New Zealand, Australia · 31 Days · 19 Moments · April 2017

Rosie's adventure in New Zealand

18 May 2017

Waiting on bus to go to Yara Valley to visit chocolate factory and winery. They missing a couple of people and Sue asked me if I'd seen my mum this morning?!?

16 May 2017

Last night was our dinner extravaganza with wine and many courses of food and we were entertained by Sue John Bobbie and Jess. Beautiful evening. Today I started with a swim, then sumptuous breakfast, a walk to the art gallery to have lecture about Van Gogh then view his seasons exibition. In afternoon went to parliament was told some history and then a high tea and champagne. Got back to hotel to find Lynne and I have tickets to the book of Norman. They are in the dress circle, so very lucky.

15 May 2017

Here we are in Melbourne at Langham hotel, it's very very nice. Had very good flight, got a new very best friend on one side, and a guy who was missing his family on other. He has 3 year old twins and a 18 month old. He has business in London states and Melbourne, he sells vodka and promotes it. We going to dinner in ball room and they will perform that is tour group leaders, think there is about 5 of them.
Had lovely weekend with Tina and Micki, we went to market with Tina where she buys food for her and Micki for the week,
Great flight

14 May 2017

Here I am on my big Aussie adventure, left Friday Sym came to Nelson with me, I flew to chch and Sym took BoRoh car home. Met Lynne and Terry in departure lounge and off to Sydney we went.

6 May 2017

Did some sewing repairs, shortened new skirt from waist, very pleased did it and how it turned out, they had suggested in shop just to turn elastic over a few times. Also slacks too tight around tummy so let out half elastic. This is getting ready for Sydney Melbourne trip. Went to Karl Pratters funeral, very sad for Valda. Clive took service, he did good job, was quite humorous as Julian Hall, Clive's arch enemy, gave the eulogy, they both were standing at head of grave. Jake and Charlee played rugby over the hill. Evidently Charlee did fantastic tackling they won by heaps. Jake's team played so well, all of them totally committed and gave these big boys a real run around. They shouldn't have kids sizes so out of kilter.

5 May 2017

Have been to John today and got some strategy's for managing panic attacks. Breathe in to count of 3 hold breath to 3 and relax. And practice so easier to do. Kate and kids came after school Kate had made a delicious feijoa cake. We did some playing on keyboard and singing, Charlee learnt to play happy birthday. Kate helped me with what clothes to take to Sydney and Melbourne

4 May 2017

Been to singing so much fun makes it better with my own key board to get the tune right

2 May 2017

Had busy day, Ebony came 9.30am to give Jenny and me haircuts, I got colour too. Then waxing in pm. Yesterday was kids day, I had Pilates so Bill picked them up. They got $50 note to buy afternoon tea, Charlee came out with a pie and Jake fish n chips! They cut some ply up for Jakes wood work at school. Charlee took Wysuckie n holer for visit to other sheep, to get him used to being with them, he didn't like it so got brought home again. I got one panic attack, but feeling better today.

29 April 2017

A day of catching up with washing putting clothes away, a new batch muesli and gardening. Planted poly's, pansies and daffodils and tulips. Sprinkled dried blood around seedlings. Only one panic attack, so hopefully will improve. We went to the movies, Their finest, Phil's knee ached and couldn't get into story, another session of only lasting till halftime.

27 April 2017

Its been a busy week, Nelson on Wednesday to see Phils Dr, he got very good response, all great. Going again tomorrow Friday, for meeting about subdivision with lawyer planner and engineer. Have been feeling horrible today with panic attacks, it's like I'm constantly going to do something scary, palpitations too. I told Phil how I felt, and had to have a glass of red even though not good for gut. It did make a difference. Later we talked about what time to leave for Nelson in morning I suggested a time and Phil said he thought we would make time to look at this culvert he had told me about, but sarcastically said if I don't care it doesn't matter. This sort of comment has been used quite frequently in the past. I actually said it upset me, he said I took things too seriously but he was sorry if it upset me. Since saying that I do feel calmer, and am going to keep a diary of how I am. Simon came and mowed the lawns and did some tas cutting. He in grief with his Aussie credit card.

23 April 2017

Beautiful day here we went fishing, Jenny came too. Put out 2 set lines off Mutton Cove then tiki toured around went as far as Awaroa. Pulled in lines, could feel something pretty big, but nothing, it must have got off. Any way was a lovely day. The kids have been in kaitereri rage over weekend, Jae in it too.

20 April 2017

Enjoying a book Ginny put me onto, called Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. Was going to see Jenny but found her in town. We had a cuppa at tea shop. Went for a swim before lunch very pleased about that it was beautiful, gorgeous morning, bit of a chilly start.

18 April 2017

Kate, Charlee and Emma horse riding on farm. They had picnic lunch under big microcars on Baigent's.
Today Phil, Jae and Jake had a big floundering expedition out the coast. They picked up Skeet and son in law Paul at car park and set off. I stayed home washed sheets and more sheets, did the ironing etc. They came home with 40 flounder! Plus snapper and 2 Kahawai.

17 April 2017

Have had a wonderful Easter weekend with family of Caroline Gil Jarred Kate Steve Jake and Charlee. Full house, we had Monday night dinner of fresh snapper before most went home. Jae and Jake stayed night as going floundering out coast tomorrow.