Australia · 333 Days · 6 Moments · June 2016

FYI. OMG! The TMB and KLW. OK?

23 May 2017

Paid and sort of ready! Re-read guide book, re-examine maps, review the accommodation and keep up the walk k's.

22 May 2017

Back. Just edited the title, pity about the bit where I said my imagination could run wild was just my imagination running wild! You will note that in its place I opted for the blatant appeal to the younger SMS audience. I'm going all out for more than 5 readers this trip! I may even make the quiz prizes real and even disallow Roberto Hoskino (and any aliases) from claiming them. Maybe.
So here I am experimenting with this format all because my previous blog site died. Yes died. For some reason it expires early next month and I want to see if this one is 'basic' enough for me to navigate around. Trust me they all are not. This one has locked me into the title given so so much for my imagination running wild! Anyway...
It's another trip of a lifetime. I'm off to walk the Tour du Mt Blanc (TMB), from France into Italy and Switzerland and then the King Ludwig Way (KLW) in Germany.

21 May 2017

Toughest part done.

25 June 2016

It's later but I'm still experimenting.