China · 10 Days · 57 Moments · November 2014

Roots: Hainan, China.

8 December 2014


7 December 2014

6 December 2014


5 December 2014

Full-moon celebration.

4 December 2014


3 December 2014

Good stuff
Family 😊
Home-cooked lunch

2 December 2014

Just left the jewellery chain store sponsored by the government. And the manager (president's youngest son) is cuuuuute. 😂😍
Trees. 🌳🌳🌳
鹿回头 ❤️
Tea company.
Silk company.

1 December 2014

Romance Park ❤️
Buddha 🙏🙇
Romance Park ❤️
Performance is well worth it 👍
Hainan Island's coconut rice (椰子饭)
Oh ya. I forgot to mention. I learned some phrases from the Miao people's village. MO DING! (with a thumbs up 👍) = Hello BAI BAI HEI! = Bye And if you left out the HEY in your bye bye, people would think that you want to help them clean up their house 😂 And NIA BU NIA? = Are you happy? NIA = Happy 😄😄😄
Wishes 🎋🎋🎋
Kuanyin and I. 🎐🎐🎐
The garden before Kuanyin 🙏
Oh wow. HUGE CHILLI. 🙀🙀
The mark of a honoured guest 👸
The village's shopping area 👜👜
Silver art.
The beautiful totems and decorations adorning the village
The gods of the Miao people👹👺
Hand sewing by the Miao people. An art that's going extinct. 😔
So. The Miao people (苗族) says hello by bumping their butts with your butt. 😆

30 November 2014

Looking at plants! At botanical garden. 🌴🌴🌴
Foot massage at one of the government-owned Chinese herbal company.😌
Boat to the land of prosperity. Forgotten the name. But it's a place where 3 rivers meet to form a small lake before it reaches the ocean 🌊🌊🌊
Trapping the prosperity in a bottle 😃

29 November 2014

First gift from the relatives 😊 For good fortune and abundance
Back to the roots, this way. At Hainan Airport.
Dragonair souvenir 😃
Hong Kong en route to Haikou
In Cathay Pacific. Reaching Hong Kong. 😊
On the bus. En route to KLIA 😊

28 November 2014

Pretty excited for the trip! Tonight's the night! Gonna take the night bus to KLIA 😃