Netherlands, Thailand · 14 Days · 21 Moments · November 2016

romy's odyssey through Thailand

10 December 2016

ko chang day2: klong plu waterfall and klong proa beach. pure bliss xxxx p.s. thats our badass hello kitty 125cc set of wheels right there.

9 December 2016

koh chang day 1: cheers! "lets pretend its 1993, #latergram."
it took us 17 hours of travel by ferry, mini van, airplane, bus, bus and big bus.. (!!!) hello ko chang, hello sun! ☀️ meet our new jungle home (tip!) and our puppy heaven!!!

8 December 2016

update: after 5 rainy days of ko tao, the first ferry left to ko phangan - which we took directly. nit for the better, phangan was just as worse, and still the power went of and on. officially the situation got a red flag haha. but here's where long lost friend lives now, working at agama yoga. Xx

7 December 2016

agama yoga: yogini heaven. as a wise man told us at ko phangan; "you have to appreciate the rain in order to see the sunshine."
wat khao tam: in between more-heavy rain. still breath taking - female monks only!

4 December 2016

.. and the rain goes on, and on, and on .. where doesnt it rain at the moment in asia? stuck here, day 4.

3 December 2016

day 2 of not snorkling. the crazy dutchies went on a 10k hike to john suwan view point. truly amazing (a bit windy tho) (and a bit of no road, just some ropes hence you fall flat on your face). on the way back we took a cab, the guy laughed at us walking out in the rain. pretty much everyone did, but what the hell is everybody doing all day??

2 December 2016

mango view point. 3h hiking, sweating and being passed by scooters. but we made it and that moment was a bliss!

1 December 2016

ok so, today we wanted to take the ferry from mae nam lomprayah pier in kho samui, but it was closed due to the high waves. a taxi driver made it his life mission to help us catch the boat at big buddha pier instead. we did make it, don't ask how - i think we almost crashed at least 5 times. that said, we got on the ferry. about 10 minutes at sea after the kho pangan stop, storm turned waves into a crazy ride. the boat made it through, plastic bags were handed out and let's just say everybody made great use of it (including myself). never been sea sick, never hope to be again (together with 70 other people). kho tao, we made it. how insane the trip was, how mellow this island is. truly amazing. nightnight. Xx
serene sairee beach after an awfull boat trip..

30 November 2016

some drinking, some eating..
absolute must-see (shame on you lonely planet!) magic garden on top of kho samui hill area
also: wat plai laem's amazing temples and sacred area.
today's trip on kho samui island included: big buddha temple (like, really big)

29 November 2016

never a dull at arc bar in chaweng 🔥
kajakken langs de pilaren van ang thong. (in monsoon regen)
het duurde even tot een eerste post. kort samengevat: ik heb een enorme jetlag hier op kho samui. nacht 1 & 2 heb ik 2 uurtjes geslapen. maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. vandaag de hele dag op weg geweest in het ang thong national marine park. gesnorkeld tussen de mooiste en meeste visjes, daarna ge-kajakd in de stromende regen. morgen het eiland verder verkennen en dan met de boot naar kho tao voor 4 dagen genieten.
kho phalauy, 400 inwoners in ang thong national park. prachtig, maar de vervuiling is niet te begrijpen.

28 November 2016

happy hour at the library. #fancy

26 November 2016

and... off i go! #trip2016 #seeya #byemybaby