United States of America · 8 Days · 29 Moments · August 2018

Rocky Mountain National Park

8 August 2018

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Ethan and Greg did a scavenger hunt through the park. Ethan made a small rain stick and danced for rain. He also played in Gore Creek. It was worth every effort to see this gorgeous garden.
Lovely stay in the fancy town of Vail, CO. Here are the rooftops of Vail from the Sitzmark Lodge. We had elevation sickness and were looking forward to getting home by this time.

7 August 2018

Visit to my best friends (of over 30 years) folks, Dennis and Stella near Vail, Co. So nice to see them!

5 August 2018

We took an an alternate route back to Granby. Old fall creek road was worth the ride, it was a one way road with spectacular views and an abundance of aspen trees. We saw the most flora and fauna on this old road, a marmots, lots of elk in the alpine tundra and moose with calves.
Driving down from Trail Ridge Road into Estes Park, Co. this area was so different and much drier than being up higher in the alpine forest and tundra.
Trail Ridge Road provides spectacular view of the majestic scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is the highest continuous motorway in the United States, with more than eight miles lying above 11,000' and a maximum elevation of 12,183'. This was truly stunning to see in person. Being in the passenger side of the vehicle looking down the ridges was no fun, we were in the clouds! We learned by this time that elevation sickness is a real thing. We had it the whole time we were in Colorado.
Alpine forest, Lake Irene, CO.
We started our journey near Grand Lake into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

4 August 2018

Grand Lake, CO was a nice small town on the lake that’s the head of the Colorado River. The water source is run off from Rocky Mountains.

3 August 2018

Granby, CO where we stayed in a really nice timeshare.
Timeshare in Granby, CO
Georgetown Loop Railroad, a silver mine train ride.
Spotted our first Hummingbird Hawk Moth, such a delight!
Our first stop was Georgetown, CO. We had a lovely time visiting the old silver mine town. The buildings were quaint and the town was so quiet.