North America · 13 Days · 42 Moments · June 2018

2018-Rocky's BMW trip to the Yukon & Alaska

2 July 2018

2 July 2018- Arrived home last eve at 1800 hrs. Is nice to be home and yet strange not to be moving again. It always takes a day or so to adjust. The ride was nice except it rained from Healy to Ester for the most part. Going over Hatcher Pass was awesome as usual and I had nice clear skies for great views. Now it is time to unpack, clean and do small repairs that come up during travel. So, this journi comes to an end. Until the next one.... mileage-- Anch to Fbx= 362. Total miles= 3100 miles !!!!!

1 July 2018

Almost home !!
Heading north on the Parks Hiway.
@ Hatcher Pass summit on a great day!!!
Leaving the Bent Prop Inn / Hostel for Fbx. Am going to take a detour through Hatcher Pass. Will be good to be home later.

1 July 2018

@ Hatcher Pass- a very beautiful area. Lors of great views. Lots of hiking here.
con't... That bear is a bit too comfortable but seemed very timid when confronted. Good thing!!. 🐾🐻🐾 Yesterday, I made the ride from Valdez to Anch. At Glenallen, we stopped fro a fuel break and then Forrest rode off at higher speed to meet up with Kaylee. The ride along the Glenn Hiway was nice as usual. So, this trip is coming to an end. Unless something else changes, I will most likely be riding home to Fbx tomorrow. May take a bit of a detour by way of Hatcher Pass. Kinda weather dependent. Either way, am off to the Jones wedding this afternoon. mileage-- 6/28- Tok to Valdez= 300. 6/29- Valdez to Anch= 290
30 June 2018-- An in Anchorage. I arrived yesterday at approx 15oo hrs and checked in to the Bent Prop Inn/Hostel.Not a bad place, is a small apt and I shared with 1 guy last eve but may be more today. Last eve, went to dinner with a crew from Fbx down for the jones wedding and then ended up at Dave & Busters for a while. Today, just killing time until the wedding at 1600 hrs🎉🍾 Thurs in Valdez, Forrest and I walked around the harbor looking at boats before dinner at Mikes Palace. We were camped at the Glacier View campground and that eve at midnight I was visited by a bear. I could hear him just outside my tent but could not see him. I yelled at him but he did not leave.I yelled for Forrest (he had the bear spray) but he did not wake. I finnaly jumped out of the tent and Yogi ran away. Some nearby campers came by and said the bear was climbing on their car. AT 0500 hrs, I heard Forrest yelling at Yogi to go away. The bear was trying to get into his box panniers on his BMW. ^TBC....

29 June 2018

@ Dave & Busters -- games and booze. What a combo. Extremely LOUD though. 🍺🍺
Along the Glenn Hiway.

28 June 2018

Keystone Canyon has many waterfalls which are very picturesque.
Riding through Thompson Pass (= 42 degs). Still lots of snow up there. Have always liked the views up there.

27 June 2018

Tok- are camped at Hot Stoves campground with new friends from Anch- Bill, Carly, Ally & Rick. We met at the ferry terminal in Skagway. We ended having dinner together and hanging out a while in Haines Jct last night. Very nice folk. Very nice campground (= $18/tent site).
Going through the Kluane Lake area. One of my favorite locations.
Very cool place to get some rest.

27 June 2018

Got fuel in Beaver Creek, YT and then said Good Bye to the Yukon and Hello to Alaska. Will be stopping in Tok to camp for the night.
Then, back on the road for Haines Jct where we spent the night at "Wanderers Inn Hostel". What a great place to stay. Today, back on the road towards Tok.
Catching the AK Marine Hiway Ferry to Haines, AK later this afternoon.
A short stay in British Columbia before Sakgway, AK
Emerald Lake just north of Carcross, Y.T

26 June 2018

Loaded the bikes on the ferry and departed Skagway for Haines. Took approx an hour to make the trip.
Along the banks of the Yukon River and the S.S. Klondike paddlewheeler in Whitehorse.
Out for a walk (& Geocaching) along the Yukon river in Whitehorse, Y.T

24 June 2018

24 june 2018-- deprted Dawson this morning at 0900. Was a nice cool, clear ride this AM until it turned somewhat rainy. Had light to mod rain all the way from Pelly Crossing to Carmacks where I had lunch at 1400 hrs. After leaving Carmacks it was still cool (60 degs avg) but remained mostly rain free. I continued on until reaching Whitehorse at 1700 hrs. I checked in to the Canadas BVI, cleaned up and went to dinner at Boston Pizza. It is a nice but rather avg ride from Dawson to Whitehorse. I have another day off here tomorrow to do laundry and get supplies. Forrest should be showing up here sometime too. Ok, time to read and early to bed for me. 321 miles today.
@ Five Finger Rapids

24 June 2018

@ Stewart Crossing- the Stewart River which I canoed in 2011 during the Yukon 360 race. & next stop Pelly Cross for fuel, Carmacks for lunch then Whitehorse, Y.T. until Tues.
23 June 2018-- An off day in Dawson city, Y.T. Great weather today. I got to sleep in a bit, do some reading and go walking/Geocaching along the Yukon river. I also got the BMW cleaned a bit (the Bunkhouse has a pressure washer to use!!). I also got time to catch up on this Journi. Am thinking of pizza for dinner. Will be off toward Whitehorse tommorow AM. I am a bit disappointed in not reaching Inuvik and Tuk but I live close enough it will not be too hard to try again. Am going to research Inuvik and possible try and drive there this winter. Looks like a cool place. So, maybe a few mins to read now before venturing off towards the pizza place for dinner. Am enjoying this trip so far despite not makng our goal. 00 miles today!! 2230hrs-- ended up skipping pizza for Belindas restaurant. Had a steak sandwich, not bad. Then read for a while, now time for bed.

23 June 2018

"The Bunkhouse" a great place to stay in Dawson city, Y.T.
22 June 2018--We rode from Engineers Creek camp on the Dempster to Dawson today. Started getting hit with rain near the end of the Dempster and into Dawson. I came to 'the Bunkhouse' where my Sunday res was to be. I was able to get a room for Fri & Sat nights. Cool. I then was able to get an additional room in Whitehorse for Sun night so I cancelled my Sunday res in Dawson. Forrest did not want to stay and have down days (I need them but he is young) so he rode off, possible to ride the Campbell Hiway. I will meet him in Whitehorse on Monday. Will be good for him to be on his own for a few days. I cleaned up and met JoyBeth for beers since D2D is going on. I went to the banquet and talked to a few riders about the Dempster. I came back to my room to read a bit and then to the last of the rider games, group photo and my '2018' sticker. Am off to bed now, will be good to sleep in a bed, I can only take so many days in the tent on the ground now. Looking forward to a day off. 140 miles

22 June 2018

Tomstone park. Great views here. Cool area.
21June2018-- Am at Engineers Crk camp. We departed Eagles Plains at 0800 hrs after waiting for the fuel stn to open. We rode north with the intent of reaching Inuvik and then Forrest attempting Tuk. I was going to sit it out this time. We met a rider at a stop who said 1-2" rain was imminent and we should go to Fort MacPherson and then turn around. Forrest actually decided that we should do this. So, we rode into Fort MacPherson for fuel, found out the cafe was closed due holiday- 'indiginous peoples day', we were invited to the village get together for food so we did. Very nice place, had a great afternoon. Denise the visitor center girl showed us around a bit. I missed the monument to the "Lost Patrol" though (will have to rtn). We departed in late afternoon for Eagles Plains where we got fuel, dinner and a short rest, then off to EngrsCrk camp to fight off the mozzies. Hung out in camp shelter with other riders heading north. Had rain in the eve/ during the night. mileage= 327 miles

21 June 2018

On the Dempster Hiway
The famous village of Fort MacPherson.
Crossing into the NorthWest Territory for my first time. Cool!!!
20June2018-- Am in Eagle Plains, NWT. We rode from Eagle,AK. We stopped in Dawson for lunch and a break. Has been decent weather so far. We are camped at Eagle Plains inn. Lots of riders around. Most coming from trying to get to Tuk. Weather was bad and the road is so thick with mud, riders were crashing and just unable to make it. Lots of 'horror' stories. BUT the forcast is for better weather next few days. We will try and see what happens. The Inn is kinda crappy, the shower was flooded with no hooks for clothes. The camp ground is overcrowded, windy with LOTS of mozzies, cost =$20/ea. The road there was ok, some deepish gravel but not too bad. Crossed the Arctic Circle and into the NorthWest territory for my first time. Very nice views (similar to AK). Will just have to see what the next miles bring. mileage= 387 miles.

20 June 2018

Starting off on the Dempster Hiway
19June2018- departed Fbx at 0830 hrs and met up with Forrest in Delta. Rode to Tok for bkfast at fast eddy's. Talked to a few riders that the road from Inuvik to Tuk was not good, even in good weather but the weather was lousy, "carnage" was the word they used. So, off we went toward the Taylor Hiway. Is now paved all the way to Chicken. Stopped in Chicken for fuel and a drink. Then back on the road. Took the turn for Eagle,AK. The road is all gravel and has LOTS of turns. Reminds me of a gravel 'road to Hana' on Maui. Fun but not fun too. Made camp at the campground after getting fuel. Not much in Eagle. Spent some hours talking to other travellers in the eve. nice eve. Mileage= 370 miles.