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My Epic Road Trip (Lou)

4 January 2019

Home at last!!
Was going to stop just inside MN but decided to make the most of the light that’s left and drive drive drive.
Counting down the miles.
Yay!!!!!!!! Minnesota!!
No more 80 mph speed limit or even 75 mph. Back to 70 mph.
North Dakota
Sunrise in Montana. Must have been 300° of beauty!
Nice breakfast spread. Almost 800 miles ahead of me today.

3 January 2019

Totally impressed with the hotel room considering it was the second cheapest in Billings!
Some lessons learned: Need to severely reduce the amount of stuff I’m taking. Too much stuff and nothing is usable. Maybe reducing the trip functions would help. Need to organize by time used. The tent was fine but too much to worry about for 1 night stops. A wind screen might not be a bad idea tho. Front seat needs better organization. The bin from TCS didn’t work bc it can’t be opened/manipulated with one hand. A dash camera would be a good idea. GoPros batteries don’t work in cold weather. Phone needs a tether and pouch. Need to take extra charging cables. Don’t use chair under sleeping bag.
Made it to Billings but not further. Makes for a long drive tmw since I’m going to skip Mount Rushmore and drive all the way thru to home. 15 hours from Mammoth to Home 2.5 hours from Mammoth to Billings So 12.5 hours yo home tmw.
Snow shuttle stops.
Bailey, our snow shuttle driver, showing Dibip the singog geyser.
Back in the snow shuttle
Dibip wanted to sit by the fire while we waited for the snow shuttle.
This is how they groom the snow and crest the ski trails.
Skied to Black Sands.
This is how you unlock the door!
Yellowstone luggage cart.
Old Faithful at sunrise; check✔️
Went out to capture OF at sunrise. One more check mark ✔️
Both the shell and the liner were soaked thru yesterday. The liner was tied around my waist. I must have sat on snow a lot. The shell prob got wet the numerous times I fell (splatted, barreled) into the snow banks. Thank goodness they dry quickly!

2 January 2019

I got Dibip a friend today.
Absolutely exhausted. That’s either OF erupting or the result of the raid that going on at OF.
Daisy Geyser.
One wrong move and I’m going to be swimming!
But I did make it to Mystic Falls and had a rest.
Dibip waited at the bottom for me. He jumped out within the first 10 minutes, smart.
I got to this point when I gave up.
I did get some good pictures. That’s OF I’m the background.
Here is where I made a really bad decision. It was a marked trail but obviously hadn’t been used this winter except by small animals. I should have guessed that a trail called “Overlook” would involve going up.
Sometimes the heat from below melts the snow cover.
Morning Glory Pool. Wish I could capture the colours
Winston Churchill supposedly said “Never pass up the opportunity to take a leak!” Dibip stayed outside to guard my skis.
Grotto geyser.
The linen service/house keeping does things a little differently!
The old snow shuttles.
Some better pictures of the snow shuttles.

1 January 2019

My own little cabin.
Getting ready to board the Snow Shuttle.

31 December 2018

Elk pizza in Gardenia
Swimming in Boiling River. My hair froze! 8°F.
Had to shoo the elk off the path to Boiling River.
The terraces in Mammoth Hot Springs.
New boots after driving all the way back to Livingston.

30 December 2018

Forgot my boots at Robins.
Hotel room instead of a campsite in Gardiner.
Little Johns deer with scoop or blade.
Horrible and scary driving in Northern Utah and Idaho.
Stop for gas

29 December 2018

Cactus shopping
Lunch at the Two Bit Cafe
Railroad museum with Treven and Robin

28 December 2018

Devil’s Slide
Fun at Antelope Island.
Sunrise in Ogdan/Salt Lake City.
Not too cold last night.

27 December 2018

Hill AFB
Stop for gas.
Sunrise in Grand Canyon

26 December 2018

Camping at Grand Canyon
Say goodbye to my granddarlings and “Attack” the bear.

25 December 2018

Santa was here!!
Went fruit picking before I left.

24 December 2018

Family Christmas unwrapping.
Playing around at the dear park.
Picture taking b4 we leave.
Reb and I went early morning exploring. Everyone else is still asleep. Notice a (almost) 7 year old can wear my shoes.

23 December 2018

On the train. (I’ll get more pictures from the big camera.
STILL waiting for the Polar Express. Everyone else is in the Bar.
That’s the train!
Waiting for the Polar Express. Everyone else is in the Bar.
Morning snuggle.

22 December 2018

Papa can make me one of these!
Children’s museum
Target practice.
Berquam Family Christmas with guest appearance of Uncle Ted by FaceTime
Mama is is time to open presents yey?
Waking Papa

21 December 2018

Went to Deer Park petroglyph bit I had 3 cameras, two pair binoculars, a back pack, a carry sack and a child to carry so I didn’t get any pictures.
Breakfast with Betsy
Collecting and eating citrus
Playing with the GDs

20 December 2018

Decided to drive thru to Glendale to see the Granddarlings a day b4 I was expected.
Who knew they had Duck Billed Platypuses in Petrified Wood National Forest?
Petrified National Forest
On the way to Arizona.

19 December 2018

Camping at Kirtland AFB
New Mexico

18 December 2018

Decided to spin some poke stops.
Waking back to campsite. I should be working on the crochet.
Found out you can’t use aluminum foil disposable pans on a camping stove. Also found out hot butter in said pan will melt a hole in your tent floor.
The problem with carramping is that once it’s dark you don’t want to climb into bed bc it’s only 1830. So walking around blogging and getting my steps.
You know you are “Glamping” when you insist on fresh ginger for your pineapple stir fry!
Nice sunset over the pond in front of my campsite.
Home sweet home for the night.
Setting up the tent. Didn’t even consider how to stake a tent on s concrete pad.
Made it to McConnell Billeting.
First stop for gas. I had planned to stop just before Kansas City but I didn’t get as good gas mileage as I would have liked. So I stopped a bit earlier. I wasn’t hungry so I skipped lunch totally and had an early dinner.
First day’s drive half done. Stopped for gas and to stretch my legs.
Beautiful sunrise this morning as I left.
Heading out.

17 December 2018

I’m getting so excited!! Running errands today and then head out tomorrow
TWC’s prediction of temperatures

11 December 2018

Low temperatures right around or just above freezing.

8 December 2018

Whew! Finally got all those “unsorted” groups sorted. Brought all back in from the car (have to take the car in for servicing) and put it in the front bedroom.
1. MN to AZ clothes 2. Sanitation 3. Tent equip 4. Cooking/eating 5. Thermos 6. Mallet 7. Cooking 8. Pantry 9. Sleep 10. Bucket, fire starter, cord
1. Stocking bags AZ 2. Other gifts AZ 3. Twins gifts 4. Cab box 5. Even tube 6. Winter gear—shoe spikes, neck gator, gloves 7. Purse
1. AZ clothes 2. Cooler 3. UT gifts
1. Gas can 2. Extra robes connectors etc 3. Medi bag 4. Sleep clothes 5. Ski cold weather gear 6. Extra batteries for pump and hand pump 7. Emergency battery 8. Unsorted.
There is ice skating at Old Faithful Lodge and guests can “borrow” skates.

1 December 2018

24 November 2018

Planning a trip might be more fun than being on the trip. I’m having so much fun.

23 November 2018

21 November 2018

16 November 2018