Germany · 13 Days · 68 Moments · September 2017

Rose and Tonyโ€™s adventures in Europe

29 September 2017

Found this wonderful waterfall. Saw it from our coach during the guided tour and had to go searching for it so we had a photo.
This highly decorative building houses the indoor market. Had to take a look. Lovely inside too.
The Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บ. Apparently the designer of the lions forgot to give them tongues. Lovely to see though and brilliant to walk across.

28 September 2017

The Holocaust Monument recalls the tragic fate of 60,000 Slovakian Jews who died in the concentration camps (1940-1945)
The gardens have been reconstructed in the Baroque style. Very pretty low lying grounds on three levels. Shame that Floyd took a nosedive into the fountain after the photo was taken.
Bratislava Castle is perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Capital city. Originally constructed in the C9th and had been fortified since. Reconstruction started in the 1960s and was completed in 2010. Now it houses the Slovak National Museum.
Here we are in Bratislava, Slovakia ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฐ. This is our only day in this country and no doubt it will be another interesting day starting with a guided walk. Some of the ship's crew are from this country and they paint a very pretty picture. They seem very proud of their history and heritage.

27 September 2017

Most of the day we spent in the wonderful city of Vienna. This is our last night in Austria as we leave for Slovakia ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฐ. Vienna will definitely be at the top of our list for places to revisit. There is still so much more waiting to be discovered. We may even travel out of Vienna by train to visit other places. Who knows. Today we started with a coach tour around the city and then a guided walk both of which were quite interesting. Nevertheless, my feet were itching to go their own way and at a different pace.
Found this little beautiful alley accidentally. Had to take a photo. Don't know where it leads but it looked quite old and historical. I could imagine being in one house and shaking the hands with a person from the opposite house as they are so close.
The magnificent Gothic Cathedral of St. Stephen with it's 450foot high steeple is a major city landmark. Very impressive and the roof is very colourful, although this cannot be fully appreciated by the photos that I have taken.
Vienna is full of monuments, to be found in the countless parks, squares, side of the road or river or even tucked away in a quiet courtyard. This one, called the 'Trinity to the Black Plague'. Didn't get much information about this, but I found if interesting and worthy of a photograph.
I'm in Heaven. OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฒ this shop is huge!

26 September 2017

Leaving Durnstein heading for Vienna.
The Augustinian Abbey with it's famous blue and white tower. Clearly visible from the river. Didn't go in to have a look around. Seen to many religious buildings.
The Old town has lost none of its character, full of historic ambience. The old fortified gateway at the east end leads to the long main street. So peaceful to wander through the one street at leisure, or descend down narrow, dark steps that lead you under the church and out on the river bank. Quite a number of friendly cafes and restaurants.
Arrived in Durnstein in time for a walk around. A lovely idyllic, peaceful place to visit. Legends link this place with England when in 1192 King Richard the Lionheart was captured by Leopoldo V of Austria and secretly locked him up in his castle.
Sailed from Melk to Durnstein through the Wachau Valley. A very picturesque part of the journey. Breathtaking beautiful landscapes. Plenty of quaint villages/towns with the occasional ruined castle or castles that have been renovated into hotels. The first picture is of Schonbuhel Castle, the second is the fortified St Michaels church. Local disputes and threats of attack meant that towns needed a well defended place.
This tiny house needs no explaining - House on the Rock!
Melk town itself is very small but pretty to look at. Some of the old houses and shops are very beautiful.
The Abbey courtyard is very impressive.
We woke to find ourselves in Melk, Lower Austria ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น. Not much time here, enough to have a guided tour around the main attraction, a stunning Baroque Abbey home to 30 Benedictine Monks. Originally home of Duke Leopoldo 111 of Babenberg before handing it over to the Benedictine Monks. Over time the Abbey became fortified.

25 September 2017

After 2.5 hours driving we finally arrive in Salzburg. Our guide Daniel is very knowledgable about his city. On the way in we even had a sing-song, yes the 'Sound of Music'. Our first port of call was to Hellbrunn Park, to see the gazebo used in the film.
Arrived in Passaic early this morning. It is claimed to be the Venice of Bavaria as it is a city built on three rivers. No time for us to visit this city as we are booked onto the Salzburg tour. Yes we are leaving Germany today and heading for Austria.
Found the famous cemetery that the Von Trap family allegedly hid behind the crypts. Only to see that there is no room at all for this to be possible. Poetic licence used here. Lol
Didn't get up to the Hohensalzburg fortress as time was running out. This we will have to do on our return visit to this wonderful city. Yes we are planning on spending a long weekend here to complete our tour and take in a few museums and try to locate more of the back-drops that the used in the film.
Our lunch today was in the oldest restaurant in Europe. The interior was very impressive. The meal however was very mediocre.
The house where Mozart grew up in.
The main shopping street with a range of quite modern shops. However, when you walk down the alley ways off the Main Street you can find many small gift shops.
On our guided tour of the city we crossed the River Salzach only to find the bridge full of padlocks. Apparently young couples lock them to the sides of the bridge (named and dated) to signify their love and to hope for eternal courtship. A tradition that started in France.

24 September 2017

Regensburg is a lovely city to visit. Unfortunately on a Sunday most of the shops are closed. Nevertheless you wouldn't go hungry as there are plenty of cafes and restaurants open and there is no shortage of ice cream parlours. A cheap day out for us.
The stone bridge - Steinerne Brucke - with its 16 arches is one of Europe's earliest bridges. Unfortunately most of it is under reconstruction as is most of the churches.
The Old City Hall, another gothic building was the meeting place of the Permanent Reichstag for nearly 150 years.
This afternoon we time to visit Regensburg another's Bavarian city and what a city it is. The skyline is dominated by the 341foot towers of the Cathedral of St. Peter, a gothic building dating from 1250.

23 September 2017

What a way to finish the afternoon with afternoon tea. Well we have been out walking for most of the day in Nuremberg and we have had a swim in the ship's pool. So I think we deserve something sweet. The wine is just extra.
Outside the German National Museum we found the 'Way of Human Rights' which is a row of columns upon which the Articles of the Human Right are inscribed in German and other languages.
The Church of Our Lady is another dominant feature surrounding the market square. at 12 noon we are entertained with moving figures and chimes. Tried to video this but unable to post.
The Imperial Castle proved to be a popular attraction with visitors. The service buildings in the castle courtyard look well maintained.
Nuremberg's main market square is full of stalls selling food and wares. The most striking and picturesque erection is the Beautiful Fountain, aptly named. A spire like Gothic construction (1390), stands 55 feet tall containing about 40 figures. Purely magnificent and it still works today.
A visit to the venue where the annual Nazi Rallies were held.
Today we arrive in Nuremberg, a whole day to view this wonderful historical city. Looking forward to it. Might even try the guided tour as it is a 'short orientation walk', so they claim. Just got to choose which group we want to go with: the 'gentle' walkers, the 'not so gentle walkers' or the 'walkers'. Hummm, such a choice! Then we can have free time or take the coach back to the ship. Oh the choices. Lol. Guess we are not so lazy as the others or is it that they are older and want to be spoon fed everything. My opinions aside, I think we are in for a fun day sightseeing. Cameras at the ready!

22 September 2017

Bamberg is a historic city built on 7 hills by the River Regnitz. The city was spared destruction and walking through the narrow streets of the Old City district you can appreciate the original architecture. Many of the historic buildings now contain taverns. Whereas the previous places we have visited are well know for their wines, Bamberg is know for its ales. The most famous is the Rauchbier which is a smoked beer.
Throughout this city you are greeted which magnificent architecture but the building that catches everyone's attention is the Old City Hall. It is built on a bridge, bridging the Old with the new. The half-timbered part dates back to around the 1440 while the frescoes section was added in 1668. It is quite an eye opener.
'Little Venice', an attractive group of former fishermen's houses are particularly charming and very colourful with their small gardens and hanging baskets.

21 September 2017

Marienberg Fortress was my highlight of the day. A steep climb up the western side of the river and you reach a very impressive building with more then 5 centuries of history. Not only that but it is surrounded by vineyards, all of which are maintained by hand due to the steep incline. Again the Fortress had to be rebuilt in places due to the war and even today, renovation is being carried out. The Museum was good but not much if it has been translated into English.
The Old Main Bridge. First bridge was built in 1133 but the present one is from the c1500. Along the bridge are statues of saints and bishops which were erected in the 18th century. Very impressive view point of the town and the fortress can be given from this location.
While walking through the town it is difficult to believe that much of the buildings were rebuilt after 1945 when most of the town was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing. They have succeeded in keeping the Bavarian style.
Wurzburg-home of Franconian wine and culture. The culture is clearly demonstrated by this palace with the Franconian fountain which greets you as you enter the courtyard.

20 September 2017

Hohenburg Castle sits high above the town mostly in ruins. The watch tower and most of the walls date back to the 12th Century.
You would not go hungry in this town as the small narrow streets and squares are full of cafes and restaurants. All offering a wide variety of local dishes including fish on many of the menus all washed down with a glass or two of local red or white wine.
The market square surround an ornate fountain dating from 1583. Most of the houses are half timbered with beautiful carvings. No matter where you stand you can see a church or the remains of the fortress walls. Many of the northern narrow streets leading off the Main Street lead to the Miltenberg Castle
Arrived in Wertheim, our second tour of the day, to be greeted by this wonderful pointed tower. The tower marks the starting point of the entrance of the town, at the confluence of the Tauber and Main rivers.
Spectacular views of the Main and the city of Miltenberg taken from the Mildenburg Castle.
The guide book said to get to the castle it is a "comfortable climb". I have to disagree. It all depends on the route you take. But well worth making the effort.
Arrival in Miltenberg. Three choices of guided walking tours today: slow, moderate or hike. We took the fourth option and went our own way. Some of the people on the tour are so slow when it comes to walking. Shame the same can't be said for the amount of talking they do. Rant over. Miltenberg boasts to be one of the prettiest and best preserved medieval cities on the River Main and is part of the State of Bavaria. A very quaint unspoilt city affectionately known as the "Half-Timbered Paradise.

19 September 2017

Called into Rudesheim, Middle Rhine Valley, for a few hours free time. Decided to walk rather than take a ride on the local tourist train. Need the exercise, eaten too much. Lol Nice to walk down the tiny, narrow streets packed with wine bars, restaurants and the usual souvenir shops. Yes I bought the usual fridge magnet and snow globe. Could not of timed the trip better, Christmas has started early! Bought some Christmas tree decorations. Just a few ๐Ÿ˜‰Having found a shop that was selling locally made decorations I couldn't resist. Thought Tony was going to ban me from going in! A very lovely place.
Found a Torture Museum so I had to go in to see what gore and fiendish gadgets they had on show. Quite a lot it would seem. The things they got up to in medieval times. Small museum but very informative worth the โ‚ฌ6 each. The only disappointment was that the did not have and English guide book. ๐Ÿ˜•
Travelling along the Rhine gives us an insight into the beautiful scenery. Plenty of small villages/town surrounded by vineyards. Around every bend there seems to be a castle or the remains of a tower waiting to be admired. The whole area is steeped in history.

18 September 2017

Cologne's Cathedral. Shame about the scaffolding and the setting up for a concert. Good place to visit.
Tony outside the Lindt Chocolate Museum in Cologne. Yes we did go in and got a few freebies. ๐Ÿ‘
This is one for Jody.
Plenty to see and free tasters. Yum ๐Ÿ‘…
Floyd's first swimming lesson.

17 September 2017

First lock on leaving Amsterdam to enter the Rhine. On we go to Germany.
4pm Tea Time. Oh my.

16 September 2017

The on board gym. Tony may find himself in here.
This is our floating hotel for the next 2 weeks. Looks better on the inside. Plenty of space to relax. Good choice of food especially the salad. Lol. The crew are very pleasant, helpful and are approachable.
Indoor pool. Roof comes off on very good days. At night it is turned into a cinema.
Safety talk this afternoon, no we are not to abandon the ship.