Italy · 1 Days · 4 Moments · January 2017

Rome 2014!

26 January 2017

I won't bore you by going on and on about Rome as it was a long time ago, but I will write a quick list of must sees, off the beaten tracks and tjings to avoid. Must Sees: -As mentioned, Palazo Venezia - Colosseo and the forum - Fontana di Trevi (especially at night) - Trastevere - The sports grounds Off the beaten tracks: - La Scalletta restaurant on Villa De Scalla in Trastevere
Its a sacred building and they better not catch you sitting on those steps or they'll haul you off to the place theu take drunk tourists who climb in the fountains (please don't do this.) It has a very interesting museum inside which depicts tales of Napoleon, what happened during The Second World War and what sort of politics have taken place over the course of time. For 7€ you could get a lift to the top and view the whole city next to the big marble horses. As you view the city you can see all of Rome's typical sights; Colosseo and the forum, Pantheon, Vaticana, police ignoring casual theft whilst they chat up young tourists, couples practically making babies right there on the bench, a guy with no arms or legs begging for money on a skateboard and a homless person taking a dump in the alleyway. Rome is beautiful, la citta eterna. Like everywhere it has its dark side. Now I can soeak about this because it was my home. But if you visit, you wouldn't see these things.
Palazzo Venezia (Said in English as Palazzo Venetzia) z=tz but zz=zz
So this is a practice post really, but also an homage to where my travel bug started. I went out to Rome to Au Pair for a family that my senior school friend had been living with for the past year in Turin and didn't want to make the move with them to Rome. It was the first time I was given an opportunity to travel, and I have always said I want to experience new cultures and travel the world, so I grabbed on with both hands! Talk about experiencing other cutures, oh boy, is Italian culture something else! For those of you who have never been to Italy... Let me paint you a pretty picture. You're syood outside Palazzo Venzia which is this gorgeous white palace with giant marble horses at its peak, and hundreds of steps leading up to it. Its a pinnacle point in the city, where one of the main bus stations is, and stands proud and prominent in all the city overviews.