North America, Europe · 3 Days · 27 Moments · October 2017

Ross's adventure in Berlin, Germany

20 October 2017

Berlin food - Mutter Hoppe was an authentic German restaurant that served us pork, sauerkraut, spinach, schnitzel, and various cheeses.
Mutter Hoppe - Dinner at an authentic German restaurant. Our waiter was direct and slightly rude at first (tried to talk us out of sitting at the table because he said we would not have enough room to put our dinner plates and drinks). He did warm up towards the end of our dinner. He rarely smiled and did not engage in non-food related conversation. A 10% tip was left which is customary compared to a 20% tip in the U.S.
German Beer - Berliner Kindl and Radeberger Pilsner. Beer and food is very reasonably priced (dinner with a drink in a nice restaurant is $20).
Berlin sightseeing - Tiergarten, statue of Roon who was a famous German military officer.
Berlin sightseeing- Siegessaule
Berlin sightseeing- Schloss Bellevue which is the Chancellor’s residence (similar to The Whitehouse)
Berlin sightseeing- Tiergarten (wooded area with many trails for walking, bike riding, with various statues of historical figures from Germany).
Berlin Sightseeing- The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (2003-2004)
Berlin sightseeing- The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Designed with representative concrete blocks of various heights, angled, and unleveled walking surface to make those visiting feel uncomfortable (representing the Jewish plight during this time).
Berlin sightseeing- inside view of Berlin Cathedral (pipe organ)
Berlin sightseeing- inside view of Berlin Cathedral (pulpit)
Berlin sightseeing - Berlin Cathedral (1894-1905)
Berlin sightseeing- Television tower (1965-1969) is 368 meters tall as is Berlin’s tallest structure.
Berlin sightseeing- Posidon statue.
Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.
Frank (tour guide for Adlershof- incubator for small- medium size businesses in technology and innovation) explaining the solar panels they use for buildings throughout the campus.
Berlin’s history in formulating Adlershof.
Berlin’s Adlershof- Campus layout and facts with figures.
Two Fighters in Water - depicting the struggle between East and West Germany.

19 October 2017

The Berlin Wall Museum
Berlin Wall - example of a painted section (super heroes).
Checkpoint Charlie -
Checkpoint Charlie -
Bundestag- circular viewpoint (behind main building) are many Of Berlin’s famous attractions. The political forum of the nation exists here, with a spectator vantage of the politicians and the constitutional process.
Brandenburg Gate (1788-1791)...symbol of division of Berlin and Germany until 1989.
Airline flight from Chicago to Munich, Germany

18 October 2017

Left AE at 2pm Wednesday Oct. 18th.