North America · 23 Days · 22 Moments · January 2018

Rob & Cassie's voyage in Mexico

4 February 2018

A visit from a humpback whale.

2 February 2018

Had breakfast this morning with Jose and David in the marina. We opted out of one more whale watch—neither Rob nor I are feeling great. But we had a nice long conversation with Jose, and that was really nice. All too soon it was time to head to the airport. Alberto came down just to say goodbye! Enrique, who made our lattes, and Laura, who, along with Melisa, were so kind to us, all said goodbye and Laura blew us a kiss. Hmm...maybe four weeks next year? We learned that we don’t want to stay in the oceanfront rooms—ours smelled like sewer a lot of the time, and it was really noisy. But it was nice to hear the waves. On our way home now, to our critters and our new kitchen. And rest. And possibly a trip to the doc to check out this painful sore throat. At least I wasn’t as miserably sick as Rob was during the entire trip. He too will be getting checked out—his sinus/ear infection just won’t ease up. But, we managed to have a wonderful time in Cabo once again. Hard not to.
Wednesday, January 31st: We went to Edith’s tonight instead of our last night in Cabo, as is our norm, so that we could get into Sunset at Mona Lisa on Thursday. Edith’s is just such a fun, festive, and beautiful setting, it’s a must for those who’ve never been there. Thursday, February 1st, we rented a car and drove to East Cape. Had a fabulous lunch at Buzzards, one of our favorite discoveries. Then drove back to San Jose del Cabo for some shopping. Rob bought me a beautiful bracelet for my birthday—with Mexican opals and a gorgeous stone called rainbow tourmaline, which changes color from blue to purple depending on the light. Dinner at Mona Lisa was stunning. We were so impressed at the improvement from our last visit. Rob and I had tagliatelle with black truffle. Wow. Just incredible. Doug had pork that he said was the best he’d ever had. And the view—well, it doesn’t get any better. It was a perfect farewell to Cabo.
Tuesday, January 30th: The main event of the day was another whale watching trip with Jose and David. The water was pretty rough, but the whales rewarded us, with a pair of huge humpbacks staying close to us for hours, going under the boat, surfacing in front or right beside us. Amazing.
Monday, January 29 was a lazy day overall, but in the evening we went on the Cabo Rey dinner cruise with show, which we’ve seen many times, but is a must do for newbies in Cabo. The sunset was beautiful, and we saw several whales, and sea lions of course, while having drinks and listening to music, then we went downstairs to dinner. Rob had the shrimp fettuccine, Doug and Darci had the chateaubriand and shrimp, and I had the sea bass. All the meals were excellent. The show was a little different this time, with only the male Argentinian dancer. For the tango, he danced with a creepy puppet with no face. There was only one female Mexican dancer, too. Otherwise it was as we remembered: the Mexican crooner in the bandito outfit, the guy with the loudly clacking balls on ropes. Great fun.

29 January 2018

Saturday, January 27, we had lunch at the Office, then strolled around the marina and showed The Longs (Doug and Darci) around. Had dinner at Bar Esquina—best pizza in Cabo! On Sunday, we were off bright and early for whale watching with Jose and his entire family. What a great day! We saw breaches, pec slaps, and many times the two whales that stayed with us most of the day, went under the boat so we could see them through the glass bottom. Again, we had the privilege of looking a whale in the eye. Stayed out for 7 hours, and we were all fried by the time we came back to the dock. Poor little Sara got sick on the boat—too many waves, not enough food. Had a late lunch/early dinner at Captain Tony’s, and played Mexican Train dominos until we called it a night.

26 January 2018

We said goodbye to the Robinsons today, but spent time at the pool with them this morning, had lunch at Bar Esquina again, then got lots of hugs and “I love yous” before they piled into the taxi and headed for the airport. Three hours later, our former neighbors, Doug and Darci, arrived to share our final week in Cabo. Had our traditional Friday night dinner at La Dolce. Yum! We’ve had new rooms at Casa Dorada each Friday we’ve been here. This time, we’ve moved into an oceanfront unit, where our balcony is overlooking Medando Beach. We love the sound of the waves hitting the sand, but the downside is that we hear all the other sounds from the beach as well—contests at the Mango Deck, lots of competing music from various bars, and last night I heard the unmistakable sound of someone getting sick right outside our room. Ugh. But overall, it’s a lovely room.

25 January 2018

Thursday, January 25th: the Robinsons’ last full day here. On the agenda: time by the pool, lunch at Bar Esquina, whale watching, and dinner at Edith’s. All in all, a spectacular day. The whale watching trip was incredible. Two whales went under the boat and we could see them through the glass bottom. The kids were so excited, as were we!!! One whale turned on her side and looked up at us. What an amazing moment. We have experienced it before, but it was the first time for Laura, Tony, and the kids. That is a choice made by a whale, to look you in the eye, to want to know who you are. Stunning. Edith’s never fails to impress. Fabulous food, gorgeous atmosphere, with flowers, bright colors, and amazing service. Riley and Tony shared bananas flambé for dessert, and the preparation was entertaining for the kids, especially when the guy making it sang along with the mariachi band. We dined in the wine cellar again, a beautiful room filled with dusty bottles of wine. Perfect.

24 January 2018

It’s been a whirlwind since the kids arrived, time in the pool, on the beach, and eating great food. Our favorite restaurants are still Artichoke Heart and La Chatita. Laura and I went to the spa on Monday so she could have a mani/pedi—just lots of relaxation. Yesterday, Tuesday the 23rd, we went whale watching, and the kids got to see a close-up breach (except for Hannah, who sadly missed it.) There was another partial breach and a few tail slaps, too. Last night we went to a new place for dinner, La Roca at the Solmar. The surroundings were breathtaking, both the ocean view and the resort itself. The food was nothing special but the service was impeccable. Today we’re taking Riley and Hannah for mani/pedis.

20 January 2018

Yesterday, Friday the 19th, Laura, Tony, and kids arrived! We gave them our room, so we were all packed up and ready to move when they got here. We were talking to someone in the lobby, when suddenly all three kids were running toward me and leaped into my arms. One of those amazing Grandma moments. We all settled into our rooms, then off we went to our traditional Friday night dinner at La Dolce. After a quick trip to Walmart with Laura to stock up breakfast foods, sunscreen and such, it was time for the pool, swimming with our little mermaids. Going to Cucina y Cantina at the Hacienda tonight.

18 January 2018

This morning we were off on another whale watch with Jose. Unfortunately, there are two cruise ships in port, so there were a lot of people on the water. We watched three whales for a couple of hours, though, and saw three big tail slaps. Plus, one of the whales came so close to the boat we could see her entire body under the water. Beautiful. Afterward, we had lunch at La Chatita again, and the server said he remembered that we were there last year with Laura and her family. We said they were coming back tomorrow, and promised we’d bring them to the restaurant. Had a quiet afternoon, and dinner at Bar Esquina, which was amazing, and our server, Abraham, was wonderful.

17 January 2018

Breakfast at the office, where we learned the Spanish word for pomegranate: granada. The rest of the day was pretty laid back. Rob is still recovering from his sinus/ ear infection, and we are saving our energy for whale watching. Dinner tonight was at Invita Bistro. We went here a few years ago, and were pleased to meet the Italian owner. However, both times we were not overly impressed with the food, and the wine is ridiculously overpriced. Nice atmosphere, though the service seemed a bit rushed.
We ended the evening last night with another dinner at Artichoke Heart. The shrimp pesto pappardelle is my new favorite, and Rob can’t bring himself to order anything but the fettuccine artichoke. The new manager from Argentina makes sure we have a wonderful experience. We slept in this morning and have a lazy day ahead of us.

16 January 2018

Yesterday, (Tuesday, January 16), I started the day with an 80 minute massage at the spa. My massage therapist was Karely, who also did my manicure/pedi on Saturday. We met Jose and his sons David and Emanuel in the marina at 1, and took them to lunch. The boys both had spaghetti! After lunch, we were off for an afternoon of whale watching. At first the whales were elusive, but just before, and during sunset, they came out to play. One of the whales pictured did a full breach right in front of us. We could see her entire body out of the water. These two whales were together all afternoon, and were among the biggest we’ve ever seen. (Females are larger, so we’re assuming they were females.) what an amazing afternoon! We saw a double tail slap for the first time—Jose said that was a first for him, too! Near the end of the “show,” one whale deliberately moved closer to the boat with her tail in the air, then turned sideways before lowering it. We had been patient, and it it paid off!!

15 January 2018

Today we subjected ourselves to a presentation for owners here at Casa Dorada. Rob just wanted to hear about changes or updates we might be interested in. So that took a big bite out of our day—but my massage tomorrow will be free! Dinner at Lorenzillo’s was good, but not great. My lobster was delicious, but Rob’s shrimp were tough and rubbery. Our linguini that came with our dishes was wonderful, though. We both ordered our entrees “al ajillo” style, and they brought us extra olive oil with tons of sautéed garlic. Yum! Today we had a late lunch— wood fired pizza at Bar Esquina, which was really fabulous.

14 January 2018

Sunday, January 14 Jose picked us up on the beach at 8 AM in his new, smaller boat, Little Crab. His former boat, Mexican Nemo, belongs to someone else now—someone who painted it white. So sad. Little Crab is white, too, with a blue canopy. It is not as comfortable as his bigger boat that he’s lead into to a friend for a year, but it was easier to climb into. Our day was not among the most exciting we’ve had whale watching—but one whale did go under the boat and show us her pec fin through the glass bottom. Otherwise the whales were very quiet. We did, however, have a very close encounter with a curious sea turtle! We went back to La Chatita for lunch, and tonight it’s Lorenzillo’s for dinner.

13 January 2018

Today we caught up with our friend Jose. He is doing well, and has an exciting new business growing avocados. He, his brother, and his father-in-law bought 215 trees and forty goats, and are looking for their first harvest in four years. In the meantime, he has two boats. He leased one to someone else for a year, and kept the other one for whale watching. He is taking us out tomorrow morning! Went to dinner at Artichoke Heart (Corazon de Alcachofa), one of our favorite restaurants here, and it was wonderful once again: the obligatory roasted artichoke, and delicious pasta dishes—yum! And we treated ourselves to the chocolate lava cake for dessert. Back in our room, we Skyped with Geoff and Julie, who SHOULD BE HERE!!! Next year for sure.
Dinner at La Dolce, our arrival-night tradition, never disappoints, and last night was no exception. The best pesto outside of Italy. We drank a bottle of Brunello do Montalcino, and celebrated the beginning of our three weeks in paradise.

12 January 2018

We’ve arrived! Staying in Penthouse #10, aka Choya. This is the view from the deck. The cruise ship pictured is the very same Oosterdam that took us to Alaska several years ago.
Friday, January 12, 2018 Landed at the San Jose del Cabo airport, found our private shuttle, and we’re off to our home resort, Casa Dorada. We’ve been here many times, but this time we’ll be here for three weeks—our longest stay yet—so I thought I would keep track of some details that I would forget otherwise. Things have changed procedurally for transportation at the airport. We are now directed to an outdoor kiosk of sorts—number 4. There, we find the right people who direct us to our shuttle and driver. Vacation has begun!