New Zealand, Australia · 123 Days · 98 Moments · March 2017

New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania

31 July 2017

I arrived at 5:30 in the morning. I was so tired! I walked to the YHA so I could put all my luggage there while I was on my daytrip to the Great Barrier reef. I got on the boat and met a Irish couple that was really nice and spend the rest of the day with them. The whole crew was pretty young and really funny. We got all our gear for snorkeling and I started to get so nervous! And the choppy ocean didn't make me feel a lot better! We arrived at the first reef. And the only thing I could see was dark water around me. What was I about to do?😱 I did go into the water though and after I calmed down a bit I looked down and swam towards a big reef. It was so beautiful! So many colourful fish and even the coral was so colourful while I expected it to be so bleached. It was amazing. I saw a huge clam with dark blue lips and around me I could see all the divers going down and bubbles popping up next to me.

30 July 2017

After a nice breakfast I said goodbye to the last four of our group😢. I walked to the warf where I got on a big purple catamaran to go on a daytrip to the Whitsundays. Someone started telling us about the day through a microphone that was hidden in a fluffy turtle😂. While we sailed to Whitehaven beach we chilled on the deck and had morning tea with all kinds of fruit. On Whitehaven beach I joined a group and went to a lookout. The sand there was so soft. It's 98% pure silica sand. Someone said that before cyclone Debby there were so many butterflies flying around and all the trees were really green. Then we had a big lunch with meat and fish from the bbq and went to the most popular lookout. This lookout is crazy! Those colours are so vibrant! On our way back people did some games with rope and one crewmember knotted a little bracelet for me :). I had to go back to the hostel to get my bag and then walked to the bus for my overnight trip to Cairns.

28 July 2017

This morning we all said goodbye to each other. 5 of us with the bus to Airlie beach. Because our bus was leaving in the evening we walked 40 from our campground to town with all our backpacks in the hot sun. Pff. We survived😂. We rented some boards again and went to the beach to surf. Ahh it went so well! I could really see improvement :). We had some paw paw that Dan had picked from a tree and chilled on the beach. We had to return the boards at 4 o'clock and had to wait till 9:30 before we could get into the bus. Then our surfcoach from the first day came up to us and invited us to his place. How sweet! We came there and everywhere you found surfboards even his clock was one haha. We watched Gangs of New York together while he made us a cup of tea and gave us some fruitcake😊. These things you will only experience while backpacking! Then our 10 hour bus journi to Airlie beach. Finally I slept a bit, till I woke up because Dan rolled off his chair when the busdriver braked😂.

27 July 2017

From our campground we walked to town. On our way we adopted a new dog😍. She followed us all the way to town. THEN we rented two surfboards and went surfing. Ahh I love it! Was so good! Dan and I went to the vegan cafe to grab some lunch. But then he got his lunch, coffee and some passionfruits for free because he was jamming on his guitar for a bit. In the evening we went to 1770 for sunset with the whole crew and afterwards grab dinner at the pub because it was our last night all together😢.

24 July 2017

On our way to Agnes water we stopped in Bundaberg to go to the Bundaberg factory and tast all the soft drinks they make. They were so nice but really sweet and I was so full afterwards. Then we walked in the hot sun to the rum distillery and from there drove to Agnes water and booked ourselves in for the surfinglesson the next day. We found a campground but it was full. In t he campground we found a spot behind the fences and put our camp there haha. Then in the evening we had drinks because it was Stans birthday before Fraser but he got sick. That was such a funny night! We all went to the beach with the music and all. Ahhh good good night!

23 July 2017

Our last day on Fraser island😔. We drove to Lake McKenzie. 😍 wowww. The water was soooo clear! So blue. And we could wash our hair with the wet sand and scrub our skin with it. It made it feel so soft. Me Sarah and Luam were having some spa time there. It was really nice. Then from there to the ferry I drove hihiii. This was the fun part. I was just behind the guide and he drove quite fast through all the soft sand, dents and bumps. All through the forest. Ah I enjoyed it so much! We came to the ferry and had lunch at the beach. Then Daniel came to us with this bright blue crab on his hand. We walked to the water and saw it digging himself into the sand. Then we saw hundreds of crabs and if you looked away for one second they were all gone. So fast. On the ferry we saw some dolphins swimming. It was such a good day! Back at the hostel we looked through all the photos Dan had made. And then in the evening we all ordered Domino's pizza again. 16 pizza's in total😂.

22 July 2017

Ahh we only drove on the beach today. It was such a bright day and the only thing you could see was the sand stretching for miles and the rough waves in the ocean. Because the sun waz shining on them, the waves almost looked like crystal. It was amazing! We drove to hangover creek and then to the Champaign pools😍. Then it was my turn to drive. Ieeeee I had sooo much fun. Going fast through the soft sand and driving around the waves😁. We stopped at Indian head where we saw so many whales breach😱. And even saw a SHARK. And then went to the ship wreck. When we got back to our camp we all put our onecies on and take lots of pictures on the beach haha.

21 July 2017

We had to check out at 6. Uhhh so early! Again in our onecies. After the introduction we stepped into the fourwheel drives. The boat to the island was quite fast. We came there and drove to a spot to do a walk in the rainforest. The water there was so clear and we could drink the water. They had kingferns there that were 800 years old and only exist on Frazer and New Guinea. We went to our camp. Put our stuff into the military tents. After lunch we drove to Lake Shore and chilled there for a few hours. In the evening the tour guide turned the music on from his big boxes in the back of his car. We chilled on the beach while watching the sunset. Everyone started to drink while the sausages took about an hour to cook.

20 July 2017

It was Stan's birthday so we bought him a chocolate cake. Whoehoee. We had some leftover so we took it to out neighbors, a group of hippies. And because of that we made some new friends. They were so cool! And they thought us how to play with those firesticks. We drove to Noosa to pick up our onecie package but still it wasn't there... It was 30 mins south of Noosa so instead of waiting by the cars we went to a really nice cafe where they roasts their coffeebeans themselves. Owww but on the way there they found a trolley. And what do you do when you find a trolley. You sit in it and race 😂. Omygoshh guys... We drove separately to Harvey bay. We dropped Thomas off at his hostel and one other car picked up the package. Suddenly at one point we were all driving together again and put on our onecies. It was so much fun! We got comments from people straight away 😂. And then when we walked into our hostel to check in, everyone was looking at us and laughting hahaha. Real beds again😁

19 July 2017

Ahhh I was so happy I slept in the Van. First of all it had rained and second I didn't wake up. We put all pur stuff in the sun to dry because we left everything outside... We went to Noosa heads and chilled on the beach. I really like it there, it's got such a nice vibe. But you can see it's touristy. It was quite windy so I was constantly chewing on sand. Then we had to move the cars which was a funny scenario as well. They blocked the whole road so the cars could swop xd. After that we went to Betty's burgers where I had a shroom burger😍. I was so happy Rickie told me about that place. It was amazing! Then I joined Dan because he had fallen asleep on the beach and he still had to eat and went back to the beach again. We went to the Laguna lookout to watch the sunset. Which was a stunning view from there😍. At our campsite we made a fire again, Daniel played on his guitar and we had sandwiches, burned popcorn an crisps for dinner. Good good vibes😊.

18 July 2017

First we went to a lookout over the Glass house mountains. These mountains were so different! The landscape was completely flat and then some massive rocks came out of it. It was a shame the lookout wasn't that great. We started driving towards Noosa and stopped at the Sunshine coast to get groceries and chill on the beach. And then this beautiful mermaid appeared haha. We sat down in a small really cool cafe where I had a iced coffee😍. I loved the menu, all smoothies and juices. The guys had to get some beer for the night. And when we came to our camping spot everything was already set up and everyone sitting around a fire. We had such a good vegetarian chili for dinner! And then I talked all night and slowly seeing the bright night sky disappear behind the clouds.

17 July 2017

We had some free breakfast again and then loaded all our stuff into the cars when the two others had arrived. With a new travelmate, Thomas. Before we went to the zoo we had a look in the K mart for onecies again. Uhh no luck again. We were in a hurry to get to the zoo in time tp be there for the main show. We got there and went to the show. It was sooo good! And one of the guys had such a heavy acent. Birds where flying everywhere then the snakes and in the end the massive crocodile. It was so nice. They really make a good show of it and teach you about the animals and how to be save or what to do when you got bitten. Then we all spit and walked around in groups. Making selfies with kangaroos and starving all day because we were in such a hurry we didn't bring our food inside😂. Then at 4:30 everyone was back at the cars having lunch in the middle of the carpark and playing soccer. We drove to the Mac to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones haha. How desperate.

16 July 2017

With our new companion we explored Brisbane. First we went to the art gallery. Wow there was so much depth in the thoughts behind the work, it really made you think about life. It was amazing! We walked along the riverside grabbed a coffee from 2 Italian sisters, that had a little van with a coffee machine installed in it, and walked to the Brisbane sign. Us monkeys had to climb on it, for the best picture😜. We walked around the city, came across a secondhand market with all clothes and tried to find animal onesies for the next day in the zoo haha. But without succes... Back at the hostel we did all our laundry, which took us the whole night. For dinner we had a really nice pasta :).

15 July 2017

We all got out of bad at 7 because we were going all the way to Brisbane which is a long drive. Our first stop was at Evans Head where we went to a nice lookout. And then drove to Byron Bay. Ahh this is my kind of town. Such a relaxed vibe, hippies everywhere and cool painted vans. I loved it so much! Here we went to the lighthouse. But all the parkingspots were full so we decided to take turns to go to the lighthouse and drive people up there haha. I've never seen a lighthouse this white and clean and then that view, those mountains were crazy! So beautiful! While we were walking in town we got stopped by a travel agent and started talking about Fraser island. Which we hadn't booked yet, so now we did. But it all took so long! When we arrived at Brisbane is was pouring. I was so happy we didn't sleep in a tent that night! Luam and I really wanted pizza and were crazy enough to walk 15 min to Dominos while it was still raining😂. Cravings...

14 July 2017

We had a chill day in Yamba. Finally warm weather woehoeee. On the beach "I" still needed a jumper though. But I'm always cold.. Sarah and I came with the idea to share the last banana with the molten nutella that was left. It covered my whole hands in stead of the banana😂. My hands tasted really nice! We walked around Yamba for a bit and brought groceries for the burgers we were going to make for dinner. We went to the bbq at the beach and took everything with us exapt the oil. Ofcourse. We were all eating our burgers when we heard Stan say "Ah I hate my life now". We looked at him and everyone almost rolled over of laughter by just what we saw. He wanted to put ketchup on his burger but he screwed the wrong part open so his whole burger AND plate we're bright red😂. Ahhh it was so funny. We went to the fire for a bit but had a early night in.

13 July 2017

In the morning David's friend joined us with his rental car and then we drove almost all day to get to Yamba. We stopped at a shopping mall to get more sleepingmats and -bags AND headlights. But we had to much fun there😂. People squizing pet toys and sitting in trolleys like little kids. Luckily this didn't continue in the Coles. But on our way out the HAD to sit in the carousel made for 3 year olds hahaha. Laughing continued when having lunch. For the second time Torge tried to grind pepper with the lid still on it. And eating his cheese with a little bit of bread. Cutting skills are not the best😂 Then we arrived at Woody head campsite where Sarah made quite an entrance with sitting on top of the car, holding the bars. We changed real quick and jumped into the ocean during sunset and got a hot shower afterwards. Ahh I had been looking forward to a shower for days! Then it took hours to set up our camp and make the couscous but we had such a good night around the fire😊

12 July 2017

We started the morning with pancakes🙂. And then drove to Hary's lookout in Port Macquarie which wasn't that special. But then we came to Smokey beach, ahh😍. We had to walk down for 15 mins and came to this beautiful beach with rocks on both sides and a frame that looked like it was from a tippi. It just looked so good with the whole beach around it! We made some group photos there and had some lunch back on the hill. And then walked to the lighthouse which had a beautiful lookout over the beach on the other side. When we walked back to the cars there was an old couple walking in front of us holding hands. Awhh! We wanted to drive to Coffs harbour but that didn't really work out... We had to stay in Macksville for the night were we hoped to get a shower. But no.. And we couldn't make a fire😢. But, it was still good.

11 July 2017

With Jack we drove to the lake because we could only get there with a fourwheel drive. 4 of jumped into the lake😱. Ofcourse I wasn't one of them :p. Then we drove to Blueys beach and chilles there for a bit. It felt so different though than the last time I was there but we saw dolphins :). We drove our car to the beach and made our lunch there on the hood of the car. People turned their heads while walking past us 😂. In Forster we drove to a nice lookout and then got some groceries for the night. We wanted tot be at the campsite before it got dark so we could make a fire but that didn't really work.. So it was collecting wood in the dark. Because it was so cold me and the girls stayed in the car a bit and chatted while the boys started making a fire and drinking beer.

10 July 2017

We drove to New Castle with an extra car, and a person in it ofcourse. We parked our car at the shoppingmall and had to walk quite a bit to the light house. That we couldn't go to... So we just walked along the beach and we saw whales so close to the beach. Ahh that was amazing! It was already 4 when we arrived at Nelson bay. We walked up the hill, Luam wasn't having a lot of fun going up haha. The view was still as beautiful as the last time I was there. When we just wanted to do the dishes we saw the sky turning so bright, almost red. WOW! Owww😂 The journey to our campingspot was quite an adventure haha. The further we got on the dirtroad the bigger the dents and mudpools got. Torges car got stuck and when Mark helped pushing It out it splashed mud everywhere. He was covered. At one point we couldn't go any further so we just parked our car on the side of the road on a corner. We made some wraps for dinner and just before we went to bed we had a chai latte😆.

8 July 2017

Our last day 😢. We wanted to leave after breakfast but then decided to leave after the gathering. And eventually stayed another night 😂. We had a beautiful breakfast, banabread with yoghurt and fruit. And then after playing the most non calorie burning play of volleyball we had an amazing lunch. We all had a rest and then gathered at the farm again. Where they all sang a song for us, to show their appreciation for us ans the lovely time we had. Ahh it made me really emotional! Then they had a meal prepared for all the guests in the cafe where Hajim and his family joined us and I found out he was an amazing painter. Then just before I went to my room I talked to Noga for a very long time. It was a really good conversation.

7 July 2017

Our last day of working in the community. I spent the last two days behind the coffee machine😁. At 7 o'clock we gathered in the wool shed. For lots of dancing and playing music. For the big meal Marta made quesadillas with salsa and guacamole. We sat around the table with Israel and his family and another couple that I had never seen before. But I really liked her! Ahhh it was such a good and long night!

4 July 2017

At 7am we had a gathering at the farm where we talked a lot about love and that the way we act is caused by the society we live in. It all is really eye opening! Today I got involved in the whole process of making the Green drink. From going to the fields with the guys to pick all the greens in the sun, washing them, weight them, to make a drink out of it.😊 Then we cut the brownies they made the day before. 7 trays there were. I think we got about 80 out of one tray and ofcourse we needed a reward for cutting them all😜.

3 July 2017

This morning I had a sleep in because I felt drained. Then everyone had breakfast at the cafe. It was quinoa with capsicum, pumpkinseeds and kimchi. After breakfast me and Mark went with Harizz and his family to the field to pick all the last greens for the greenbars. It was really satisfying to see the work we had done. We went back to the farm to get lunch which was a salad, pies and wraps and then back to the cafe to wash all the greens and put them on top of the oven to let them dry. After a bit of freetime we gathered at the woolshed again. Because it was a Monday, they all learn a new dance or song. Everyone got involved to learn these two new Israelian folkdances. Everyone was holding hands, standing in a circle. It was so much fun! During dinner we sat down with another family. This time the carobbrownies were a bit overcooked so these also had to be eaten. We cleaned a bit behind the coffee machine when people started asking for coffees. Which made me really happy!

2 July 2017

Me and Mark went to the cafe at 8am to help out because Sundays are the busiest days for them. And it started really big, a carclub came in with beautiful old cars. Around midday a tray of pies was a bit overcooked and they exploded on top so we HAD to eat them. Ooooh what a shame.. Someone opened the ovendoor so we could sit on it. Two of us were sitting on an ovendoor eating pies, that must have looked so funny! I helped in the kitchen almost all day, cutting veggies and then helped Mark catching up on coffees. They were so happy with two baristas because coffee is their biggest down fall when it gets busy. We had a late lunch which we could choose from the menu. The best pumpkin soup ever! And in the evening, because it was pizzanight, we had a pizza and ate it in front of the fire. I had to switch rooms because more woofers came that day. Now I'm in a room next to the cafe which feels a lot warmer during night!

1 July 2017

In the morning we had a gathering at 8. They gave us maté to wake up. After that we all went to the kitchen to have breakfast. They had a kind of porridge fruit crumble with yogurt and bananas, grapes and manderine. Everyone went outside to sit in the sun next to the creek. When everyone had finished their food they went to the field to play soccer, volleybal and frizby. I was the only women playing🙈. But I enjoyed it so much! Then it was time for lunch. A really nice salad and meat and veggie pie. Ken showed us the whole property which is about 24 acres. They have crops, animals and houses all on there where they all live from. It took about 3 hours but he told a lot. At 6 we gathered, had dinner, which was a tomatosoup with corn, cheese and pasta and garlic bread, and then started the big clean. I helped in the kitchen to prepare for the next day. We worked till 9:30pm and then drove back to the farm with 3 others :).

30 June 2017

In the morning we went to the Yellow Deli cafe to ask if they need woofers at the farm we were told about. They didn't need anyone at the moment but we could still come to the dinner they make every friday with dancing and music and maybe we could work something out. After we visited the cafe we went to the tree sisters and Evans lookout where we met 3 dutch guys that are also doing the east coast in the same time as us. So we might come across them. After that we drove to Picton where the farm is. We got welcomed straight away and as soon as we walked in we bumped into Ken who we met at Bondi. He showed us the cafe and we talked a lot, quite deep stuff, about life. Which I love to talk about. Then we all gathered. They were playing music which sounded kind of medieval and they were folkdancing all together. Women, man all ages and children. It was quite special to see. We had a Korean meal and desert afterwards. They had a bed made for us so we didn't have to sleep in the cold car😇

29 June 2017

We couldn't look more like backpackers than this..
Bondi beach todayyy. And we had the perfect day for it. We got there by train and started walking towards the beach. But we accidentally ended up in a park which was actually really nice. When we got to Bondi beach we just sat down for a while to watch all the surfers. Then walked to a lookout so we could look over Bondi beach but there we saw so many spouts from whales. Sooo many, it was crazy! We walked back to the train station and found a market. Ofcourse I had to go there! We came to this stall where a guy winked us over and gave us a green drink. It is all food they make themself and is really good and wholesome for you. Whe started talking to him and he said, they have a farm where they have woofers and their cafe happened to be in Katoomba. So we wanted to give it a try. Back at the hostel we could make our dinner before driving to the Blue mountains and they gave us some sausages from their sausage sizzle. Whe arrived in Katoomba around 10:30 so we were both pretty tired..

28 June 2017

Exploring Sydney in the rain

27 June 2017

Ahh it was so cold when we woke up. Zack's feet were frozen! He made us beans on toast with fried eggs, something I was craving for a while now🙈. We drove all the way to Sydney via the coastal route. It was a beautiful drive, trough little cute towns on the water, with the clearest bluest water and over green hills that reached as far as we could see. Zack booked a hostel and later called a few times fo questions and also if there was place for two more but there wasn't. When he called a third time they said there was a room that wasn't as nice but $10 a night. So YEAHHS! We got to the hostel, really nice helpfull people. She recommended spice alley that has really good and cheap asian food. So we found our dinnerspot. We ordered 3 dishes to share😍. The two girls behind us had to leave really quickly. They gave us their wine and sate and when Zack wanted to get 2 more roti. They gave him 3 and extra sauce. Wow cheap day! We NEEDED a desert so on our way back we bought a magnum.

25 June 2017

In the morning we woke up with so many birds around us. Ahh I loved it and I could come so close to a kukabura. We walked to the summit of Mount Oberon which wasn't the nicest walk. Just really straight forward. But when we got to the top the view blew my mind! Oow and the wind was so strong, it was crazy! You could see those clouds move so fast. Around 4pm we stopped to make a kind of Bahn mi for lunch. Which took about an hour to make in a public bbq🙈 We parked the car next to a public toilet in Eden. And because we had lunch so late we warmed up a can of beans in tomatosauce and ate it out of the pot. And to finish our great meal we had timtams and tea for desert. Zack took his sleeping pill so he could have a descent sleep in the front seat of the car😂 . Because there were no hostels he could go that night. So we were sleeping with 3 people in the car. AGAIN. Zack only had to put up with a transmission stick in his ass. But hé, it was free!

24 June 2017

At 9:30 we wanted to pick up Zack, but that got a littlebit later.. After picking him up we did groceries and finally got on the road at almost 1pm. Oepss. Well we had 3 days to get to Sydney, so plenty of time. We decided to go the most southern tip of Australia and camp at Tidal river which is in the Wilson Promotory National Park. It was such a beautiful drive. All those beaches. While we were making our dinner at the bbq area, we some company of possums and wombats. Because there were no hostels around, the plan was Zack would sleep in the hammock in between the trees infront of the car. But it was so windy and cold he decides to sleep in the frontseat of the car. Making himself comfortable with blankets and pillows. While his sleaping pill was working in we played bullshit in the car.
With Jose we went to the Queen Victoria Market. I love markets and here they had so much! During the end there were guys screaming cheap prices for their produce. Owww and one thing made me so happy. I finally found a ring with an opal in it that was affordable😍. We came to the Deli section which was so nice! All different kinds of meat handing down and cheeses displayed. For lunch Jose took us to Hunky Dori's, which is a place they serve a lot of seafood. I had a platter with a blackrice salad, prawns, grilled fish and calamari. Oeee yum, that was amazing. Jose is just too sweet! Haha and he is so funny, he just says everything he thinks, so yeah with him you really need to think about what you want to say xd. In the evening we watched a movie. With James Franco😏.

22 June 2017

We just had a chill day. Jose, who is the owner of the apartment we could stay at, came back from his trip and took us for some Pho on the other side of the road. It was so nice! In the evening we cooked him dinner because we could stay with him. We forgot butter for the pancakes we were going to make for desert. He drove back to the store to get some because he also needed a mop for the bathroom. Yes that is a completely different story... When Mark and I arrived at the apartment, after a while we noticed there was a lot of water coming from the toilet. And it got worse and worse and it started smelling as well so it wasn't only water... Jose stept in it a few times. And every time we could here when it happened😂. You just heared: ohh NO, NO, NO, ohhh NOOO. Hahaha it was so funny. The smell wasn't a lot of fun tho. And Jose had to trow away his bathslippers because again he stept into the puddles of the nice smelling water.

20 June 2017

In the morning we drove to the Karst Caves at Mole Creek. It started raining so perfect to do something like that. Our guide told us so much! About the whole history and how they became the way they are now. When we came to the orchestra she put lights on to show how airy it was inside the cave. And then turned off the lights. You could be in the caves for weeks and you would still see nothing. It was pitch black. At the end of our tour she switched off the lights again so we could see the glowworms above us. Ahh those memories from Franz Josef came back😍. Glowworms will only show light when they are hungry to attract insects and when they turn into these mosquito kind of flies they will only live for 3-5 days because they have no mouth to eat. After the caves we went back to the House of Anvers for a hot chocolate. Uhhh 😍 They used real melted chocolate for it hmmm. The way it should be! At 6pm we had to be back on the boat to get back to Melbourne. Uhh Tasmania you were stunning!

19 June 2017

In the morning we drove to the Bay of Fires. Beautiful day to go to the beach. It was beautiful but it didn't do a lot for me. The area around Leigh where I lived in New Zealand was a lot better. I love to just sit though and see the water move and see everything that's in the little pools created by the rocks around it.
The night before we met an American guy who wanted to do Mount Amos as well. So he joined us. It was such a sunny day. We started the walk and in the first 10mins we already got lost. Those arrows were perfect triangles so they were so misleading.. That walk was literally rock climbing. Really steep massive rocks we had to climb up. Again I felt like a monkey, using my whole body to climb up. We got to the top having an amazing view upon wineglass bay. That water was so clear blue. On our way down I slipped on a wet part and slided quite far down. I couldn't stop because there was nothing to hold on to but Zach stopped me. The way down was so much harder and a bit more tricky and owww I lost my New Zealand beanie. Zach and Mark went back to find it and eventually Mark saw it somewhere in the bushes. I was so happy I got it again! At the carpark there was the cutest Walibi sitting around. AHHH so CUTE!😍 I wanted to take him with me.

17 June 2017

We started the track at 10:30. The hike itself wasn't that nice but when we got to Cape Raoul. Ohh so good! Massive cliffs that looked like thousands of beams were vertically glued to each other and you could see these horizontal lines in them. There was a opening with a lot of gravel in between where we walked down so we were sitting in between the cliffs and seeing a sailingboat passing by. Just the perfect moment! Climbing up again I felt like a monkey, grabbing as much as possible with my hand, holding my feet against everything because the rocks were really loose and it was quite steep. We walked to the end, standing on top of the cliffs having such a beautiful lookout point to everything around us and it was such a clear day. When we walked back we heared a weird noise. I went looking for it and then suddenly saw black kakatoos with yellow cheeks. It made me so happy seeing them! Then we drove to Freyncinet National park and got there at 8 o'clock.

16 June 2017

I was sitting in the communal area writing when a really open German guy walked in. He immediately introduced himself. Such a happy guy to see. I already heard he was filming around the area so I asked. He is a marine biologist/scientific photographer. Ohh I was so interested! He was so passionate about it all. He told about the places he went to and all the things he had seen. Swimming with humpbacks, orca's, seals, finding black corral reefs in Norway, see the bleached and dead corral reefs in the Maladives. He dives everywhere. He told about the climate change, the history and human influance. So sad to hear! That 400 years ago they saw hundreds of whales and on the boat they couldn't sleep because all the seaturtles bumping against it. It all changed because of humans... Big kelp forests are disappearing because of the climate change that attracts sea urchins that destroy it. The El Nino, that is so much stronger now so corral reefs have not enough time to grow back. Its so sad!
In the morning after waking up to a beautiful sunrise, seeing the mist slidely flowing and dissapearing from the hill infront of it we drove to Cape Raoul. But apparently the track was closed that day so, we drove to Dunalley grabbed a coffee at this really nice cafe in a bay and sat there writing our diary. After we had fish and chips in the sun we drove to a diving shop at Eaglehawk Neck where we could stay.

15 June 2017

In Mount Field National park we did a 2h walk around the Russel falls, horseshoe falls, lady byron falls and the tall trees forest. Only the Californian redwoods could top these trees. This werea eucalyptus kind of tree. So tall with only at the top branches and leaves and one of the only that flowers.

14 June 2017

At 6pm we arrived at the Bushy park camping ground in Bushy park :p. This little old guy came out of the house and started talking. He showed us around, from the toilet (trying to fix it in between), to the little herbgarden to the tiny kitchen, showing us how and where to put on the lights, how to use the gasstove, where all the pans and pots are hidden and how to use the shower. Well here it comes. Grab a bucket, fill it with hot water, walk to the little shower, put the bucket on a stand, put the shower hose in the bucket and press on a button so the water gets sucked out of the bucket to the showerhead. And that's your shower haha. Ahh that guy was so cute, he didn't stop talking. He gave me such a warm feeling. He really put a smile on my face. The place is really old, but he made it so cozy and it has all these little things in it that just makes it feel so good. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!😊
In the morning we drove back to Hobart and visited the art gallery there. We had to do something there because Mark had left his new shoes at Lake St. Clair that someone would take to Hobart. After that we drove as far as possible to Mount Field National Park.

13 June 2017

We were going to drive to Cockle creek, all the way south from hobart. On our way we drove to mt. Wellington. It was really windy but we could look to all the islands, peninsula's and mountains. The way to Cockle Creek was so nice! The last 45 mins we drove on a sand/clay road. I loved it, it gave such a happy feel to me. And suddenly there was a little village with about 10 houses, I want to live there. Then we got to Cockle creek. Bush with creeks and bays😍. We did a 2h walk to Fishers point. Agh that white sand, the clear blue water, the bush, the mountains with a bit of haze infront of them and those patchy clouds. It was so perfect that picture! I have more of them moments but there I so wanted my boyfriend to be there! That night we stand somewhere on the side of the road. We could constantly hear walibi's around us because there was so much bush and that night the stars were so bright. And for dinner we had raw cauliflower. Haha I'm a bit crazy but I love raw cauliflower.

12 June 2017

A relaxed day today. Finally sun and we used it to dry our wet clothes on the outside of the car and our shoes on the stones in the sun. We went inside the hotel to get a coffee and write our journals. At 1pm we left to go to Hobart.
A relaxed day today. Finally sun and we used it to dry our wet clothes on the outside of the car and our shoes on the stones in the sun. We went inside the hotel to get a coffee and write our journals. At 1pm we left to go to Hobart. A long drive in a car smelling like wet socks. Hmmm yum. We were telling each other the last few days that if we would see a Woolies we would get a chicken. So guess what we had for dinner. Yes CHICKEN😍 and a bag of lettuce. On a parkinglot in an industrial area. Next to our car was a beam. I started doing things on it I always used to do on gymnastics. Ahh it felt so good to do that again! We couldn't find a camping place tho. Someone sayd it would be fine to stand on the spot we were already standing on. Hmm not sure. Mark saw a phone number on the side of the building and called it. Yeahh we got permission to stand next to the building. One down side. No toilets anywhere near us...

11 June 2017

Waking up and again making, this time breakfast, in the rain. After 10 mins we saw that just a few meters behind us, was a covered picnic spot so we moved. We drove through area's that felt really abandoned and dead like the hyena spot in the lion king. Then around the next corner we drove into green tropical bush in between the mountains. We walked to the Nelson falls. It was so magical, I could see myself living in a forest like that! Little streams with mossy rocks, mushrooms, all kinds of ferns, rusty brown soil and then those falls. Dream! Then Again a completely different landscape. Now golden almost savannah like. We came to st. Claire lake and had almost 4 hours to do a walk before it got dark. But we took the wrong turn and it started raining. We did a 5h walk in less then 4h completely soaked.. We warmed up with a hot chocolate and then drove to a hotel where we could park in front and have a WARM shower😍. Then again RAIN whilst cooking. So we ate under the hotelveranda🙈.
Not at all how I imagined Tasmania. 2 minutes before I took this photo we stopped on a bridge to take a photo, yes we could stop because ofcourse no one on the road. Our litterbag flew out of the car and the wind almost blew me over. Couldn't even make a panorama because I couldn't stand still.

10 June 2017

Waking up this morning while some blokes next to us tried to fix their car. The mountains around the town were covered with clouds but the sun found it's way trough. We went to the 103 meter high Montezuma falls, Tasmania's highest. A 3h return walk trough tropical green forest. Finding my way around all the puddles of water because I wasn't wearing water resistant shoes and.. they are white. Yes that waterfall was pretty high! Worth the walk! On our way to Queenstown we had so much mist, in between the forest and the plains. It gave a really mysterious feel, also almost no cars on the road. We stopped at a lookout, there was no sound of anything. Nothing, no cars, no wind, no birds not even a cricket. Ah that silence was really weird! We thought Queenstown would show us more life, but no. I think we saw a total of 10 people that night. There were no campgrounds nearby so we cooked on the side of a street in a light drizzle and parked our car in a dead ending dark little alley. Legal?

9 June 2017

After that walk we really needed a shower. Glenn and Marie recommended a caravan park close by. So we went there but we had to pay $42,- and we didn't want that. The lady that helped us said, ahh if you only need a shower you can just get one. That was so kind of her! Hmm a really long and hot shower that was. Then we drove to Rosebery and got reduced curried chicken and beefmeatpies😍. We really didn't feel like cooking. Such a good solution! And who needs an oven anyway, just bake it in a pan with a plate as a lid.The girl at the counter said we could park next to the public toilets on the parkinglot. That was our spot, as close to the toilets as possible. Haha and afterwards did our dishes in the toilets using toiletpaper to dry it all xd.
After waking up real early waiting 45min for our water to boil and driving a bit longer than expected, we arrived at Cradle mountain park. We had to take the shuttle to Ronny creek where the overland track starts so we could still do a bit of it. First we got to a boardwalk then uphill through a forest a lake with a tiny wooden hut and then uphill again, climbing some rocks to the first lookout. To the next lookout was a bit more tough. We came to Marions lookout. Clouds rushing from the mountain over the lake and then seconds after disappearing again. It was so windy end we cooled down quickly so we started walking again into the clouds. We came to a part that looked like toendra and that's where we bumped into Glenn and Marie again. We had a bloody tuna sandwich at the kitchenhut. Then the next part of the walk was my favourite! With cliffs on one side and dove lake from a hight on the other and clouds halve covering it. Almost a 5h walk that day and rewarded by a couple of wombats.

8 June 2017

Oelalaaa a Belgian chocolate factory😏

7 June 2017

Our first night of completely using Jack. It was getting cold so at 5:30 pm we were cooking, on our car with gloves on and my new possumsocks. Ahh gosh they really made a difference! We made couscous with broccoli, tomato, lettuce and almonds. Quick and easy. A couple that were camping next to us came over and we started chatting. Thet were so friendly! They live near Yamba and came here with their caravan to visit their son (who was studying here, decided he didn't like the course and just came back 2 days before they left). They gave us their number and adress so we could visit them when we drive up north. We made a cup of tea besides our bright lamp Ahum, to warm up before struggling our way into bed and try to close the back doors in the most actrobatic possition xd. There we were, with about 4 layers of clothes and 3 blankets and a hot water bottle. Surprised I was warm all night and had a beautiful sleep.
So we got of the boat at about 7 am and OMYGOSH it wad freezing cold, only 2 degrees. In the maccas we saw sunrise and from there we went to the visitorscentre and decided it was better not to do the overland track😢 We sorted the car out had lunch in the sun and finally found a tub for the dishes. We drove to the Arboretum, which was like a big garden, but there was no one and it felt so nice! The air was really cold but the sun was nice and there was still some little drops of water on the grass which, with all the trees, gave this smell that reminded me of Austria. Such a fresh smell. The sun stood low over all the trees and the gras which gave it so much more depth and dimension, all the colours popped out. And then that little creek, it was absolutely stunning! It gave me such an emotional rush there... When we walked back we saw a platypus in the water. What funny creatures they are. We could follow him all the way because of the bubbles he maid in the water. Haha so cute!

3 June 2017

We WANTED to do the Grampians but had to return the car at 4pm so we started driving at 6:30 and saw the most beautiful sunset. As we drove off a hill we saw a forest covered in fog and the sun shining on it. It was so magical! We arrived at Holes Gab at 10am. High cliff mountains and lots of bush around us😍. We had to race through the park in 3 hours so we did the Pinnacle and the McKenzie falls. To the lookout we literally walked through and over rocks, first through the Grand Canyon. It was a very different kind of walk, one I never made before. The views were stunning there! Then the falls and then drive back. But before we did that we baught a family meetpie for on the way. We got at the rentalcompany just 3 minutes after 4 and there was no one in the building anymore... We had to hand it in the morning after. So Mark and I had to stay in Geelong that night with our fixed car, JEEJ what a relieve! We ended up staying at Simon's, the towguy, neighbors driveway. What a legend!

2 June 2017

We started the day early so we could do most of the GOR as we had to take the car back the day after. We went to the Erskin falls first which reminded me of Eds place. Surrounded by tropical forest. We went to Cape Otway were we had our lunch that we made on the booth haha. All day we had clouds all over the sky which was a shame for the 12 apostles. But when we got there there was a little bit of sunshine coming trough that gave beautiful lightbeams over our view. Then Loch Arche Gorge, incredible cliffs surrounded us with our feet in the sand and the rough clearblue sea infront of us. We saw the time and drove back to the 12 apostles for sunset. We run to the lookout. WOW this was unbelievable! How orange the sky turned and made those pillars stand out in front of the sun. Uhh no words! We stayed at Port Campbell Hostel which is owned by Dutch people and you could see that because it was so clean. During night we made a stirfry with frozen veggies, will definitely do that again! Yum.

1 June 2017

With our new mascot in the car (there is a story behind it haha) we started the day really happy to hit the Great Ocean Road. In the CBD we had to pick up Iris a German girl she met and a Spanish guy. After I think 1,5 hours on the road suddenly the car stopped. I could push the paddle as far down as I wanted but nothing happened. We tried to kick start it but it didn't do anything. So that wasn't the problem. Iris and Indigo went to the mechanic. He could fix it tomorrow. We looked for other mechanics but they could fix it kn monday... The guys from the tow company came and they were so funny. He told us that his wife took of 16 years ago and now he has the kids. He said if you find me.a wife you'll get your money back haha. Finally at 4 o'clock we were at the mechanic. It was something with the echnition and because it's an old car this part was hard to get.. Well we rented a car so we could still do the GOR and drove to Bells beach backpackers in Torquay. It was a really nice hostel

30 May 2017

With Toomey and Iris, a Dutch girl that is going to join us on the GOR, we went to Dandenong national park with Jack. They predicted good weather but it was quite cloudy and then it started raining. So we drove a lot trough the park. It was still so beautiful tho. Tropical forest every where with ferns at the bottom and tall treas growing trough them with some mist between them. We stopped at an old railway (we thought..), some tiny waterfall and a lake. At one point it even started hailing. It was a fun day tho. On our way back google maps took us all around tge city somehow but we had an overlook over the whole city during night with all the colourfull lights that came from the buildings.

23 May 2017

Bussy day. From going to look at a car in the morning, getting a coffee and an amazing donut with lemon yoghurt glaze, getting vaccines for Indonesia, looking for other cars, going back to Aunty Pegs for an other cupping, this time with a whole new range of one of the best coffees of Brazil, to have a look at an other car, one we both fell in love with. Will see what happens 😏

21 May 2017

With the tram "yes I know how they work now😅" I went to the art gallery. I saw there was a sunday market next to it, so that's where I went first. They had a lot of arts & crafty stuff. Which I always like a lot because people come with the most amazing ideas, that always gives me this wow effect. It gives me a lot of inspiration as well and I love that! The entrance of the art gallery exists of a big glass wall with a blanket of water flowing down. I knew there were some photo exhibition, the main thing I wanted to see there. First I walked through some gallery's with classic art.The colour of the walls and the composition they put the art in was just stunning. It gave so much more dept to each piece of art. Then I went to one of the photo exhibitions of Bill Henson. Ahh😍. He had all kinds of nude portraits, landscapes and captured moments in museums. It had a really misterious feel. He uses a lot of dark and highlights, which I really like. I would love to draw right now!

20 May 2017

After an overload of caffeine in the morning we walked through Smith street. We came across some nice cafs, beautiful/impressive streetart and even my family name in the middle of the street. Maby it's a sign... Because we had to hurry up a bit in the morning I forgot to take any food so we had to find a place to get some lunch. And that's not hard to find. We found this vegetarian and organic cafe and ordered a mezze plate. We just sat down and got it 1 minute later. It was an explosion of flavours. Wow that lunch will never escape my memories! We walked to the CBD to find some more street art. We didn't see a lot but found a food court. Wanted to spend all my money there. So much good food😍. We walked back to Brunswick for about an hour getting more and more hungry. Put the oven on as soon as we got back. And made some sweet potato fries w/ steamed broccoli and a really nice semi smoked fish. Was such a good day and lots of good conversations :).
First time cupping woee. Me and Mark went to Aunty Pegs, a kind of café where they only serve black coffee with their in house roasted coffee beans from Proud Marry. We sat down at the bar and one of the guys served us and explained a bit about their coffees. While we watched him making our espresso's, the first thing I notices was, that they have really good and professional equipment. All the stuff I saw them use at the world barista competitions. I was so impressed and at the same time fell this energy and excitement grow. That same passion I felt while practicing for my barista examn. That you want to know everything about it. We also got a taste of their coldbrew which they got out of a tab to create foam on top for another mouthfeel. If you would have blindfolded me I would have thought it was some kind of tomatobroth. 6 coffees where grinded. We had to smell them and then taste the brew. We could taste the subtle sweet flavours in the coffee after they spooned off the crust.

14 May 2017

When Mark got back we went to the shops to get groceries and bedding. Because I didn't want to freeze during night and make a pillow out of all my clothes. Somehow we managed to get a kingsize blanked for almost halve the price because the cards on the shelves were all mixed up. So the guy that worked there gave it to us for $24 instead of $42. Ching ching💰
First day in Melbourne. I got of the airport at about 9:30am after sorting my Myki and a simcard. Went on the skybus to the CBD and tried to find out how to get to Tall Timber. The place where Mark works. I got on a tram with all my stuff and found out it wasn't going where I wanted it to go. Uhhh.. asking people how to get there and try work it out on google maps. I think it got me about two hours before I finally arrived at the cafe 😂. But I got there and luckily enough it was sunny and not raining. It was quite full but they managed to get me a seat on a big table. It was really weird to see him suddenly on the other side of the world. He was so concentrated making the coffees he didn't see me coming in. When he saw me he came to me for a quick hug and joined me for lunch. He gave me the keys of the house and I went, this time it didn't take me 2 hours, to his place. Hoped I didn't step into the house of a complete stranger because the door was open. But I recognized his stuff. Pff

13 May 2017

Spend my last day in New Zealand in Christchurch with this awesome group of people. Justine and I dropped our bags in Rickie, Amos and Sara's room because we were staying in a hostel near the aiport. We went for a wander, chilled for a bit and went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant. It was sooo good and had such a good time. Justine and I aimed for a bus at 9pm but I found it so hard to let go and just leave after those 4 weeks we spend together, literally 24/7. Amos and Rickie walked us to the bus and said goodbye there. The strange thing was that it didn't feel like saying goodbye!

12 May 2017

I could almost cry when I saw the weather forcast for Lake Tekapo. Again rainy and cloudy.. We had such good weather those last 4 weeks and exactly this day there was no clear sky, which you NEED for stargazing😒. Well I could see the lake and the mountains around it when we got there so that was a plus. Although I didn't see any stars this might have been one of my best nights yet 😊

11 May 2017

Having a chill day with Rickie after our last night out in Queenstown. Went to get a chickenkebab wrap, fergpie and a chocolate milkshake for breakfast at about 5pm 😂, while Rickie could have a bit of a sleep. Never saw someone this happy with a milkshake. We watched first dates and almost midnight we went out to get a fergburger. Oe that really filled me up, but it was so good!

10 May 2017

Rickie and I planned on leaving about 7am so we could see sunrise while we were walking up the hill. Instead we started the Ben Lomond track at about 9. The first hour was quite steep and hard. But we had so many good conversations that I didn't even noticed. Those whole 9 hours didn't even feel that long, AT ALL! We looked out over Queenstown and the lake that had a low hanging cloud above it. Then the track got a lot easier till we started the last hour up to the summit. Seriously that part almost killed me. It was really really really steep and we stopped about a 100 times. Almost before we reached the top we found some snow. I wanted to jump in it, that's how hot I was at that point. We reached a spot of complete silence where we could only hear the wind. And then we got to the top😍. It was so special. I could just sit there and look at the mountains. We sat there for about 2 hours, protecting our lunch from the Kea's and then walked back for our well earned overloaded milkshakes.

9 May 2017

Wow wow wow. Ohh this was the most beautiful drive I ever made!! From our lunchbreak at Kingston all the way to Glenorchy it just got better and better. It just took my breath away! Words can't even describe how I felt or what kind of happiness this gave to me. This all made by earth, such majestic beauty. Seriously I can't believe how one country can have so many of these beautiful places and special magicall moments it can give to you. At Glenorchy we went for a drive to see some parts filmed at the LOTR. Amos just couldn't stop moving or talking. We first had to cross a super clear and blue river over a swingbridge to enter the forest. Amos was just jumping and running around with a stick in his hands calling quots out of the LOTR😂. Then we had to go back to bring our rentalcar back to the airport. Could have staid there forever!
A little robin coming so close I could almost touch it. Those special moments!

8 May 2017

Never thought I would love beaches this much. On our long long LONG drive to Invercargill we stopped at this beach one of the locals in Dunedin recommended to Amos and Justine. And wow what a recommendation!! As we walked down you could see these sandstone cliffs carved out by the sea. Everyone was taking pictures standing on the smallest and most outstanding part that went more out to the sea. After we "ofcourse" also took some pictures, me and Rickie walked through the tunnel to the rocky beach. We wanted to make pictures of the moving sea and were experimenting with it. Trying to find spots where out phone could stand for a bit without moving. We took some amazing pictures! Then we went to Nugget point. A beach with a lighthouse on the rocks. As you stand by the lighthouse you can see these really strange but almost perfectly round stones that look like they have been put there by humans. From there while the sun lit our face we could hear and see the fur seals playing by the rocks.

7 May 2017

The next day in Dunedin we went to the Otago museum. It was so good! Really scientific and educational with a beautiful butterfly garden (had to safe a butterfly out of the pond) and a gallery with photo's of really good photographers. Before photo's wouldn't do a lot to me but since this last trip it got my interest and started to grow as a new hobby. It's funny how you can totally focus on things you never saw before. After our visit at the museum we drove to The Royal Albatros centre. The tours were already finished but we could go to the cliff, sometimes you can see them from there. We were standing there for a while in the freezing cold and just as we wanted to go back inside one flew straight over our heads. Wow they are sooo big! I was so happy to see one, a bird I wanted to see since I was young. After my father showed me one in one of his books. I could stand there in the cold a lot longer just to see them again!

6 May 2017

On our way to Dunedin we made a few "5 minute photostops😜". We stopped at lake Hayes, Arrowtown (a really cute old little town with an amazing sweets shop that even sold LIQUORICE) and a fiewpoint over Cromwell. The sun was shining all day and that made the autumn colours all around us really stand out. We got there about 7pm at the chalet hostle. It had such a good and cosy feel, like you were at home. We all went back in the car to pak n save and got food for dinner which Amos was going to cook. Ah yumm it was sooo good😍. Pasta with tomato, garlic, olives, fetacheese and rocket. Rickie and I had to finish our pool competition, but it was quite hard to play with almost no room. Shame I didn't win... Everyone else went out but we really felt like an easy night and watch a movie.
There we go. On our four day trip around the deep south. In the morning Justine and I hitch hiked to the airport to get the car. We couldn't hitch hike all together so we went separately. Rickie and Sara followed us but they weren't lucky so they could get a free shuttle that left at 10 o'clock.

5 May 2017

Walking up the Queenstown hill with Sara while everyone was at Milford Sound. I havenr been this warm here in Queenstown, pff we were sweating walking up this hill.
Yummm best pie I have ever tasted!! Venison, portabello mushroom and caramalised onion. Could eat 10 of these!

3 May 2017

Jeeej Queenstown I am back.

2 May 2017

Instead of going for a hike we rented a bike. Just something different. Something that's so normal at home was suddenly a bit harder with all those hills and lots of wind. But the view around the lake was so beautiful! While we were biking we could smell the leaves that had fallen of the trees that had turned to golden and orange colours. The smell of autumn. A smell that really makes me happy! We biked al around the lake and the river and to the famous willowtree of Wanaka.

1 May 2017

We got to Wanaka at 3:30 pm. Walking to our hostel up the hill with our heavy backpacks on our backs wasn't a lot of fun. But everything better than staying at Base. At about 5 we started walking to the top of mount iron to see the sunset. We had to take of layers because it was quite warm walking up the hill. We could see Wanaka from the top and all the mountains surrounding the two lakes. Slowly the sun hid behind the snowcovered mountains and it started to get a lot colder. When we got back to the foot of the mountain the stars came out and Rickie and I stayed to try to make some better starphotos. When the one with the milkyway turned up I went crazy. We made it just with a phone and a gopro. How amazing is that!
Something I couldt see last time when I was here, Lake Matheson with it's reflecting water which turnes the lake into a mirror. It's hard to make a bad photo in New Zealand. But even though how stunning these photo's can look, it really doesn't compare to how you see it in real life or how even experience it. It's so so much better, I can't even describe.

30 April 2017

Was so happy to finally be able to make some starphoto's😍
Third day in Franz Josef. We had such a good sleep in. And we NEEDED it! We wanted to do a big walk but it was very cloudy so instead we just chilled during the day. Then late afternoon all the clouds disappeared and we all went for a walk. Amos, Justine and Sara went to the tunnels, me and Rickie did two days ago, and we went to the top of a hill to see the ocean and glacier. As we walked we came across some small lakes, mirros lakes😍. They reflected all the mountains that were in the back. It was so clear. If you would turn around the photo you wouldn't even see what's the lake and what's real. Then we walked up the hill, full of tropical forest, you couldn't see any more green. Moss and punga (which is a native nz palm tree) everywhere and vines hanging down from the trees. Sunset was starting and we could see the sun coming through the forest which made the most beautiful colours. When we got to the top we could see the ocean on one side and snowcovered mountains on the other. WOW

29 April 2017

28 April 2017

We came to Franz Josef quite early and wanted to do a small walk because the weather was really good. We went to the Tatare tunnels. You have to take you're shoes of because you're walking through the water. And omygosh it was sooo cold. We walked there in this pitchblack tunnel without any lights on so we could see the glowworms and we didn't have to adjust to the darkness all the time. We found our way through the tunnel by touching the walls and the one thing I could think about was, that my mom would definitely not have like this at all. As we walked we saw more and more. Ah I loved it! We got back out of the tunnel and it was starting to get dark. We were so busy talking we didn't really look around us while we walked, but out of a sudden I saw lights in the corner of my eyes. I turned my head and my jaw dropped to the floor. The wall next to us was completely covered with glowworms. It was the most magical thing I have ever seen in my life! The whole bush was full of them.

27 April 2017

On our way to Lake Mahinapua

26 April 2017

We stayed an extra night in Westport so we could go surfing. In our wetsuits we got on our bikes, the boys on their skateboards and up to the beach. Justine took the one with the trailer and the boards on top. We wanted to go back for lunch and then go for a second surf but we decided it was better to stay after we took an hour to even get to the beach because the frame of the trailer pushed on the backwheel and Justine could hardly move forward. It took her halve an hour before she got back to life. Amos taught us some basics before we got into the water. I was so determined to stand up and surf that I was in there for 3 hours straight. I was so happy when I actually surfed and after that it happend over and over again. When I got in for the second time we were just sitting on our boards and suddenly there were two dolphin right in front of us. It was so calming to sit there in the middle of the sea and the mountains behind us. I had such a good day. I was SOOO happy!!

25 April 2017

A bonfire with the family at Westport
On our way to Westport we stopped at these stunning Nelson lakes

23 April 2017

Dinner with the family. Real treat after spending 3 days in the bush and having no food the last day. I think they were happy.
Two days ago after I came to Kaiteriteri after my bus didn't arive at the time it should have arrived and found my own way up. Luckily enough a Stray bus just arrived and I could get a ride with them till the turnoff to Kaiteriteri and from there had to hitchhike while it was already starting to get dark and all the cars drove past me. After waiting for 10 minutes finally someone stopped and wanted to give me a ride to the lodge where I was going to stay. Oh was so happy! Yesterday I just chilled at the beach and at 4 o'clock I heared all the stories of my friends that just came back from their 3 day hike at Abel Tasman national park. They realised that the tent they hired didn't have any tent poles in it so had to tie it up on a tree. It looked so funny on the pictures. It all looked so beautiful! Would have loved to do it myself if I had enough time!

22 April 2017

While I was getting cold in the last week I spent on the North island and had to buy a new jumper. Nelson "sunniest city in New Zealand" still feels like summer. Even the markets are still very much alife. I love going to markets! Here they have all sort of handcrafts and arts, organic and homegrown veggies, little foodtrucks and local products. I got even more excited when I saw one of them selling oliebollen, one of my favourite Dutch treats. And they were good! Then I went to the Queengardens which are absolutely beautiful. I could easily spend days at these gardens sitting in the sun under one of the trees with its branches hanging over the water and watching the ducks fighting over a piece of bread.

20 April 2017

Just arrived at Nelson, a two day stop before I join every one else again in Kaiteriteri. I walked to the centre of New Zealand but I nearly died while going up the hill because I didn't want to miss the sunset! It was so good, all the mountains where visible at the back and the green of all the trees spreading over Nelson. Love it already!
This is where the barrelscene in The Hobbit was filmed
On my way to the south island on the interislander. Just been in Wellington for 3 nights catching up with Hannah and Sarah who I met during my travels on the north island in September and Laura where I worked with at the Leigh Sawmill cafe. Was so good to see them all again! On the second night we went to a salsabar and surprisingly enough Amos had amazing salsaskills and took me for a little dance. Not something I can say I'm good at. He swung me around and I just started laughing because of my bad danceskills, but I had a lot of fun. Now leaving the North behind and going back to the beautiful South island.

16 April 2017

So I got back on the kiwibus. On our way to rivervalley we stopped at Chateaux tongariro where we were going to walk to the Taranaki falls. It started pissing down and after halve an hour we were completely soaked. We just went back and waited for the bus to come back. It was so cold. We arrived at the rivervalley lodge. It was so beautifull. A big wooden lodge in the middle of the bush with cliffs on both sides and a river on one side. The atmosphere was really warm and cosy. In the evening we all gattered together playing card games, doing challenges and drinking beer. Instead of having a bed each, the matresses where all next to each other. The next morning we went white water rafting but because it had been raining so much we did a trip they had only done once before. It was so good! The sun was shining, we had lord of the rings scenes around us. At one point the boat flipped and everyone fell in the water. But it was amazing! One of my favourites places so far!

14 April 2017

Left Auckland early in the morning to hop on the intercitybus to Taupo. Because of easter weekend it took us 2 hours more to get there. In the evening I catched up with Scot who I got to know while I traveled around the south island. He was just getting back up after staying in Queenstown for a few months. The next morning we got up really early and drove to the start of the Tongariro crossing. But when we arrived the visibility was so bad and there was so much rain and wind, we decided to drive back because it's not really worth doing an 8 hour hike if you can't even see a thing. Instead we went to the craters of the moon and spend almost all afternoon in a natural hot water stream. On the 16th I Ieft Taupo to go to River Valley on the Kiwibus.

30 March 2017

My days in Hokianga (Omapere) were amazing. Raiha who is Maori in invited me to come up north with here. They were doing this marae diy there, and apparently that is a tv show. So when we got there, there were people walking around with cameras and even the navy and army came to help. I got introduced to a lot of people. These people are so welcoming, friendly and kind. And they make sure you get enough food and never get hungry. The week before I said to Emmy I hadn't experienced any of the culture yet and now here I was surrounded by Maori. Everyone came up to help. I did a lot in the kitchen, there was lots of food. I tried so many things I never had before. Maori LOVE seafood so no meal could do without. I had clams, pipi's, smoked snapper heads, crayfish and paua and they fried bread 😱. After 4 days the marae was finished. They had a big ceremony with the guys doing a haka and a massive feed after. It was amazing!