Indonesia · 2 Days · 4 Moments · March 2018

Rollin down the streets of Indo

23 March 2018

Today we left Ubud, had a breakfast with a really nice view & about 5 Labrador Retrievers roaming about. We then went to a coffee making/spice factory where they had a bunch of different coffee & tea flavors that we got to taste for free! They made coffee our of Luwak poop (an animal there) which costed to try so we just skipped that lol. They had a nice glass floor terrace with a sick view. Went on to a rice terrace had $2 beers πŸ˜›πŸ˜› & more sick views it was like a maze getting out of all those trails nearly died of heat exhaustion. We found a cool swing with a super sick view that was really cheap. There was one advertised for $40 that looked amazing but not worth $40 & this one was dope enough & a quarter of price. We left our little Β£6 villa (last photo) & are on the way to an Β£18 one so I cant even imagine how nice its gonna be compared to that😍 on our way to a beach town & going to a really popular pool party club tomorrow all day & night (; Will spend the next day dying on beac

22 March 2018

so today we went to a waterfall, a temple & a monkey forrest. We had a few other things planned but it started pissing it down with rain along with thunder & lightning while we were at an outdoor restaurant πŸ™ƒ The temple was half buddhist & half hindu & very beautiful (sorry I can only fit 10 photos) the monkey forrest was hilarious some of them were so vicious a bit scary. Melted walking down to the waterfall the humidity is beyond high & is not a fun mix with the heat. Very productive day & got basically everything done considering I only had one day in Ubud.

21 March 2018

So have loads of this room on this next flight but unfortunately still cant find my ankles although the swelling has gone down. More sad news is that I don't think I've been on a flight with worse turbulence. Update about the last flight.. the TV selection was absolute S H I T E fortunately I was able to sleep right the way through & the 3 yr old next to me that I was dreading actually cuddled on me (: & nicked half my crisps but a very good trade for a quiet toddler for 17 hours. Turbulence wasn't to great on the last flight either which sucked but at least I made it through alive & slept. I slept through dinner & was served Beef Noodles for breakfast with Milano cookies & a nice chocolate cake which was all pretty fire. On this current flight I was served porridge... disgusting is an understatement. On the side there was a brown egg packaged apparently marinated in soy sauce ? Was not the most pleasant & a side of packaged radish which was actually good but have no idea what it was.
So, without thinking about the fact that I was flying to China I wore a sweater with Asian lettering.. was told that Riot Society doesn't directly translate & of course happened to be Chinese lettering, turned out to mean protest & can be rather offensive πŸ™ƒ Then must have been allergic to people on the plane because my feet tripled in size like I'm pregnant or have elephantitus, & could not put my sandals on.. Anyways about 5am flew over Qingdao & got off the plane to go through customs to get back on the same plane.. so carried all of my heavy stuff for no reason. All instructions were given in Chinese so I may or may not have been warned of that. Was freezing balls where we landed & only had my sandals accessible that I couldn't even get on all the way so looked like a right state. Had a huge hold up going through customs but luckily made some friends who have the same layover as me so we are gonna go explore a temple 20 mins from the airport & get a few drinks before I head to Bali