Slovenia, Italy · 4 Days · 19 Moments · October 2017

Rok's tour through Rome, Metropolitan City of

9 October 2017

Vatican city and Vatican museum with many masterpieces

8 October 2017

Njom njom :)
Great view on the city from ahead of Villa Medici
Trinita dei monti - great place to visit with nice view on the city
Great ice cream in Venchi
Colonna Marco Aurelio
Fontana di Trevi - very nice fountain with great legend...whoever drinks water from it or throw s a coin in the fountain assures his return to Rome
Santa Maria Maggiore - this basilica is the fourth of the great churches of Rome and the largest among the many others dedicated to the virgin.

7 October 2017

The Colosseum - it was built in 80 A.D. by Jewis prisoners. It could contain more than 50.000 spectators
Roman forum - great place to see ancient Roman temples of all ages
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II - it was designed in order to celebrate the unity of Italy. Uder this monument is the tomb of the unknown solder.

6 October 2017

Piazza Navona...this place used to be a stadium in AD 86. Still great place to visit 😄
Phantheon is amasing. The dome was the largest in the world for 1300 years and until today it remains the largest unsupported dome in the world!
After food we were ready to go to free walking tour...first stop Piazza del Popolo.
Some desert after lunch😉 Ice cream was the best, really 🍦👍
We had to eat something first when we arrived 😅 The pizza was great.
Ready for boarding 👨‍✈️✈
When you have still 2hours till boardnig then you have time to plan your trip :) Advice: you should park near airport, parking place is called RonchiPark. There is half cheaper to park and it is just 800m away from airport + free shuttle👍
On the way to Triest, but it is time to eat something and to have good cappuccino😉