Australia · 14 Days · 17 Moments · July 2018

Road Tripppin

19 July 2018

Our last outback campsite before we head home & wash off 2 1/2 weeks worth of dust
We had such a great time in Whitecliffs - a visit to the opal fields & a night in the famous underground motel. We did a mine tour & learned all about opals. We filled our pockets with all sorts of stones, but none of them will pay for our next holiday!

17 July 2018

Another morning in Broken Hill. Dodged a couple of emus walking down the main street, pooped in to see Jack Absalom & visited the Living Desert sculptures on the way to our next stop, Mutawintji
Our beautiful bush campsite near Broken Hill

16 July 2018

A busy day in Broken Hill - a trip down Daydream mine, where the kids used to start working at 8years old! Then lunch at the Silverton Hotel, where the boys took over the outdoor stage & put on a show for everyone... Oscar the drummer, Archie the actor & director, Lochie the actor & Jack on security.

14 July 2018

The Tilpa pub. Literally in the middle of nowhere. A $2 donation to the RFDS & you can write your name on the wall.

13 July 2018

Trilby Station - our favourite spot & our best fire so far. Guess how long it took after we arrived for all boys to be covered in mud? 🤔

12 July 2018

The Outback Horseman show & an afternoon ride on a paddle steamer along the Darling River.

11 July 2018

En route to Bourke / Kidman’s camp & a spot of lunch time hunting

10 July 2018

There’s nothing like waking up to a morning so cold you can’t even make a cup of tea because the water in the pipes has frozen!! Had a great afternoon at the Dubbo Zoo, followed by a night in the Comfort Inn - luxury!!

9 July 2018

Today’s Camp. Ponto Falls, not far from Dubbo. Such a peaceful spot.... until we arrived.
Old Bara. Beautiful spot & much warmer - anything above zero is a bonus!!

8 July 2018

Short stop at Lowe Wines, followed by dinner at The Brewery. Bonus case of wine thrown in for all the money we spent at Lowes! Old Bara tonight & on to Dubbo tomorrow.

7 July 2018

Off to visit the glow worm tunnel. Zero degrees & raining on the way back. Perfect camping weather!!
Night 1. Newnes - Wollemi National Park. Stunning spot surrounded by cliffs. Kangaroos everywhere.... and the stars... WOW. Just a bit chilly in the morning!!

6 July 2018

...and then there was this!
Not a good start 🤨