Singapore, Japan · 6 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

First Time in Japan

30 April 2017

Shibuya Crossing

27 April 2017

Walked around Nippombashi, Dotonburi and Namba today. Burnt my tongue with takoyaki balls, had some amazing katsu curry and massive shibuya toast!
Narita Express. I love how it is so clean here!
Just touched down in Narita Airport. It's 11°C and it's raining outside. Glad that i'm still in the airport as i wasn't quite sure if i packed the right clothes for this weather. Anyway, off to Osaka!

25 April 2017

First post. I thought i'd begin my Journi with my home country. Just finished my night shift. Heading to the CBD to get me some Yen at the money changer. It's a pretty standard routine to do this the day before my departure. Gives me an excuse to go for a walk on such a beautiful morning. I've yet to pack. Barely even have time to do it. Might do it today if i can't sleep. Last resort, just tomorrow after my last night shift. Tomorrow morning will be the last time i'd get to catch the sunrise before i transfer to a new department. Anyway, today and tomorrow is gonna be crazy busy for me! Small price to pay for a quick vacation. So bring it!