North America · 6 Days · 30 Moments · April 2017

Our adventure to Honduras

20 April 2017

Night dive this evening!

19 April 2017

Someone is closer to the sun.
Lunch on our private island!
Today's adventure...boat ride, private island, lunch and snorkeling!!
My new house
The fertilizers are mowing!

18 April 2017

Never gets old
Pirate Ship disco ๐Ÿ’ƒ
Just how they go deep sea fishing down here๐Ÿ˜Š
Scuba Ross

17 April 2017

16 April 2017

The view from the room
Turkish buffet!!
My beautiful girlfriend.
Cutie pie
Our night last night was nothing short of amazing. This little town called West end is so full of life, full of culture, and full of amazing street food. The people are extremely nice,friendly, and inviting. It was a nice break from the daily grind of home. The food looked and smelled so good on our walk back to the room, we stopped at 3 different places to try the food. We watched the sunset from a gazebo over the water, danced in the street to our favorite song, swung in a swing by the water, while we ate gelato. And ended our night swinging in the hammock on our balcony. It's 6 am and who knows what today holds but I know it will be full of more fun and adventure. We love and miss you all. #changesinlattitude

15 April 2017

Just FYI... I wanted to post this earlier and say the airplanes on fire and we're going down but Whitney wouldn't let me.. LOL
View from our room before we hit the night life!
Life is made up of moments like these.. don't waste it.
I could get used to this
FOR SALE: 12 quality rental properties, + 40 acres.
Heeeeeeeeey MIAMI!! Wheels down. MIA.
All aboard.
Somebody is nervous! Easy Breezy through security.
Our journey begins!