Italy · 2 Days · 15 Moments · June 2016

15 June 2016

Hi guys, full on day today. Met a nice African chap who wanted to give me a free bracelet and was telling me about his recently born son all the way in Ghana. Just as I was thinking "what a nice man" he started trying to sell me the bracelet he had 'given me'. Can't trust anyone these days! On the plus side though Faye has developed a bit of a ruthless side in terms of haggling. Won't even pay full price for a bottle of water! Having a nice time, arrived at the hostel in Florence ok just about to get an early night.
First train journey and night Faye 😂
Using Nan and Grandad's scrabble set 😊

14 June 2016

Hey everyone! And hopefully you Grandad 😊 if you've managed to decipher my instructions lol! Today was longgg but really amazing! We were delayed leaving Gatwick and got lost trying to find the hostel!! 🙈 which wasn't a great start lol, we then tried to go to Vatican City but the queue was soooo long, so ended up trying to see the 'Basilica Di San Pietro' only to queue for over 45mins and then be told we were not allowed in because I was wearing shorts and had my arms revealed! 🙈👊 be fair apparently it's because it's a Holy place and the Pope addresses the public there so I can see why but super annoying! Sooo we ended up going to visit the Trevi Fountain and the Collosium which were both really amazing! We are hoping to go back to Vatican City early tomorrow to try to beat some of the queues! At the moment we're resting achy feet from all the walking and having an early night with a game of scrabble and a pint of Italian beer! We're so cool! 💕
Trevi Fountain
Yes that's right my favourite Italian dish cooked by an actual Italian man! Ha tasted amazing!!
Apparently this is how Mike thinks women pose for photos 😂😂
Airport Selfie!