North America · 2 Days · 6 Moments · April 2018

Rosi N Rick's tour through United States o)..

15 April 2018

Great flower gardens. Once we were done we headed out to magnolia table it was packed it was a 4 hour wait they had to turn people away. We went to the Waco suspension bridge and we drove around saw two places that Joanna and chip has done pretty cool to see. We headed back to Austin we decided to stop in town just before Austin we went to Texas Roadhouse portions are huge , the food was good . Once we got into Austin we went to the gun range this was not on my bucket list since I’m scared of guns ,
It was very windy in Waco and the wind was cold. Once we saw the magnolia place the line was long for the bakery they open at 730 am . We decided to wait in line at he marketplace there was a long line they open at 9 am once we got in wow he place was massive and lots of items to buy that u see on the show , they also had Fedex counter they were prepared for shipping big things . We walked around took pictures they had great area for kids to roam around, washrooms and place to refill your water bottles . We bought few things I waited in line at the bakery while my husband brought the shopping bags to the car , one of the staff came out gave us a pencil and a card to fill the order u want it was like an assembly line they call you name get your orders. They had cookies , cupcakes , cinnamon buns plain cream cheese or u can get walnut on your cinnamon bun. We ate our breakfast in the patio we had cinnamon bun. We walked around and took more pictures they also had seed supply store.

14 April 2018

Gotta love Texas speed limits!!
Today is a bit overcast we woke up early and headed out to Waco to the Magnolia Silo Market the show Fixer Upper. Sooo excited it’s about an hour and half drive to Waco from Austin.
Yesterday was so hot and humid soon as we stepped outside of Austin airport got our rental car and headed to our hotel at the Doubletree . Our room was nice . We headed out to Lake Travis and had dinner at the Oasis restaurant wow it’s huge and amazing so Many levels so u can look out to Lake Travis and watch the sunset unfortunately there were a lot of clouds but we still got to see it .

13 April 2018