United States of America · 14 Days · 49 Moments · July 2018

Road Trip Across the Country!

4 August 2018

3,900 miles in 14 days and we’re home! Shoutout to our car, Lady Macbeth, who was a trooper and the real MVP of our trip. Thanks for following along, everyone! Please keep in touch (texting is best). Until the next trip ... ❤️

3 August 2018

One night exploring Boise and visiting with family before the final stretch. We loved Hyde Park and the downtown area. We ate dinner at Fork, and I bought another book (of course) at Rediscovered Books. This artwork is from Freak Alley Gallery.
Even quicker stop in Twin Falls. We found an adorable coffee shop to refuel, and then we were off to Boise.
I woke up in a bad mood (probably because our trip is coming to an end!). But this toast from The Rose Establishment completely turned my day around. It's carrot butter, pickles onions, feta, and PICKLED SOFT-BOILED EGGS. Good thing Ben ordered it, because I never would have. And it was amazing.

2 August 2018

Quick stop in Salt Lake City. We stayed in an Airbnb in the Sugar House neighborhood. There were lots of cute boutiques and restaurants to explore. At Pago, we had a beet salad with goat cheese, pickled strawberries, and candied quinoa. It was weird and delicious (the best combination).
Bryce Canyon Day 2 includes an amazing sunrise and another little hike.

1 August 2018

Last night we stayed in a cabin inside the park, steps from the rim of Bryce Canyon. It reminded me just a little of Girl Scout Camp :)
Best Park yet. We absolutely loved our rain-filled hike at Bryce Canyon. We took the Navajo Loop Trail, and it was stunning from beginning to end.
Stopped for coffee at this cool coffeehouse built into the side of the mountain.
We had an amazing stay at Boulder Mountain Lodge. Our room overlooked the duck pond (second picture), and there were the most amazing massage chairs in the communal room. Such a beautiful and relaxing pace.

31 July 2018

The absolute highlight of our night at Boulder Mountain Lodge was dinner at the restaurant, Hell’s Backbone Grill. They have a garden where they grow their own produce, and they buy all their meat from local farmers. Our dinner of lemony chicken and braised beef was so tasty, we went back for breakfast.
Amazing hike through Capitol Reef National Park. We were on the Grand Wash Trail that snaked through the canyon. The huge cliffs provided excellent acoustics and made some funky echoes.
Delicious burgers from Slacker's Burger Joint on the way to Capital Reef.

30 July 2018

Arches National Park at sunset.
Cute little cabin-like Airbnb in Moab. Two couples went in on the property together, broke it into 4 apartments, and started renting it out. Lots of little touches inside. Check out the view from the window in the final picture.
Awesome hike at Canyonlands National Park. It was a sweltering 97 degrees and we finished all our water bottles.
Now in Utah!

29 July 2018

Glenwood Canyon + Colorado River
We made it to the top of Mt. Evans today. It was an hour of winding roads and a hike to the top. It was crazy to be at such a high elevation. It was freezing, and I was definitely having troubling breathing at first. But the views were spectacular. And then it started to hail on the way down the mountain.
Quick stop at Red Rocks on the way out of town.
A concerned deer looks on as we depart Ken Caryl.

28 July 2018

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening exploring Denver. We rode the light rail to Union Station and ate lunch at Denver Central Market in the RiNo arts district. We rode the 16th St bus, saw the theater district, and went to a few bookstores. And we capped off a great day with dinner at Acorn.

27 July 2018

Stopped by an old fave for dinner in CO.
We finished our longest leg of the trip today, driving across Kansas to Ken Caryl in nine and a half hours. The first half of our trip was beautiful fluffy clouds and big blue sky. Then our music was interrupted by tornado warnings and reports of golf ball-sized hail. I was scared 😳 but Ben did an expert job at staying calm and driving us to safety.
Lauren’s raw happiness at this cute diner that closely resembles Luke’s. We like Lawrence, Kansas.

26 July 2018

Just had one of the best meals of our lives at The Antler Room in Kansas City. The chef did an apprenticeship at Noma in Copenhagen! The bartender was the kindest person and chose all of the best dishes for us, from swanky French toast with foie gras to pasta with escargot and mushrooms.
Made it to KC. We’re staying in a KC themed hotel. #kcexperience #eyeroll 🙄
Quick lunch at Sonic. We're in Missouri now!
Stopped to get gas and found this creeper. #KeepArkansasWeird
After stopping to refuel at Starbucks, we're on our way to Kansas City. Check out the Memphis Pyramid, which apparently is now a Bass Pro Shops mega-store. Ben says, goodbye Meh-mphis! 😂

25 July 2018

Just checked into our Memphis Airbnb - one of eight apartments in this historic building. Very cute, cozy, and bright because of the ten windows.
Walking across the Big River Crossing. The Mississippi is big.
Lunch at Cozy Corner Restaurant. BBQ Count: 2
National Civil Rights Museum. The museum was built at the motel when MLK was assassinated.
We stopped at Biscuit Love on our way out of town. No line and delicious bonuts (biscuit donuts) made for a great last meal in Nashville.

24 July 2018

It was amazing to just walk down Broadway and have our pick of live music. We saw great bands at Acme Feed and Seed, Robert’s Western World, and Nudie’s Honky Tonk. We ended the night at a karaoke bar where some people were just as talented (and some weren’t).
Dinner at Husk in what looked like a beautiful old house. So delicious. We had a watermelon and cucumber salad with local goat cheese; local ham, biscuits, and pickled vegetables; this crazy thing called an Ol’ Fuskie, made using a colonial method of rehydrating rice; and beef tartare.
The view currently.
Parthenon replica in Nashville.
Sunrise from our balcony followed by breakfast at Pinewood Social (which has its own bowling alley). The Crema Cuban coffee was delicious. We finished our meal with a short rib omelet.

23 July 2018

Dinner at Hattie B’s
Made it to our Airbnb in Nashville ❤️❤️
Replacement sunglasses to replace lost sunglasses. Taken moments before finding lost sunglasses.
Driving day - 3.5 hours from Nashville
Ben's first Cracker Barrel experience

22 July 2018

Made it to Roanoke! Easy drive, and we're 3.5 hours closer to Nashville
First Stop - dinner in a renovated gas station! Also the first (of many) BBQ experiences.
Saying goodbye to our apartment in Arlington!