United States of America · 13 Days · 66 Moments · August 2015

Road Trip to Virginia

14 August 2015

I really like Nebraska. Always have. It's so pretty, and the people are so nice. It's a shame we couldn't stop in Omaha. It's a sentimental place. Seven years ago, Cara and I took our first big adventure: a road trip to Omaha to see Sigur Ros. We ran into Jonsi at the Indian restaurant we were going to eat at in downtown Omaha. We ended up eating lunch with him until the rest of the crew (along with Amiina) joined him along side us. Later, we attended the concert in their beautiful hall downtown, and were forced to take shelter in the humid basement with hundreds of other attendees while we waited out a tornado. Sigur Ros then ran through the basement halls playing an impromptu ensemble for the patient fans. It was a trip to remember forever, and a prelude to the adventures we've done since. Here's to the future my love!
Des Moines, Iowa. It's small, and clean. But not much to do. It's nice though. Iowa in general reminds me of Nebraska. Rolling hills and big trees, with rivers splitting the land ever 50 miles or so. The people here are very nice though. It's pretty, if you're into those sorts of things.

13 August 2015

This fountain blows sky high every so often and provides a nice cool-off in the Chicago heat.
The Chicago Art Museum is amazing! It's huge. At first we thought it was kinda meh because we couldn't figure out how to navigate it. Then we realized we would've missed the whole thing had we left sooner. We probably only saw half of it. So cool.
Chicago is awesome! It's way bigger than Denver. And there's so much to explore! We saw the Art Museum, the park with all the iconic imagery, and walked Michigan Ave. we definitely need to return someday.
Zachary insisted on us trying this place, so here we are. But the deep dish takes almost an hour to cook! Crazy.
Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes where we camped! It was the perfect place to wake up to after a long night of driving.

12 August 2015

Made it to Lake Michigan. Gonna settle in at the Dunes then it's off to Chicago tomorrow.
Pennsylvania is very pretty.
Pittsburgh! It was a confusing place to navigate, but really pretty area.
One of these days I will try and attend Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science program. Such a great school.

11 August 2015

West Virginia is so beautiful.

10 August 2015

Last dinner together before leaving Kayla and Zac 😥 They spoiled us, and showed us amazing things. Rode the metro... Which was terrifying! 🚆😁😎
In DC at all the memorials! 😎🚴🏽
The Korean, Lincoln, WWII, and George Mason memorials. And some other awesome DC stuff.
We ran into Mr. Jefferson again.
Inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. It was insanely busy! But the ocean exhibit was really cool.
The Washington Monument, White House, Smithsonian, and some other awesome looking building.

9 August 2015

DC sneak peek night 1 there. We drove by the memorials while they were lit up. The Whitehouse is much smaller than we imagined!
DC is full of architecture from every era!
Kayaking on the Potomac! 🚣🏽
Kayaking the Potomac. It was relaxing and nearing sunset, so a perfect end to a lot of driving.
Arlington. I think. Lol. Can't remember. But it was a pretty backdrop to our kayaking.
This is Great Falls in Maryland / Virginia. It was a hot day, but very pretty stroll.
Great Falls!
Fruit pickin'... Peaches and blackberries!
Our fruit pickin in Maryland.
Such a pretty area.

7 August 2015

We ended up staying at the Marriot in Annapolis, Maryland on our way back from Delaware. The city was beautiful, and it was insanely busy at night. Such a young town, and very pretty.
We had a fun and relaxing day at the beach in Delaware. Delaware is pretty, but very rural and kind of boring. The beach was beautiful, and the waves were pretty intense.
Fun times with friends.
"Virginia is for lovers!" 💜
Working it.

6 August 2015

We had a fantastic time doing karaoke for like 3 hours!
Relaxing after a low maintenance day and good company.
So that's what they're calling them now ;b
The day after we arrived we were pretty sick of driving. So we decided to relax and checkout a local winery.

5 August 2015

Alright, been slacking on the updates so today is gonna be a big batch now that we're back on the road. After arriving in Leesburg to stay with friends for the week, we leave today for Chicago.
Yesterday we went to see one of my intellectual hero's house.
Virginia's Mountains(?) It's not the Rockies, but still very pretty.

4 August 2015

A restaurant in Roanoke, VA. It wasn't very good, and was overpriced. We didn't care much for the town either.
We stopped in Knoxville, TN for breakfast. This place is really cute and pretty. I recommend giving it a more extended visit someday.

3 August 2015

Our hotel room outside of Knoxville
The talent here is both frightening and inspiring for a musician.
Beautiful Nashville!
Fantastic food! So good.

2 August 2015

Our sweet hotel in Nashville. It was very nice, and we had a great view from the 9th floor.
So two misconceptions have been corrected: 1. Southern Illinois is actually really pretty. Just miles and miles of thick deciduous forest. 2. Kentucky is also very beautiful. At least in the small corner between the former and Tennessee.
The Ohio River
The Mississippi River.
At St. Louis! Such an interesting, but insanely hot and sweaty place.
The Missouri River. So majestic.
Last night we had no kindling so we improvised with a flare.
Kansas City!
Nice ride.
Coolest guy ever.
This place is amazing!
The lake where we spent the first night.
Sitting here in our tent on a full moon night with our friendly, but tipsy, neighbor and her really sweet and intelligent kid Aiden. The lake is pretty, it's humid, kind of hot for the night, and the bugs are noisy but in a relaxing way.

1 August 2015

So ... Colorado Mexican food is something I've taken for granted. Let's just leave it at that.