Indonesia · 16 Days · 19 Moments · August 2017

Java & Bali

17 August 2017

This day started really well.. We drove to Tirta Ganga but I spent most of the time on the toilet. Even though I didn't feel that great I still wanted to do everything we planned for that day. So first we stopped at a silver&gold shop where they made everything themselves. Our second stop was at a coffee plantation. A women showed us around and told us about the kopI luwak. The famous coffee where they let civet cats eat the berries before they dry them to make coffee out of them. They gave us samples of all the teas, coffees and cacao they had. I loved those teas. Mangosteen, lemongrass😍. Our last stop was at a batcave temple. Women tried to sell us sarongs by puting it around our waists.

15 August 2017

La Laguna Rickie had found this restaurant he thought I would like. For the first time we dressed up and walked to the restaurant. I already fell in love with it as soon as we walked in. Lights everywhere and on the way from the entree to the restaurant you walked over a curving tile path and they had all these old gypsy caravans standing there and some benches. Almost all of the restaurant was outside inbetween the green. A big area with beanbags and little huts with really cute cushens and seats and a lot of arabic influences as well. Just😍. We sat down and ordered a cocktail and some tapas. Everything was so yummy as well. And then our maincourse, which I couldn't finish. The best restaurant I've ever been to, DEFINITELY!
Ahh this day! I will never forget this day! After breakfast we went to the beach to see if we could surf. The waves looked really good so we rented two boards and jumped into the water. The current was quite strong and took us all the way to the right of the beach near the rocks. The second time it took us in the other direction where it was really really rough. And hard to get out of. Then the third time I got stung 3 times by jellyfish and when I looked around me they were everywhere. We couldn't even paddle out of it. So we just let the waves take us. After us everyone got out of the water because they got stung. One guy was totally covered. We went back to our villa and chilled there by the pool for a bit. And ate the mango we just bought.

14 August 2017

Rickie had booked a villa for two days but I hadn't seen it yet so it was a complete surprise😁. Ahhh we had our own swimming pool and it was covered in flowers😍. Our bathroom was covered but outside. Ow and on the bed they had made a swan out of towels and rose pattles all around it. It was so nice! We rented a scooter for 2 days and went to the beach to see where we could surf. A lady told us how to get to the beach. There was only one way to get there. Uhh I didn't like that road😂. Really narrow, made of bricks with holes and bumps in it and everyone had to go over that road😱. And we still had to get back.. When we got there the waves were massive but we found a spot where we could surf the next day. We drove back and stopped at this really cool hippie cafe. We sat on a beanbag looking over the ricefields with a fresh juice. We tried to walk on the rope they tied to two poles. That's so hard! I already like canggu a lot! Really hippie.

13 August 2017

At 6 am we had to be at the beach for the dolphin spotting. We stepped into this fishing boat while the sun was comming up. I think there must have been about a hundred boats. Then we saw a group of dolphins. You didn't even have to see the dolphins to know they were there because all the boats started chasing them. It was nice to see them but it was way to many boats. On our way back we stopped at a reef where we could feed the fish. But Rickie and I could only think about feeding ourselves😂. So straight to get breakfast when we got back. At 9 our shuttle was there. We drove straight through the middle of Bali passing two crater lakes and seeing all the ricefields while driving down the mountains. When we arrived in Sanur we went to the beach to get lunch. It was so nice there! We sat on a couch facing the sea. I could have spent the whole night there drinking mojito's. It was really romantic.

12 August 2017

In the morning we walked from our hotel to the ferry port. Which was a lot longer then I thought. Rickie started about getting a taxi there but nooo I wanted to walk😅. We got there all sweaty. Rickie sorted out the tickets and then we were on the ferry to Bali. A lot less people then we expected actually. After halve an hour we arrived at the most western point of Bali. Where we took a bus to Lovina. It was really muggy and a lot warmer then in Java. At 2 pm we were at our hotel. I was so hot, I really needed the pool there! We sorted out the dolphin spotting for the next morning our shuttle bus to Sanur and then took a scooter into Lovina to get lunch. Where I had my first kroket in a year. Then we went to the hot pools on the scooter. Whoeee that's a bit different then driving on in a small town. Driving is crazy there. When we arrived we realised that it was already closed.. We had a late dinner with Rickie having a off pina colada and then skyped my parents when we came back😊
Mount Ijen Sometimes we had to squeeze ourself against the rocks to make some space for a miner that was carrying baskets of sulphur on his neck. They carry about 60-80 kg to the top of the crater each time. As we walked down we could already see the blue flames😍. We got closer to the flames. They were amazing! There were clouds of sulphur coming out of the crater that covered the flames so it was quite hard to make a really good picture. Then suddenly we started to see the inside of the crater. Within a minute we could see everything around us. I couldn't believe how fast it got light! It was a really magical moment. We walked down to the craterlake and then started to walk up again. We stopped somewhere because the guides told us it would clear up above the lake. Then the lake started appearing. It was so beautiful! When we started walking down the mountain again we saw how high up we were. We saw a whole blanket of clouds underneath us. To finish we had a traditional breakfast.
Mount Ijen At 12 pm we got picked up at our hotel to go to mount ijen. We had our own private car. The driver was driving so fast on the mountain and you could feel the temperature dropping. We arrived there an hour later. They had already given the instructions so a dutch girl explained everything they told them to do. We started walking. It was just a straight road and not that steep but we were already out of breath after the first meters because of the lack of air. The sky qas so clear and the stars looked amazing! We had a few stops in between and then came to the top of the crater. We stopped for a bit to prepair for going down. Everyone had to put their gasmasks on but we had to wait a while before we could go down because there was a big gascloud. We started walking down the steep narrow rocky path. It looked like a ant colony when you looked down. So many people!

10 August 2017

14 hour train journey Our train from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi would leave at 7 o clock and we haven't had any breakfast yet. We stepped into the train and had 10 minutes left. Rickie run outside to get something to eat. Then another train arrived infront of ours and our train was about to leave. I started to stress. Because Rickie couldn't get to our train. But then just in time he jumped in with a beating heart. I was so relieved! We sat there with 3 people opposite us and another guy next to us. We had barely any space and were so tired. Not that comfortable! We noticed that everyone talked to each other and they don't mind about each others space. Which is not common in the Netherlands at all! I taught Rickie some Dutch, we talked and watched some documentaries. Somehow time went really quick!

8 August 2017

For today we took another driver to take us to the Kalibiru National park. But we only spend about an hour there and seen it all. It was just some viewpoints where you had to pay to take a picture. We only had 2,5 hours till sunset and decided we wanted try and see the sunset at the Prambanan temple. We got there just halve an hour before sunset. We couldn't really see it because of all the clouds but the sky was really beautiful. After the sun had set it was somewhat possible to take a picture without anyone in there. We were starving because we tried to get to the temple in time and hadn't eaten anything for lunch. We were so happy with our meal. After that we asked the driver if he could being us to the Ramayana ballet which was on the other side of the temple. I was so happy we went there. The way they dance is so different from how we know. It looks a lot stronger, flexibel and elegant and the clothes they were wearing were so beautiful. We had a really good day with our driver!

6 August 2017

The day before we saw Yudi again, the local guy. He said he wanted to show us the green canyon. He would pick us up at 8 am. On a scooter we drove to a house where we got all geared up for the green canyon. Where we would bodyraft for 4 hours. We had to jump in the back of a trailer and then drove to the start. It was only the two of us, two guides and Yudi. Before we walked down we did a quick warm up. Then after they had a smoke we jumped in the most beautiful colour blue river that streams trough a canyon fully green of all the plants growing on it. Ahh it was amazing! We climped over rocks, jumped of a few boulders that made you shake while standing on top of them. It was really really beautiful! In between we stopped for a quick break and near the end we had a coconut full of coconutwater before we took a boat back to where we started. After we came back to our little hut. We took the scooter and made some photos in the ricefields and then had some dinner to take back to out hut.

4 August 2017

It was about 10 when we arrived there and still needed to get to our homestay 1 hour from there. But there was nothing else then scooters that could take us. We tried to get an uber but there was none there. Ofcourse they knew they were our only portion to get there but we needed two scooters and they had to take our backpacks as well. Then someone, that knows the homestay we were going to, started talking to us and said it was completely fine. He even gave us his number and wanted to show us around the area. He is local in the area. So there we went. With our backpacks squeezed between their legs we started our hour journi to our accommodation😂. In between it even started raining and when we arrived they wanted an extra 20.000 rupiah as a raincharge. We still haven't had dinner and it was already 11pm. The owners gave us their scooter and someone took us to a nice little local eatery where we had the best meals ever for not even €2 together. Hello Bata Kuras I love you already🙋
They said the busses would leave every halve an hour to Pangadaran. But when we got there the bus we needed would leave at 1pm. So we had still two hours to kill there before we could go. So we had a look for a cafe, to get someting to eat. We found one that was almost a 15min walk. After a few minutes a guy in a taxi van pulled over to ask us if we wanted a ride. So we took it. But he couldn't understand any English. He tried to understand and talked in bahasa constantly. He was smiling all the time. Then we got off and still had to find the cafe. We walked into a small street and thought we would never find it. And then there it was. We had such a good frappe there😍. With our lemon mojito and choc milkshake we stepped into the bus. It was supposed to be a 6-7 hour journi but it took almost 9 hours. We drove trough the mountains and little villages. It was so green and so beautiful!

3 August 2017

Then we asked him to take us to a nice strawberry farm. You see them everywhere when you drive there. The first strawberry farm was amazing! Such a beautiful view! Then he took us across the road into an alley and suddenly we were in a village and people walking around, playing guitar or eat. There was another strawberry farm here. He gave us two small baskets where we could put the strawberries in we picked ourselves. When we wanted to weight the baskets they told us to sit down and they gave us a fresh strawberry juice. Ahhh and it tasted like pure strawberry, it was really really good!
For the day we got a driver to take us to the Kawah Putih crater lake. He could barely speak English but we got there. We had lunch in a little local eatery the driver took us to before we took the van up to the crater. They managed to squeeze in a few more people before we took off. What a journi was that😂. Black smoke comming out of the back and thinking we would roll back when he changed gears. It was so hard to understand each other because of all the noise it produced. But I was laughing so much! We got to the lake. It was so green. You would almost think it is created by human. We spent quite a bit of time there taking pictures. Later our driver said I got worried because we took so long.

2 August 2017

We had a sleep in in the morning and then went to the shoppingmall that was next to our hotel to get breakfast (lunch). We tried to sort out a trainticket to Bandung but it didn't really want to work so we had to go to the trainstation to get one there. They only had traintickets left for 8 pm so we had to wait a while on the train station... We sat down somewhere and got something to drink when a guy came over to us and started talking. He sat down and ordered 3 donuts. One for us both. He was a member of parlement here in Java and traveled all over the world for his job. You could see he was really proud of what he was doing. We stepped on the train, a 3-4 hour journi. And got an uber to our hotel.

1 August 2017

After a 9 hour flight with a stop in between of not even an hour and stressing out because I couldn't find my passport anywhere. I found my boyfriend waiting for me on the airport of Jakarta❤.