United Kingdom, Romania · 6 Days · 13 Moments · August 2017

Rob's adventure in Constanța, Romania.

13 August 2017

On the beach sitting in the bar.The beats are incessant. No one judging me, no stress, nothing but calm apart from the bass going through me head. Even the headache I've had since I arrived fails to phase me. A good place to clear the head, put things in perspective.
Up bright and early. Cooled down eventually last night but by that time was fast asleep. How did I know I woke up a bit chilly. Wasn't to last though as it sooned warmed up. Buying a train ticket was no problem. I had prepared by using Google translate to Romanian for me how to ask for a return ticket. It wasn't needed as the gents English was perfect. As I write, still on the train to Constanza. We shoUlf have arrived by now but there was some delay in the middle of nowhere where we waited for what seemed like an eternity. They added more coaches and we were off again. It's a happy train. Every where there are cheerful faces despite the delay and the heat. Maybe the coastal air will bring some light relief.

12 August 2017

Sir Hotel Gara de Nord. Unassuming from the outside. Small compact room for sixteen quid. Shared bathroom outside the room so not far to run around with just my towel on. Found no problem. A stop off at McDonald's prior to finding the hotel. Dishing out free ice cream as very hot for those waiting in the vue. The chap behind the counter was a dead ringer for either Ant or Dec. Not sure which is which. His English was zilch so lady with abrupt manner took my order. I think it is the Romanian way as I remember them being like this last year too. Not saying their rude, it's just a second language to them.
So, arrived safely. Negotiated the airport with out any bother and managed to get on the right bus to take me to Gare de Nord where hopefully I'll find the hotel. The air is heavy with cigarette smoke. The A.C. on the bus offers relief from the heat. I'm feeling very calm. This same trip last year was a different story.
One minute to take off. Flight full. Lots of people going home. A few Brit adventurers too. Here I go.
BHX airside. Sitting in Costa sipping Chai and people watching. For once I don't feel anxious about waiting around. Strange. No problem with flying mind. Gate opens in ten mins.
On the train to BHX. No going back now. Except for next Saturday.

11 August 2017

1 more sleep.

10 August 2017

Ok. Two sleeps to go and everything is almost ready. Flat tidied. Currency collected and holiday reads sorted. Tomorrow Mouse goes on her hols too.

9 August 2017

Where the beard go Jimmy?

8 August 2017

Packing packed. Money booked. Holiday hair cut. Three more days at work to go. Just chore like chores to do between now and Friday.
The countdown to Romhol 17 has begun. On Saturday morning I fly out to Bucharest from where I'll be heading to the Black Sea coastal city of Constanta. This is my first solo adventure so a wee bit nervous but also extremely excited about the possibilities. Still a bit to do to prepare. The packing is almost done. Too much stuff so will have to squeeze it all in. Need to pick up meds so I don't drop dead whilst away. Where's the fun in that? Print docs, get local currency and other boring bits and bobs. The main thing on my mind at the moment is what book to take which will engage me for the whole week.