t get player the game, We figure it’s because she would get it every game. The girls and especially Talia are exhausted. We had a big fan base in the audience, Jody, Peter, Chloe, Mickey, to Mitch ‘s, Ross and Brenda. So why does the Zamboni driver wear a helmet?i
Game one versus Northwest territories. We went up one nothing they answered back three times final score 3-1. An extra special treat, jody and peter arrived just in time for the puck drop. Talia had lots of fans! Next New Brunswick
Up at 7 AM to get to the rink. Talia stayed on BC time😴. Team BC fans assembled in the lobby. That’s our ride for the next three days.

27 December 2017

Up at 4 AM! Well kind of. Packed up and ready. Talia was nervous last night. She said she didn’t sleep well, just like the night before speedskating races! Both of us are sleepy😌. Was “reminded” not to use cell phones on ramp after taking photo (for Zane) of T and our first plane. Met up with the rest of the team in Vancouver. Ottawa here we come👍. After a few Air Canada moments adding up to a two hour delay, Grr; we arrive to the deep-freeze. The captain on the airplane wish the Kelona devils good luck at the Canada 150 hockey tournament. It's nut cracking cold out here. Outdoor games are cancelled and replaced with indoor games. The girls are all impressed that they have their own team bus and guide!