Malaysia, Japan · 6 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Rina's adventure in Tokyo, Japan

23 July 2017

Had to queue for almost an hour to eat this omu rice. Reviews was so good. I personally find it a little bit too creamy and cheesy for my liking. And a little bit too expensive also. I don't think I'll go for the second time.

22 July 2017

Our waistline is slowly disappearing with the good food here in Tokyo. Be it western or Chinese or Japanese food, everything is delicious!

21 July 2017

How to resist such cute ice cream? 😋
Cosmo clock ferries wheel in Yokohama. Love the view up there despite the "jelly" feeling in the legs.
Cup noodle museum in Yokohama. Spent almost the whole day there making noodles, diy your own cup noodles and eating at the bazaar with yummy varieties of noodles from all over the world.
Meiji shrine. So sad it's under renovation. We not allowed into the main hall.

19 July 2017

We have come a long way and one of things we must eat is he omu rice here in Japan. It is to die for! It's just the way they do it that it's totally different and it can make you crave for it. Of course the curry is a must eat too. I would say Japanese curry is at par with our Chinese and Indian curry. Each has their own unique curry taste which I can't even rate which is better. Being an avid curry lover....the world would end if there's no more curry! 😂

18 July 2017

The flight with Air Asia was smooth. No delays luckily.
Ordered Mac & Cheese and Nasi Lemak for our in-flight meal. During transit in KL, Indian food was 👍🏻but expensive.