Africa, North America · 40 Days · 30 Moments · July 2016

6 September 2016

Repairable with local tools Take hygiene friendly- proper ventilation, successful flow Desire: Company, latrine pumping They take waste to facility outside of Kigali to treat, but the company is not used in Rilima Culturally unacceptable to touch waste, would need education with composting technology To do: -plan view in neighborhood -developable space

8 August 2016

First interview-Phillip and his wife Jeanne. Phillip uses methane as a source of energy in his house, sustained through the use of his cows manure. Future questions: how expensive is it? How hard is it to maintain? How much manure do you need? How much energy do you get?

6 August 2016

Kigali pt 2

5 August 2016

Rilima Umuganura celebration pt 2
Interviews: 1. Phillip and his cows, Jeanne and the kids
Rilima Umuganura celebration

4 August 2016

Hanging out with Prosper pt 2
Hanging out with Prosper pt1
Lake Kidogo
Mapping Rilima

2 August 2016

Nuns new pump
Water pump
Water breeze solar panels
Water breeze tank gps

1 August 2016

Solar technology for tank
Water Breeze: drilling for water project providing water via pump and solar panels
Thoughts: water pumping, could use pumps to turn wheels attached to rope ideas similar to that in Nicaragua. Need to ask if there's a more sustainable medium. "Boosters" could have falling water into new pipes, starting a new system of medium. This would be all above ground, which would make maintenance easier than the alternative of underground.
Approximately 540 feet from tank location to houses. Give or take 50ft
Land plot we can use for tank
Rilima views
Electrical wiring in community
Typical construction materials
Typical latrine system in community. Two houses, share a latrine. Empty when full and take to compost

31 July 2016

Kigali pt 3
Rwanda Genocide Museum pt 1
Rwanda Genocide Museum pt 2
Kigali pt 1

30 July 2016


29 July 2016

Food and beer