Australia · 4 Days · 14 Moments · August 2014

Road Tripping Tassie to Victoria.

22 August 2014

We visited my Granny, Bubby's Great Grandmother. He played a little then cried for mummy the rest of the time. All I wanted was to introduce them and get a beautiful photo. It want to be. It was lovely to sit down and have a cup of tea with Granny.
Wodonga Ho!

21 August 2014

So much walking! Today the sun has shone, William has napped in his stroller and Mike finally got to Uniqlo. It's been a lovely day. I'm glad tomorrow is a driving day. On to Granny's then Nanny's!
Waiting for coffee
First tram ride! Luna Park to the city.

20 August 2014

And the shop-a-thin continues. IKEA!
Selfies and sunrise.
The night sail is done! Not much sleeping done by our little man but he made sure we were up in time to pack up.

19 August 2014

It's the big boat for is tonight! The little guy seems to like the rocking of the boat and we like the larger room that we have. Baby benefits!
Raspberry farm cafe!
A snoozing bubble.