North America, Europe · 8 Days · 38 Moments · September 2017

Rosanne's adventure in Paris, France

16 September 2017

Au revoir, Paris!

15 September 2017

Cathedral of Chartres
Back to Paris for our last night. Hot chocolate at Angelina. I have NEVER had anything so delicious!

14 September 2017

Chateau Chambord, which was the vacation home for King Francis and King Louis XIV, where we sampled Chambord. Chateau Chenonceau, belonging to Catherine Medici, and wine tasting. So many beautiful photos today!

13 September 2017

Dinner in the Loire Valley--beautiful and delicious! Our tour guide, Raija, with us.
We're going out to dinner, but dining here at the hotel tomorrow.
Chateau du Breuill---our home for the next two days!
Shopping in Angers.....pronounced "on yay"

12 September 2017

Mont St. Michel, an Abbey built in the 700s. Gorgeous, but way too many pictures to post!
Ste.Mere Eglise 100 American paratroopers parachuted over this town. Only one man, John Steele, survived. His chute got caught on the church steeple, and he played dead. A window was placed in the church showing Mary's protection of these men. Lunch at an outdoor cafe.
Omaha Beach, where the Americans landed on D- Day.
American Cemetery in Normandy. 9,387 Americans buried here, many as young as 15. Each cross/ Star of David is engraved with their date of death. All face West, toward America. They played "Taps" while we walked through here. Very, very emotional moment.💔
Gold Beach, an artificial harbor built by the Allies as a site for troops and equipment to land.
Cross of Lorraine marks Juno Beach

11 September 2017

Too much French wine AND a very late dinner!
FYI: There are several photos for each entry. Tap on the first and scroll through....
Caen at the Memorial Museum for Peace
Beauvron-en-Auge for cider tasting (yes, it contains alcohol!)
Rouen Market District. Photo on Mc Donald's window represents a typical French breakfast.
The church of St. Joan of Arc. The cross marks where she was burned at the stake.
Rouen, France Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen, Astrological clock, and the archway of the Good Shepherd

10 September 2017

Wings n'at at The Moose, a Canadian-owned bar, to watch our STEELERS!
Obelisk at Concorde Square, Arc de Triomphe, and Champs Elysees
Note Dame and the tower known as St. James the Butcher, where the aristocracy's beheadings occurred during the French Revolution.
The area where we're staying till tomorrow is Bercy, which was years ago wine warehouses-- appropriate, I'd say.
Breakfast this morning was unbelievable! We expected the usual bacon,eggs and cereal. Instead, we had so many varieties of breads, croissants, fruits, juices, eggs, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and crepes. I should have taken a photograph. We are headed to Notre Dame at 1. We also found a bar, called the Moose, where we are hoping to watch the Steelers play tonight at 7 our time.

9 September 2017

Along the way.....
Dinner near Notre Dame was fabulous! We had 3 courses, an aperitif, and almost 2 bottles of wine. Next stop--the Eiffel Tower at night.
We made it! Arrived in Paris at 7:30 AM. It took 2 hours to get through customs, but we finally met our driver and are now in our hotel. There is a pretty shopping/restaurant district just a couple of minutes' walk from here. I explored it this afternoon and had a wonderful espresso there. You can scroll through the photos that I snapped there.

8 September 2017

Made it to the airport with way too much time to spare. Flight leaves at 6, and it's only 3:45! Sooooo excited to get this journey started!😉🗼