Europe, North America · 11 Days · 14 Moments · July 2017

Roadtrip Canada and USA

5 August 2017

The last two days we had to Travel a lot to Calgary. We went to a museum; miracles of America on Saturday. They had a lot of different stuff. From old cars, motors, military stuff to alien things. It was fun to see but Lisanne and I were done after 15 min. The rest from the group was there for longer, we went to the Walmart. This is a big supermarket from America, you got there everything. I bought a lot of American candy and some makeup. It's so much cheaper over here! On Sunday we had to travel about 4 hours with the car to Calgary. We didn't make any stops that day. We had a really nice hotel! Lisanne, Naomi, Laura and I went to downtown for a night out. We went to the club; The Hifi club. We got two free drinks because we were so early haha! But we left about 1 a clock because we didn't like the music. Then we went to the hotel room were the other people from our group played a game. I had a great last night! I'm sad to home!

4 August 2017

Today we started with a delicious breakfast. I had American pancakes with chocolate chips. After our breakfast we went to a little place; Katchem. We went to a little shops and I also got a Starbucks. I can't never get enough Starbucks hihi! 12.30 pm we went to some hotsprings near by Stanley. It was at a river. The made little places were warm wather from the mountains came into. The river was cold but when you put your feet in the sand it was so hot!! I just relaxed and sunbath over there. After our relax time we went to a building were they used to found gold with. Awesome to see that massive building. After that we drove to our hotel in Salmon. I went with Lisanne to a local pub. We played beer pong with some American guys. It was so much fun! After that we also just talked with them and had a great night. So nice to see how different they are then us, but so nice! For now I'm going to sleep. This was one of the nights I won't forget!

3 August 2017

Today we went to a Nuclear power pant. This was the very first one on the world! At that place was also the first big explosion. After a lot of information about the explosion, we went to the creators of the moon in Idaho. This is an Vulcan and 50.000 years ago the Vulcan came out. Now is everything black. We walked on a hill, such a beautiful view! After that we went to some caves at creators of the moon. I walked with one guy in one of them. We had to shine with or cellphone for some light. It was so dark en cold over there. A couple minutes later we went to another cave. It was so weird and beautiful to see! After that we went to our hotel in Bellevue. It was an interesting and fun day today!

2 August 2017

Today we had an relax day near by Jackson. We could a sleep a little longer. Definitely needed that. After that we went to the town Jackson. We started with a Starbucks. I never can't get enough Starbucks haha! After that we went a shopping in some little cute shops. I bought a necklace, bag and a notebook from leather. So happy with my things! A couple hours later we went horse riding. We did it for two hours. It was so beautiful and relaxing. My horse called Lucky, she was so sweet! In the evening we had a barbecue with the whole group. It was just a perfect day today!

1 August 2017

Today we went to Yellowstone national park! When we arrived, we arrived at a hotspring. After 20 mins the hot spring came out (the old faithful). That's was so cool to see! After that we made a hike from 8 km. We saw so many beautiful hot springs. Some of them had rainbow colors. After our wak we went to the Grand Canyon from Yellowstone. This looks absolutely amazing! At the end of the day we had to drive the park way back to our hotel. First we saw some bisons. One was laying in the grass, so close! After that we saw a bear with two baby's. I made so much beautiful picture. I think I was about 50 m away from the bears. I was so happy!! After that we saw another bear with a baby bear. I had the best day of my life! I will never forget this!!
Today was a relaxing morning. We could sleep a little longer than normal. We slept in Great Falls. We drove about three hours to Bozeman. Over there we went river tubing. We drove with the people from over there in a school bus to the river. We floated about 2 hours on the water. It was relaxing and I could finally sunbath. When we were done we went for dinner to Wendy's. It's like a McDoanlds. After that we had to drive about an hour to our hotel. We slept at the place; Big Sky. We went straight to our bed! Tomorrow we're going to yellow stone. So bloody excited for that!'

30 July 2017

Today was the "real" travel day in America! The first stop was at the McDonald lake! This was so beautiful! After that we went to the Glacier National Park. We drove throw the beautiful mountains. We stopped at the "Logan pass", the highest place from the mountain. The view was insane! We made so much beautiful pictures. I was just enjoying everything about it. The next stop was at Sant marry, sun point and that view was also incredible! I never though I would love mountains so much. But this is just so relaxing. After that we drove to our hotel. On the way to our hotel was it so freaking hot! At one moment was it 39 degrees. It felt like a sauna! We also had to change hotel because they were full. They said you're going to a "little" better hotel. OMG this was the best hotel ever. Not just a little better but way more!! We also went to a fun fair. It was so much fun. It was so different than the fun fair at the Netherlands! So happy that we saw that.

29 July 2017

Today was the day we went to America. We had to drive about four hours to our hotel. We made one stop on the way to America. We made the stop at; Wasa Lake and omg it was 34 degrees. People were swimming and sunbathing. At that moment I had for the first time that real vacation feeling. When we arrived in America I didn't know where to look. It was just like in a movie. I felt admittedly home! The hotel was a old fashion American style. They had an swimming pool and hot tub inside. Lisanne and I wanted to sunbath because it was so hot, so we went outside and sunbath in the grass! People might think we're crazy but we're just enjoying life! For dinner we went to Applebee's, this was my best dinner at this trip! I had potatoes, chicken and schrimps. We also had to pay 10 dollars because the table next to us paid our bill. They were with four people and we with six. So that's was a cheap and delicious dinner! After our dinner we relaxed in the hot tub!

28 July 2017

After a couples hours riding to the beautiful nature, we arrived at the parking from Louis Lake. We had to take a shuttle bus to the lake. It was a yellow school bus 🚌. The lady in the bus was telling some stories about the bears. I really want to see a bear! After 10 mins we arrived at Louis Lake and OMG, it looks beautiful! I made so much pictures with my friends Luka and Lisanne. It was like a little photoshoot haha! After that we walked about 10 km. It was so beautiful but so exhausting. I have two blisters, whoops! Tomorrow we're going to America. To the place Whitefish. Really excited about that because it's there about 33 degrees!
Today we slept in a cute hotel in Hinton. I had a good night sleep! At this hotel we had breakfast. It was so delicious. After that we went really quick to the Mallwark. And wauw this store is so big!! We also went to another grocery store with more food. Here was so much delicious stuff. I bought some donuts, bread and drinks. Ready for the road trip! Today we're going to Louis Lake and Moraine Lake. So excited for that! We also are going to make a 11 km walk in the beautiful nature. Ready for making some great pictures today!

27 July 2017

On our way to Jasper we also saw some animals. This cute Elk and some goats!
Today was just the best day ever, so exhausted but totally worth it. We started the day early with a visit to the grocery store for some breakfast. After that we drove to jasper national park. The whole ride was so beautiful, I couldn't stop looking around. The first stop we made was near by lake Louise. We made some pictures at a river. We couldn't go the lake because it was to busy, so we're going tomorrow early to the lake. On our way to Jasper we have a few stops. The first stop was at; Colombia Icefield. We walked on the mountain, near by the snow. It was so windy and cold over there but so beautiful. We made so much beautiful pictures. After our visit at the glacier we drove to a couple waterfalls; Tangle Falls, Sunwapta Falls and Athabasca Fall. The last one was the prettiest. There was also a little chipmunk (I guess, it wasn't a squirrel so we though it was a chipmunk). I was so close with my camera, I'm so proud I made this picture. After that we drove to our hotel in Hinton.

26 July 2017

Woehoeeee we arrived in Canada! After 9 hours I was so happy that we landed in Calgary. Everything went okay with my visa etc, but we had to wait for our touring guide. We waited about an hour because the douane asked some quotations. There was free wifi so I updated my family and friends that I was save in Canada. After that we went to the car and had to drive about 1,5 hour to our location; Canmore. A little town with cute old houses. But one thing we noticed right away, we smelled fire. When we arrived at our hotel it was so misty. We asked the lady from the hotel if there was a fire. The fire is 35 km away from us, on the other side of the mountain. For dinner I had yam fries and fried unions. It was so deliciously but way to much!! Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow we're going to Jasper, Colombia ice field and banff. A drive from 450 km, so wish me luck! But I'm excited to see everything :)
Today is the day we're going to Canada and America! We'll fly from Amsterdam to Calgary and then our journey starts. We are going to make a road trip. I'm currently in the plane whilst writing this and watching Bridget jones's baby. I'm going with a group from 19 people, they're all so lovely. I didn't know anybody when I booked this trip but I met them two times before this trips and already know this vacation is going to be awesome! I will update you here and on my instagram; @wendeliciously 💕