United States of America · 5 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Utah da jhoota

24 May 2017

We ate breakfast at the hotel, got burrito bowls, pizza and lots of other stuff from Jackson Whole grocer. Jessie got MD and we left for yellowstone at 12. We went thru grand teton and stopped at an animal art museum. It had some good stuff but the ticket was 15/person, so we decided not to go in.
We left the upper and lower falls at 5 and headed back. To our disappoiintment, the restrooms at Grant Village were closed. We did find restrooms at the park entrance but they were not as good as they were in the service area. We tried to find food on our way but there was nothing. We got salad from Wendys for mom and subway from Satinder and mom. Jessie, dad and I got MD. My head was hurting a lot by this time. Satinder got coffee for all and we went to bed

23 May 2017

We ate breakfast at the hotel and left at 10 yellowstone. Satinder decided not to get food from Jackson, which was a huge mistakeWe stopped at various scenic spots in Grand Teton. We entered the park around 1. There was a long line at the park entrance. We entered from the South side and our first stop was Lewis lake. We then went to Grant Village which was closed for the season but there was a small service area that was open. We got some souvenirs and used the restrooms. We then headed to West Thumb which had a small trail with lots of mudpots, geysers and hot springs. We then stopped at the Fishing Bridge which did not offer much. We also stopped at Mud Volcano which had a steep hike and lot of hot springs. We then headed north to see upper and lower falls and saw lot of bisons, calaboose and ducks on the way. Upper and lower falls offered great views but we could not go further north to see other spots because they were closed for the season. We were tired and hungry by this time.

22 May 2017

We woke up at 7, ate breakfast and left for Jackson Hole at 9:50. We shopped at Smith's to get fruits etc. Then we stopped at MD forJessie. We stopped at a little creek (or Logan River) in Logan valley. It was a park of the Cache National Park. We stopped at another place on our way where water from Logan River flowed thru a rock because the rock had folded under pressure and there was a distinct fault line. We then stopped at the Bear lake which started in Idaho and ended in Wyoming. We reached in Jackson Hole around 5 and went to see Grand Teton park. We took some picture and did a small hike near Jenny Lake. We reached our hotel around 8. Mom, dad and I ate paranthas and had coffee. Jessie and Satinder ate MD.

21 May 2017

We woke up early. Mom and i made paranthas. Satinder helped chachaji some more. We also met Jassi who was busy preparing for finals of 3rd year of his medical school. Chachaji took mom-dad to gurdwara and Satinder, Jessie and I went to the mall. Jessie andI each bought a dress. Jessie at MD and we ate panda. We came home, had tea and went hiking. Mom, dad and Jess went up to the first hill and walked home (2 miles!). Satinder and I kept going and decided to hike until 8 to be back before sunset (8:45). Satinder took some short cuts which worked fine except one where we got lost and could not find the trail. We headed back at 8 and i fell pretty hard on our way back. We reached home at 9, ate rajmah rice,chicken and saag and went to bed.

20 May 2017

We reached a little earlier than expected, collected our luggage and headed for car rental. Fox car rental was away from the airport and we had to take shuttle. Wait at the rental place was extremely long and painful. Satinder got a grey ford explorer and we reached chachaji's house around 2. Chachiji made paranthas and lot of sweet stuff for us. Mom, dad and Satinder took naps. Jessie and I went for a walk and later chachji took us to a party store. We got bean burrito and cheesy potatoes on our way back. Satinder went to Sam's with chachaji and helped him with tables etc. Jessie and i went to bed early.
Woke up at 3:30 for a 7:30 flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City. Traffic was light and we had enough time to park in long term parking ( @$8/day ). Security check was fast too, we got TSA pre approval ( don't know why/how) and didn't have to take our shoes off. Jessie got breakfast from MD ( pancakes, egg, sausage, bread). Satinder got coffee for all of us. Flight was full, so we checked in our carry on luggage. Delta has nice selection of movies, shows, games etc. Jessie watched hidden figures for a little bit and then the dog's purpose. Then she played games. She kept eating candy hoping it will fix ear pain :) The direct flight to SLC was only 4hr. Except Jessie and me, who sat together, everyone else had to sit in different seats.