Ireland · 27 Days · 31 Moments · October 2016

Ritu Boghani

Ritu's trip to UK

15 November 2016

15-11-16 redhill We went to Tesco in morning and I had cooked lunch before leaving . Dipenbhai picked us up and we had lunch at home . Shital then left for fanborough to meet shiv . We stayed at home till evening
Monday 14-11-16 Crawley Nehabhabhi showed us her office and we got dropped at Crawley shopping centre . It was raining again . We were picked up by 6.30 by dipenbhai and had dinner at home .

13 November 2016

Sunday 13-11-16 Wimbledon and Guildford We left after late breakfast with dipenbhai to Wimbledon. It is a very pretty town with hills and lovely houses . We saw the tennis complex and museum . We drove to Guildford where dipenbhai had booked car rides for kids in Mercedes world . Kids had a very great time as they drove a sports car on their own . The museum was nice too. We came back and had dinner at home . It gets dark by 4pm

12 November 2016

Saturday 12-11-16 We were v tired of london tours so we didn't travel that day and it was raining a lot . We went to Crawley shopping centre leaving all 4 kids behind from 11 to 4.30 pm. We then came back and took them to their class and we went to Merstham to feathers pub where we met priya and Sanjeevan . After picking girls we went to Mitch masala for dinner .

11 November 2016

Friday 11-11-16 Lords stadium and arsenal emirates stadium tours . Covent garden and Leicester square. Later after reaching home we went for dessert after dinner at creams

10 November 2016

Thursday 10-11-16 london
10-11-16 London We took the hop on hop off bus tour and did the royal mews, queens gallery , Buckingham palace , Shakespeare's globe , and saw Westminster abbey from outside . It was raining and v cold

8 November 2016

London Tower of London , tower bridge exhibition , hms Belfast , cruise on river Thames . Tonight having dinner at amar and dimple 's house

7 November 2016

7-11-16 Harry Potter studios and oxford street Monday , we left to catch the 9.06 train to Victoria . We had a long journey to Watford station by changing train at Euston . From Watford junction , we took a shuttle bus to warner brothers studios . The Harry Potter studio was remarkable . Arya was very excited and the overall experience was good . After finishing the studios, we took the train to Oxford circus . What a sight it was to see the oxford street lit up for the festive season ! It was getting dark early by 4.30 pm , so we got to see the city lit up ! We walked till Piccadilly Circus and then took the train back to Victoria . The bad news hit us as the trains were delayed by 2 hours . Arya was separated from us and we panicked . But we found her . We bought some food to keep us going as we were hungry . We were waiting for 2 hours at the platform and it was too cold too. Finally after 9.15 we got some train to east Croydon where we waited for another half hour . Reached late

6 November 2016

Travelled by morning train from Cardiff to redhill . We reached around 1.45 pm. Dipenbhai came to pick us up and after lunch bhabhi took us to city centre . It started pouring so we stayed home and settled luggage and gave the gifts

5 November 2016

5-11-16 We spent the evening packing . Too much luggage and too much shopping stresses me out ! Kids played games and played music

4 November 2016

3-11-16 to 5-11-16 Cardiff Thursday we went to designer village at Bridgend . Mac Arthur's . We spent the day shopping there . It was v cold -around 7 degrees . Shefali came to pick us up at 6 . It has already started getting dark early. Sujit and Charan had not yet returned from Bristol . They were to arrive late night . Friday morning the men went out shopping . Kids woke up v v late . Shefali and me were preparing for the party that evening . The whole day was spent in the preparations . Her cook , Balvinder came for a few hours that morning . The men came back late afternoon . We then got dressed in the evening and the gusts started arriving . It was a great party where everyone sang some songs . We were up till 1.30 am . Saturday was a relaxed day . We just stayed at home and watched movies back to back . Everybody was tired so we stayed home . Shital Charan Sujit and me went out in the evening for an hour shopping at city centre . And picked Chinese takeaway in way back .

2 November 2016

We went to bed late that day. Next day was Shefali's birthday . I made us upma and boiled tea . We left for shopping again at 10.30 . Charan Shital and me were dropped off and Shefu went back as kids didn't want to come . She baked a marble cake for herself and took arnav and Arya to asda.
We went to bed late that day. Next day was Shefali's birthday . I made us upma and boiled tea . We left for shopping again at 10.30 . Charan Shital and me were dropped off and Shefu went back as kids didn't want to come . She baked a marble cake for herself and took arnav and Arya to asda. We took them out for lunch to nandos . We all separated and kids went back with Shefali as they hate shopping . Shital and me stayed back and were picked up by 7.45 . Our dinner plans were cancelled as Shaili had exams and all were tired . We celebrated Shefu's birthday at home.
2-11-16 We had a chilled out morning . Shital and me went for s walk and after breakfast Just chatted till late morning . We left for an outing in Shefu's car to see some other shops , her old house and her hospital . We had ravioli for lunch and slept . In the evening we got ready and were dropped off towards the Cardiff bay for our show. Mamma Mia . We walked along the bay and then had the most memorable experience of our trip . The show was simply superb . We took a taxi back home .

31 October 2016

Cardiff 30-10-16 to 2-11-16 We reached Shefu's home after a long day of travel. We cooked paneer dal rice fansi and Roti . It was so good to eat hot Indian meal ! Shefu and Sujit are v loving . Kids are so loving too! Monday we went shopping to city center and kids were tired . We were picked up at 6.30 outside shopping mall and went home . Shefu's home is around half an hour away . Charan and Sujit arrived that night by 8. We had got a cake for Shefu's birthday . We slept late.

30 October 2016

Drove back towards Cardiff . Time changes today and clocks move an hour back . We started by 8.20 am and just took a lunch break and refueling break . The drive was v long

29 October 2016

29-10-16 stirling - battle of banochburn and falkirk wheel We went to experience the battle of banochburn as a virtual 3D battlefield . It was really good . We also were split into armies and did battle on the battlefield . It was a very different experience as we have never seen anything like this before . We saw Robert the Bruce king of scots statue and place where he lay his standard for the battle . It was very cold with slight drizzle . From there we drove to falkirk wheel which was just 3.5 miles away . We saw the wheel which transported boats from lower canal of forth and Clyde to the upper union canal - ht difference of 35 mts . We returned back to the cottage and had a quiet evening . Packed for the check out next day . We are travelling back to wales which is 400 miles from wells field farm near stirling in Scotland . It's Diwali today!

28 October 2016

28-10-16 Loch Lomond and glendoyne distillery Shital Sujit and me left for Loch Lomond after breakfast . It was pretty with not many people visiting . From there we left for glendoyne distillery . We bought biscuits there As we didn't have lunch . We had 4 tastings of different whiskies . It was fun . We reached back by 5 . We had fajitas for supper and watched the video for battle of banochburn which we did the next day

27 October 2016

27-10-16 Edinburgh We took an early start towards Edinburgh . It was a rainy and bleak morning so I thought it would be a bad day . It. Cleared up and we were lucky . It was very cold and windy but at least dry weather ! We parked at Ingliston park and ride and took a tram to edinburgh city - princess street. We took a green hop on hop off bus tour with live guide . After the city tour , We walked into the castle and then went back to wahaca restaurant on princess street. After lunch we walked along the street which had all the brand shops . We took the tram ride around 5 pm to park and ride and drive back home . We were all tired and had pasta dinner which Shefali cooked . We had to sort our shower and washing machine problem which we had that day .

26 October 2016

Wells field cottages - Scotland We travelled to scorland from Dublin airport. The drive to wells field farm cottages was a short one . We just relaxed at the cottage for the evening .

25 October 2016

Our villa and car for Ireland
25-10-16 glendalough trek We left a bit leisurely for the wiklow county . It was a mere half hour drive . We went to glendalough nature trek . It was stunning forest area with 2 lakes upper lake and lower lake . The trek was varying difficulty levels . We took the easiest . The valley was so colourful with fall season . It was cloudy but not too cold . The walk did us good . St Kevin used to wander these mountains and meditate there . The ruins date back to 12th century . After the trek we went to avoca village where we were guided to red cross town for lunch at a local Irish pub . It was heavenly and just perfect . We met Amit Patel from baroda who was employed at the pub cum brewery . We got a free tour of the brewery . After returning back we went for a walk along the Harbor of courtown leaving kids behind . We had a beer at yet again a local pub and returned back for dinner .

24 October 2016

Trip to Kilkenny After a relaxed morning , we left around 10 am for Kilkenny . On the way we stopped at a local cafe in a village for coffee. We reached Kilkenny which is a beautiful town with a lot of history. The castle originally owned by butler family is now open for public . We walked around the medieval town and saw the st Mary's cathedral , st canices church , brewery , Thorpe house etc . All dated in 12-13 th century . We bought grocery and reached back by 7. We then made fajita and after dinner we watched a Gujarati film .

23 October 2016

Ireland city tour. We had an early breakfast and drove for an hour to cherrywood. Parked the car and then took the tram to st Stephens park stop . We took a hop on hop off bus tour of the city. After the tour we had lunch at Pizza Hut on grafton street . Then left for the villa

22 October 2016

Wexford beach trip in Ireland . After a short walk to the courtown for groceries in the morning , we had a fabulous home cooked breakfast of eggs and toast. The villa is in a gated area called forest park. It is located in small forest area in south Ireland .

21 October 2016

Visit to city center at redhill

20 October 2016

Dinner at harvesters pub on 20 th evening
Heathrow airport ! Had a very comfortable fight journey with superb food and comfort

20 October 2016

Waiting forever to board the flight . Not very interesting
Ahmedabad airport