United States of America · 17 Days · 54 Moments · July 2015

Road trip to meet baby Dax!

1 August 2015

And home to newly painted kids rooms! Great end to a great trip!
Missoula for lunch...not far now.
Drummond, MT - Last gas stop on this trip!

31 July 2015

Final restroom break before the hotel. 3rd state today!
Stopping for gas in Blackfoot, ID. Only one more day and then we are home!
Even more super cute cousins!

30 July 2015

A visit with great grandpa then a picnic at Helper City Park.
Utah really is so beautiful.
One last stop for gas and the bathroom before leaving Colorado.
Stopping for donuts in this lovely spot!

29 July 2015

Thank you for the beautiful welcome Colorado.
Watrous, a semi-ghost town.
Wild sunflowers and a pretty old church.

28 July 2015

Peanut butter sandwiches for dinner in Santa Rosa.
New Mexico! I'm irrationally excited to be here!
Just past Amarillo and making good time even with the stops.
Braums for lunch and on into Texas.
Stopped for gas in Weatherford, OK.
Getting ice and then on to Santa Rosa, NM today. Across the Texas panhandle, what an adventure.

27 July 2015

Oklahoma Science Museum We had a great time!

26 July 2015

Just put Grandma Kathy on the plane.
Having a lie in.

25 July 2015

Baby shower!
Country road

24 July 2015

Captain America!

23 July 2015

Grand babies!
Family dinner

21 July 2015

I fought the gravel with my face. You shoulda seen the other guy!

20 July 2015

Crazy cousins!
New cousin met! Now for coffee and a birthday party!

19 July 2015

Last gas stop. I had hoped to make it all the way on this tank but was going to be about a gallon short. 😒
Getting close now!
Lunch buddies
Rest stop!
Gotta get the wiggles out!
The owner of the Super 8 was great this morning. Even though we missed breakfast in the lobby he got stuff back out for the kids. Now it is time for coffee and to start the last leg of the journey!

18 July 2015

Super 8 in Colby, KS is nice and all but Expedia put into reservation wrong so I got to pay extra when I checked in. Not awesome..,
Kansas Information Center
Agate Community Church
Lunch at Noodles and Company in Fort Collins.
Glendo, WY
Time to wake up children!

17 July 2015

Sheridan, WY.
Stopped in Greycliff, MT to stretch our legs!

16 July 2015

I guess they are glad to be out of the car!
Pulled over at Lookout Pass.
Saying see you to Daddy!