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Robbo's road trip in USA

3 October 2017

Woke to sunny but chilly start to last day in USA πŸ˜•Decided to stay local before 3 1/2 hr drive to San Jose. Within 2 miles of my cabin in Wawona I found a river bed spot, a waterfall, a scenic forest drive, a meadow trail and a historic buildings visitor centre! Feels like I've had 3 full days in Yosemite, which it deserves! Sad to be leaving USA but I've had a great time! πŸ˜‚ Anyone who likes amazing scenery and iconic landmarks should do this trip! Maybe do it a bit slower, maybe separate the driving and visiting days, maybe even have some proper meal breaks, but just do it! I know I've done mainly the tourist bits, but the customer service has been great, people have been cheerful, friendly, polite. Everything works and everywhere is clean. Thanks USA, you've been great! ❀️

1 October 2017

Slightly chilly start to the day at the cabin in the woods! But soon warmed up in the sun. Spent most of the day in Yosemite Valley. A bit busier in the village, but soon found peace and quiet on the trails. Saw all the iconic sights of Yosemite, and found a new contender for favourite place on earth = Mirror Lake and built my own stone tower next to it to leave my mark on Yosemite! 😁Pm walk among the Sequioa trees, some of the tallest redwoods! Yep
Yosemite National Park is sooo beautiful! Especially after days of canyons and deserts, it's great to see meadows, streams, lakes, springs and still mountains and massive rock formations that you can walk on. Took me hours to drive a few miles through Tioga Pass cos I had to keep stopping to check out the view! You can get 100 m off the road and be totally alone, but still within reach of civilisation - I'm realising the best stand out moments of this trip are those times!! Cabin in the woods tonight - must be bear country surely! Totally black sky. What a trip! 😁

30 September 2017

Surprisingly good nights sleep considering how thin the DV motel walls were! Luckily the Spanish couple next door only talked loudly! 😱Only plan for today was to drive 3hr to Mammoth Lakes - advised locally that would be more like 5-6hr!! Went 1km before I found a canyon to explore! Then 10m in I met a guy who is walking across USA for addiction awareness! He looks like Forest Gump - he's finally in California from start on east coast! Interesting chat! Desert drive until highway where visitor centre gave me 4 things to do on way! "Movie drive" route through rock formations where they filmed all the classic westerns! Japanese POW camp, petrified forest, canyon drive, lakes etc Mammoth lakes hotel now at foot of ski lift!

29 September 2017

7am alarm to leave Vegas! 2hr ish to reach Death Valley. Wow!! Amazing place! 100 deg F - gets hotter in summer but that was prob right to visit today - it needs to be hot to get the feel of the place but was just ok to get around! Was still 96 when I got to hotel at sunset! Salt flats were amazing and the drive cut through rock face. Accepted visitor centre advice to drive to a massive crater "only 1 hr each way detour"! I was the only person there at 5pm and prob the only human being within 10 miles! Drove back in the dusk with hood down and USA radio playing the Stones on "classic rock" 😎 Amazing sunset - hope the pics capture some of it!

28 September 2017

Slower start to the day - first hotel booking with breakfast included so I made the most of it! Got to Zion Nat Pk at 10 to find all car parks full already! Had already decided to pass on shuttle bus idea this time, so took the scenic drive that basically climbs though canyon valley. Most foot trails lead off bus route, but you can just grab a parking lay by slot on the drive and walk off wherever! Explored loads of rock faces, dry river beds etc thinking there wasn't a big viewpoint until found Valley view trailhead by luck on way back! Sunny and 70 deg in park, as I drove south and down to LV temp climbed to 90! Even the interstate highway runs through a massive canyon and out onto the desert before approaching Vegas which seems to just been dropped into the middle of the desert! Traffic was busy and Vegas is mad! Checked into Bellagio tonight - as you do! πŸ˜‚ Fountains were good - all feels soooo busy after the space of the canyons.

27 September 2017

New update, while time and wifi allows! 630 alarm call for riding today. Start was bit delayed cos it was cold!! Was 45deg at 8000ft - now 78deg! I got horse not mule - Louis (or Lewis?) apptly he was gelded late so was a bit "spunky"! Just meant he didn't need kicking and went first after the guide so I got a good tour 😁it was a bit hairy on the steep narrow corners but I think he had done it before! 🐴 Bryce Canyon was worth the drive!! It's beautiful and so unlike the others - great colours and rock formations. Random drive through Dixie forest showed first signs of fall (that's. what we call autumn now 😁) old style USA diner for lunch, I'm easily pleased with myself! Trip is so busy and so going quick!
Busy day yesterday! Didn't find time to post journi entry and have taken many photos today, so I can't find how to access older pics! So, will prob post some on Facebook instead to annoy peeps at home! 😁 had nice night at Lake Powell resort with a wine dinner! Boat trip in am seeing the old canyon walls, then Antelope canyon walk taking amazing pics like the Microsoft screen saver (honest!) luckily the scare stories of 2hr wait in the sun didn't happen cos it was really hot (well maybe not outback hot!). Non pc thought of day - maybe ishouldn't be surprised by a gay Navajo guide called Donovan! But was πŸ˜‚cool place even though v busy it was easy to get good views and pics. Walk to horseshoe bend with amazing viewpoint over Colorado river bend. Left it a bit late to start 3hr drive to Bryce Canyon so arrived in dark (and cold!) discovered today that temp was due to altitude not winter! 😁just time to grab food b4 early night in motel room before alarm call for horse riding! To follow

25 September 2017

You know when you're really looking forward to somewhere, but you're a bit worried it won't be as good as you hope? Well, don't worry about Monument Valley! It's the only place I've ever wanted to call "magical"! It's not a competition with NYC or SF or Sydney but it's got to be my favourite place on earth that doesn't have a bridge! 😍 Took many photos, but journi will only let me choose from the last 50! Loving it!!

24 September 2017

Started the day at Grand Canyon and just seen dusk at Monument Valley!! 😍 convertible drive through desert in between - loving this road trip, Another brilliant day! I organised the whole itinerary of this holiday around staying here tonight to visit MV tomorrow! No pressure then πŸ˜‚
Home safe. Set myself the challenge of choosing top ten photos to reflect my USA road trip. Good times! 😍 Nevada, Arizona, Utah, California 2017!

23 September 2017

Grand Canyon is amazing! Skipped breakfast to beat the queue (there wasn't one!) In the park by 8am - left at 5!! Walked sooo far! I think Blue Mts is prettier (and the company was better!) but GC is more impressive - it is sooo big! In July they had 1.3 million visitors! But it didn't feel crowded today. Amazing that the same day I'm at the Grand Canyon, my lil girl is at Ayers Rock! Go travellers! 😁

22 September 2017

Picked up the Mustang today! 😁 Hoover dam stop off on route to Grand Canyon nat park. Took advice from tourist info to go the "pretty way" via Route 66 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Miles of straight roads though the desert, with some random derelict diners and service stations and some trailer homes in middle of nowhere! Definitely a road trip this week - got to overnight hotel at 7pm! Loving it! 😍

21 September 2017

Wow, Vegas is amazing, amusing, intriguing! Lots of beautiful people and many large ones too! Place isn't exactly false, it's actually more not real!! Brilliant place to visit, can't believe anyone actually lives here though?! Great to be back to American customer service. 😊Car hire tomorrow! Road trip time πŸš—

20 September 2017

The USA adventure starts here!