Europe, North America · 5 Days · 8 Moments · July 2018

Riley's voyage in Denmark

19 July 2018

tivoli gardens is an amusement park in the middle of copenhagen that amelia jake and i went to. possibly the best amusement park ever, beautiful place with a park and live music, rides games food, everything! we did a free fall ride where we went up maybe 200 feet and could see so much of copenhagen and then dropped. we did another ride where we went about as high and were swinging around a focal point so we could get an amazing 360 degree view of the city. then a roller coaster with 2 backflips and a corkscrew. finally. the greatest ride ive ever been on, a ride where you’re in a 4 person sean and get flipped sideways and then do like 8 backflips in a row speeding up every time, i could’ve maybe passed out if i wanted to, so much g force on that thing. absolute adrenaline rush. unfortunately i don’t really have any pics because we put phones in lockers
back in the states!!

17 July 2018

met up with my buddy erik from high school, he was a foreign exchange student from denmark. such a great guy and we had fun going to a bar last night with him, going to meet up with him again today. quickly became good friends with jake and amelia as well

16 July 2018

canal tour! about an hour long our tour guide victor was awesome, we saw the royal palace and passed by a hippy neighborhood called christiania (i think?). copenhagen is honestly a utopia, so friendly and people would wave hello to us from the street or off their boats, meeting people is so easy and fun
walking through the city, such a nice day out we’re really lucky with the weather
had a great lunch at an italian place in downtown copenhagen called vesuvio. very nice restaurant but not too expensive

15 July 2018

met up with my friend amelia from UW at our airbnb in copenhagen