North America, Europe · 10 Days · 64 Moments · August 2016

Robert and Jana's trip to Ireland

19 August 2016

In Atlanta! Back in the USA!
Sad that it is over. Headed home.....

18 August 2016

Olympia Theater tonight. 'Once' is the show
Jana say ' may I have the menu?' Server points to the business card on the napkin. Simple! Beef and Lobster!
Wandering the city on our last full day today. Going to take in a show at 7 after dinner. Can't believe it's almost over. :(

17 August 2016

A touch of 'America' in Dublin. Only Coors Light though. Is that really American?
Stags Head had some good grub!
Clenaghan's is HIGHLY recommended! Quaint, country side accommodations and absolutely peaceful and quiet! A refreshing stop on a very activity packed trip. We would definitely come back to this place when we return to Ireland!

16 August 2016

Buttons was a very friendly dog!
Kings Road
The view from the other end!
The Dark Hedges were very cool and eerie at the same time!
Visited The Giants Causeway today as well! Very busy we are! This place is an eyeful and wonderful to experience! We have had great weather this entire trip!

15 August 2016

While in Londonderry, we went to two fun but very different pubs! Peader O'Donnells and Grannie Annie's! Peader's had great traditional Irish music and Grannie Annie's had dance music. The crowd at Grannies was non-stop smiles, hugs, dancing and jumping! A truly fun experience!
Welcome chocolates!
Finally made it to Londonderry! Minor mishap with our luggage (bellhop never put it in our car at Ashford Castle!). We were 37 km out when Jana went to get something out of her bag and noticed we had NOTHiNG! Added an extra two hours to our trip!
Care for a Spot O' Tea?
Isn't my wife beautiful?
Excellent dinner and a Beautiful morning here at Ashford.
The Falconers!

14 August 2016

We have arrived at Ashford Castle. Gorgeous building!
The Cliffs of Moher were indescribable!

13 August 2016

Blarney Castle was beautiful. Not sure if I would ever want to live in one though. Not as romantic as it is on the shows.
Kissing the Blarney Stone!
Blarney Castle!
Breakfast and then off to Blarney Castle and County Cork!

12 August 2016

Tom and Geraldine are a great couple!
At the Original Brazen Head Pub! Great music!
The Cobblestone
Quays Irish Restaurant. Yum!
Guinness Storehouse!
Waiting for our tour
Ready to tour Guinness!
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Jana finally had her first tea @ The Bank. What took so long?
Eating lunch at The Bank on College Green. Late start!, we just woke up. 9:47 am. Wow......we are tired. We both said we could sleep longer, but don't want to waste the day. Up and at em!
Time to call it a night. Off to bed. First thing tomorrow, St Patrick's Cathedral and a few more touristy stops, then, another round of libations!

11 August 2016

Lanigans Pub was fantastic! Jana didn't even want to come in. Shame on her!
Stopped at Mulligans for a pint!
Ok.....Stopped at Temple Bar area, went to Dublin Castle and then visited Trinity College and the Book of Kells. Next, John Mulligans Pub for what is supposed to be one of the cities best Guinness pours!
Temple Bar is a great tourist area!
Stopped in Fallon & Byrnes for lunch! Yum!
Starting our trekking about the city!
Checked in at the Westin! Very nice hotel. Freshen up a bit, and then we are off to eat some brunch!
Landed! Whoo Hoo!
Good morning! Sleep faces after a long flight. Landing in 10 mins and then headed to customs.
Well, long flight. Still an hour to go. Very uncomfortable seats for sleeping, but the excitement makes it worth the effort to muster on. Looking forward to landing!

10 August 2016

Airbus330! Not a double decker, but big enough!
Boarded and ready to go! T-minus 13 mins till take off!
Thanks Delta! Last minute Concourse changes rock! Off to the races!
In Hotlanta! Waiting for the last leg!
Finally boarded! Off to Hotlanta!
I keep telling Jana to stay off her phone.....(I know I am being a hypocrite as I type this journal entry!)
At CMH airport waiting for our first leg to Atlanta. Already a 35 min delay. What's up Delta? Got a new 'puter system!