United Kingdom, Montenegro · 22 Days · 59 Moments · July 2017

Rose and Moyra's adventure in Montenegro

6 August 2017

Reflecting on our trip with our favourite Serbian Sav Blanc...recommended xxxx

5 August 2017

Goodbye Montenegro. ...we're flying out of Tivat, which is about 8km's from Kotor, via Belgrade (we'll pick up some Serbian wine in Duty Free..top tip), then London. Great trip...our bodies have been warmed and we have vista's of glistening seas and mountains in our minds. Thanks for travelling with us everyone. Love Moyra and Rose

4 August 2017

Walk in 40 degree heat or have a massage. Needless to say the latter won followed by restorative nap.....
Views from climb behind Kotor.

3 August 2017

We've just arrived in Kotor. This small city has a well preserved medieval old town and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The old town was built by the Venetian's in 1166, and its ancient walls stretch for 4.5 km (3 mi) around and above the city.

2 August 2017

Submarine hideout tunnel built by Tito near our village.We went inside...it's about 80metres long. There are 3 of them in the Bay...built by Tito.
The Adriatic restaurant, our daily lunch spot...their marketing material states, 'There is only one Rose'......I have put them straight on this matter...there are two😉!
We've just been snorkeling around the bay from our hotel. Wreck of old fishing boat providing interesting swim.....nice thought for this time next week when Rose is back to work😎
Trip out this morning and we near Mamula island at the mouth of Kotor Bay. The island is currently uninhabited...just remains of an old fort which was used as a concentration camp during WWII. The government gave the go ahead last year to it being converted into a luxury resort with casino😥
Rose swimming in 'Blue Cave'......looks like I and my flippers are radioactive!

31 July 2017

The Bay of Kotor receives 1 or 2 liners a day through to Kotor. Here's today's monster exiting the Bay.

30 July 2017

Moisie has found lovely video link of Bay of Kotor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmLzSAOfnlU
Dockwise Vanguard is a semi-submersible heavy lift ship and is the largest vessel of her type ever built, able to carry cargoes up to 110,000 tonnes....and it floated into Boka Bay this morning as we munched breakfast. Incredible monster! Not sure where going and why....we'll look out for it on our travels.
Herceg Novi: Looking down from Fortress Kanli Kula (Blood Tower) built by the Turks in 1539. They are setting up huge screen in the centre of the fortress for the annual august film festival.
Ferry from Rose to Herceg Novi. There has been a settlement here since 1382 and this is the chap who founded it.
Several shots within Herceg Novi including lunch stop at restaurant Tri Lipe.

28 July 2017

Moyra has just performed a reverse somersault triple twist to rival Tom Daley and takes a bow at the fort.
The hamlet of Rose. We're staying in an old fort here where there has been a fortification since the 12th century.

27 July 2017

We've arrived in Rose, Lustica and this is our view for the next few days from our room. Very peaceful with the sound of pine trees in the breeze....

26 July 2017

Coastline gone crimson as daylight fades fast....goodnight everyone.
Moisie disappearing in the night sky....
Sun about to set...at our favourite restaurant in Budva, the Citadel.

25 July 2017

Smoked mountain ham and cheese platter in the famous Njegos village famed for its produce.
Our first view of the Lustica region from our mountain drive....our next destination.
Stunning drive up into Lovcen National Park today.
Atop Jezerski Peak in the national park is the mausoleum to Peter II Njegos. Two granite giantesses guard the tomb.
The two giantesses.

24 July 2017

Never seen differentiated beach prices before but we are at Sveti Stefan after all😉
And here is 'Sweaty Betty' as close as you can get to the Sveti Stefan isthmus without a hotel booking😎 To be technically correct, this is a tombola and not an isthmus.....
Sveti Stefan - the poster child of Montenegro. Euro1200 a night......the view will do for us! Mr and Mrs Smith say: "Perched on isthmus in the Adriatic Sea, Aman Sveti Stefan hotel occupies a converted 15th-century fishing village and a shoreside, turn-of-the-century royal villa. Rooms in red-tiled cottages and sea-front suites let you live like a local throughout your stay. It’s a devastatingly romantic place, which will inspire fantasies about medieval Montenegrin living. However, spa cottages, three pools and restaurants, and attentive beach service are a reminder that this is a wholly modern seaside stop".

23 July 2017

Took short ferry from Budva to Sveti Nikola, Montenegro's largest island. Great swimming and cooling breeze.
Budva's Stari Grad (Old Town). A settlement has been here back to at least 500 BC. In 1979 two earthquakes apparently destroyed the old town, but has been lovingly rebuilt.

22 July 2017

Super yacht moored up by Budva old town.
By accident, we are staying at the hotel that services this 'terrace'.....ah, just spotted a beautiful celeb? Click..... "The famous terrace restaurant with 300 seats that adorns the gate to The Old Town is THE place to be seen. This has become a destination in itself. Here you will rub shoulders with the highest-level politicians, stars of the small and big screens and leading business people. This is also where the beautiful people go".
Another foodie day....sea food wins hands down....accompanying Montenegrean wines are an absolute hit too. Apparently Waitose stocks Plantaze wines from here?
Best bakery within the old town walls..Nekapa Bakery.

21 July 2017

Climbing the Citadel for dinner and view worth every step.
Large fishing fleet ploughs the coastline with fresh fish available on the quay every day.

20 July 2017

Superb drive and our first sight of the Adriatic and Budva.
Drove to Budva yesterday via Cetinje the former capital of Montenegro.
Two headline news items have caught our attention. First gives indication of tensions in region and the second is region we go to in a week, Lustica region: 1. Montenegro: Serbs, Russians on trial for attempted terrorism The trial began on Wednesday 19th July 2017in Podgorica of those accused of attempted terrorism in Montenegro during on election day in that country on October 16, 2016. 2. Ukrainian plane joins firefighting efforts in Montenegro A Ukrainian AN-32P firefighting plane on Wednesday morning joined the effort to extinguish a wildfire above Obosnik, near the coastal town of Tivat. SOURCE: TANJUG WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017 | 12:05

19 July 2017

Park Petrovic modern art gallery
Just off main square, coffee prices near a third cheaper than central London.
Local cheeses and hams galore.....my favourite.
Flourishing local market. Salads, veg and fruits all locally produced.
Retail theraphy.
Capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is the busy governmental hub of the country. This small city is a mosaic of appealing streets, disastrous urban spaces at the confluence of 2 rivers.
Ugly shopping streets.....but no chain stores here yet...expect Macdonalds, etc are knocking on the door...
Main Podgorica square.
One of many government buildings. Just had breakfast with government advisors who are working on anti corruption strategies in the region.

18 July 2017

The pairings wine and food....gorgeous lunch. Thank you @Plantaze
A student of viticulture stops to study the various (40) varietals made on the estate.
Our host uncorks the sparkling wine...made using the traditional champenoise method...delightful.
Raring to start sipping local wine at the Plantaze estate...the largest in Europe.

17 July 2017

Local beer, Niksicko...catchy brand!
Montenegro's flag flies here alongside UN's and often alongside EU....they hope to be full members by 2022. Perhaps we can do a simple UK/Montenegro swap to save everyone time!
River Moraca flows through Podgorica and it's banks are lined by public parks.

16 July 2017

About to board flight to Belgrade and then short hop to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.