North America · 25 Days · 57 Moments · July 2016

28 July 2016

And we made it home, safe and sound!

27 July 2016

On the way home, saw some beautiful falls in Idaho Falls.

26 July 2016

Panic! At the Disco rocked out in Salt Lake City, Utah. Epic event for an epic trip! πŸŽ€πŸŽ·πŸŽΊπŸŽΉπŸŽ‰

23 July 2016

And don't forget the cupcake ATM - or was it muffins?! -Colleen
had SUCH a cool day yesterday. i got to hang out with one of the actors from my fav show. AND he followed me on Instagram :o <3 - caitlin

22 July 2016

Bellagio fountains and M&M store.
Las Vegas, here we come!

21 July 2016

Disneyland was fun. The Fitbit counted nearly 20000 steps for Universal and about 23,000 for Disney - off to Vegas next for some relaxing- lol!

20 July 2016

Harry Potter's Butterbeer while watching the special effects show!
More at Universal -from Jaws to Dr. Seuss and then a crash scene from War of the Worlds. And a new show, not yet aired!
We went Back to the Future!
Universal Studios - Wow!

19 July 2016

Saw Hollywood and Beverley Hills via the tmz tour with Kayday. Even waited to see some stars after the movie premiere at the Chinese Theatre for "Lights Out". I think we saw one of the young stars.

18 July 2016

In Hollywood, we went to the Grove for some shopping and star searching. We found Danica from TMZ, then hit Mel's Diner (from "Alice") for nice burgers and milkshakes.

17 July 2016

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. -Colleen

16 July 2016

Woo hoo! Driving the jeep down Pismo Beach. What a ride! Of course we had to help a fellow driver who got stuck in the sand. Good deeds, good karma! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž
Elephant Seals! -Colleen
Back on the true coast road. Highway 1 to LA! Here we come!! -Colleen

15 July 2016

California's Great America Theme park for a concert with Daya (we met), Melanie Martinez, Charlie Puth, The Chainsmokers.

14 July 2016

Lombard Street and Palace of Fine Arts in San Fran -Colleen

13 July 2016

Madame Tussaud's in San Fran!
San Francisco! Trolley and Fisherman's wharf.

12 July 2016

We saw Paul Bunyon and his Ox, Babe in the Redwood Forest. Awesome! -Colleen

11 July 2016

Coast road views! -Colleen
Wildest zoo/safari I've ever been too. We pet a bear cub, baby snow leopard and bobcat. Caitlin held an opossum and a ferret. We also pet a skunk and baby fox after feeding pushy goats, deer, donkeys, and llamas. πŸ»πŸ…πŸ†πŸͺπŸπŸ‘ -Colleen
Sand Dunes -Colleen
Road Trip! 😎 -Colleen
We made it to the Sea Lion Caves in Oregon. I was not alone in the elevator this time πŸ˜‚ - Colleen
yummy yummy breakfast on our way through oregon. 4 whole egg whites! - caitlin
Good morning Oregon! What a view!! - Colleen

10 July 2016

We made it to the Pacific Coast Highway! Saw some whales right from the highway and some great views. Last pic is our view from the room in Newport, Oregon. - Colleen
Good times at the Oregon Zoo! - Colleen

9 July 2016

Had a great and fun time at the EMP museum in Seattle!!!
neat stuff at the gum wall ! - caitlin
Pike's Market in Seattle -interesting sites and not just inside the market. Saw some avid bikers. Check out the gross Gum Wall. - Colleen
Cutest wee coffee drive thru shops here with neat names. Saw one called Rise and Grind earlier. LOL! - Colleen
Good times with family. ❀️ -Colleen

7 July 2016

It's a beautiful morning! Fish on! A few baby salmon and now finding some sea bass and rock cod. Yum!
And we are off to catch some salmon on the Pacific Ocean. Wakey wakey!

6 July 2016

we had some fun with faceswap live last night. haha - caitlin
and we'll see you soon victoria. here's some of my fav pics from the trip (mostly cute cousins oopsies). now off to the usa for more adventures! - caitlin
Enjoyed petting the goats at Beaconhill Park with cousins.

5 July 2016

and our longest day of driving is completed. we've made it to victoria safely with some beautiful pictures taken. here's a few from today's adventure! - caitlin
Ferry ride!
Woo hoo! On the ferry and the sun came out for us for the first time today. Loving it!
WE MADE THE 5:00 FERRY WITH FIVE MINUTES TO SPARE!! we are the last ones on and are very excited to be headed to victoria. <3 - caitlin
hello kamloops!
drew a picture of the mountains in the car. the bumps were crazy but made a cool scribble effect anyways - caitlin
found a pretty mountain on the way so naturally we had to stop for some pictures <3 - caitlin
and we're off! banff was lots of fun but there's more fun to be had in victoria :) - caitlin

4 July 2016

grizzly steak & fondue house is amazing! and we're only done two courses :D - caitlin
the restaurant has phones at every table so kerri and i called some random ones and made friends in missouri, toronto, and germany. lots of fun ! -caitlin
just finished a relaxing dip in the hot pools and we're off to a yummy fondue dinner!
and we've made it to banff, canada. after a long but short four hour drive, we have checked into the caribou lodge!
Lucky drive through the storms near Red Deer!