North America, Europe · 7 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Rita's adventure in London, United Kingdom

10 September 2017

I know I'm days behind, but had to say that we are beginning our road trip. Normally I prefer to drive, but I'm a bit terrified to drive on the wrong side of the road! Pictures of the new Queensferry Crossing bridge in Edinburgh.

7 September 2017

I'm a few days behind. Last day in London we visited Buckingham Palace and St. James Park. Took some work to find #10 Downing St. only to find it barricaded and guarded. Went back to yesterday's pub for beer and pies. Then off to the train via uber.

4 September 2017

We ended our day in the hotel's Exec Lounge with free drinks and appetizers. I had a few glasses of Proseco and KC had a couple G&Ts. In addition to the public offerings, our host brought us a plate of specialty tide bits, and when we told him we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, he brought us a special dessert. Thanks, James! We finished the evening having a lovely, lively conversation with a young 20s something guest, and laughing together. And he helped us save 50 £ on our train fare to Glasgow. Thanks, Daniel.
We started out looking for distilled water for KC's APap (more later) and ended up doing a few sights and finding some great food. We saw West Minster Abby, Big Ben, Parliament (guarded by blokes with assault rifles), Tower Gardens, Lambeth Bridge across the Thames, London Eye (we didn't ride), back across the Westminster Bridge and found the Red Lion Pub near 10 Downing Street. We had their pie sampler which came with three pies, mash, gravy, and three beer samples. I had a cider. We also met a vacationing British family, mom, dad, and two minors in town for a brief vacation before the kids go back to school. Everyone we've met has been lovely - friendly and helpful. We then wandered home still searching for distilled water. We went to Victoria Station via Westminster Cathedral. There appears to be no distilled water in London. The pharmacist looked it up on Google for me and said this appears to be a common problem for Americans. We'll make do.
We're in London! We got to Heathrow and then spent an hour in immigration! Took the express train to Paddington, the Underground to St. James and then to the hotel...or did we. No, we got off the Underground at Charring Cross which we had been told was our stop. No. A very helpful Underground employee put us back on the train but I took us the wrong direction. We got off, turned around and headed home. But we still got off on the stop. Damn. Checked in to Conrad London St.James (Hilton) and went to bed. Oh, breakfast in the Exec Lounge first. Then, three hours later, we're rudely awakened by a clanging alarm and the announcement of a fire alarm. We hurriedly dressed, raced to the basement, only to find that this was a weekly alarm test. Hmmm. We took the opportunity to stay awKe and begin our walking tour of London.

3 September 2017

Having a wonderful Old Fashioned with the prosciutto plate.
Stuck in Chicago for a few hours so headed in to town. Not sure what we'll see. Stayed at the airport and took the early flight to London.
At PDX waiting on flight to Chicago, our US departure city. Thanks to Jenna for the flight to London, our last American flight benefit. Eating breakfast at Beaches.