Italy · 6 Days · 35 Moments · March 2016

Riley's trip to Italy

23 March 2016

Took a ferry from Bari, Italy to Greece. Whole new country to explore!

22 March 2016

Observations: The mountains off in the distance are foggy and dope in Pompeii. The town held 15,000-17,000 people. They were all around 5 feet tall fully grown. There are cobblestone streets and marketplaces that have brothels, pharmacies, shops, and houses. People wink a lot at you here. Things can get personal with random strangers very quickly, which I think is really cool. People are also more trusting.
Walking tour in Bari. We visited Saint Nicklaus's Basilica where his bones are buried, and we learned the true story of of Santa Claus. I also had some focaccia, which is pizza without cheese, so I loved it
These are bulletholes from Nazi soldiers in WWII. They shot these ancient ruins as target practice
This very nice old Italian lady at Pompeii blessed me and gave me this picture after a conversation

21 March 2016

8 days left still 😳 I love it
Observations: Capri has very narrow small streets and vertical architecture. Everything is perched on a cliff or hill. You think it would be all touristy but it really isn't. Me and Joe saw some Italian guy hitting a wall with a hammer and some other everyday things. Capri was really great though, everywhere you look there is a once in a lifetime view. Houses all have beautiful walls, gardens, roofs. Sean Connery's house. Only accessible by helicopter. Little one seat mini pickup trucks drive on the streets in Italy. Even the old, seemingly crappy buildings are dope.
Lunch was insanely good. The food here is amazing
We took a ferry from Napoli➡️Capri➡️Sorrento
Capri Island

20 March 2016

On weekdays people take a break from1-4:30 to just chill and eat lunch and socialize which is really cool. Indian people with selfie sticks and laser pointers try to sell you to them at all the tourist attractions. They all wear the the same clothes too. You can fill your water bottle up or drink from any sink or fountain in the city. I've done that a couple of times and it's pretty neat. There are a bunch of tiny little shops and markets, but very little department stores. There are military police with guns roaming the streets and guarding tourist attractions and government buildings. All of the buildings are very vertical and cool colors (brown, red, yellow, white) and have cool old roofs. Lots of languages, but everybody speaks at least a little English.
There are lots of pigeons and they do not care about anything. You can get within two inches of them and they won't move, which is odd. One of them pecked my foot today during lunch. I drank some holy water from the Vatican. There are gypsies here. There are lots of mopeds and they slalom and weave between traffic and it's awesome.
Some observations: Italy I saw "No alla mafia" graffiti, which means "no mafia here" There are lots of languages, but everybody can at least speak a little English The traffic is absolutely insane. There are no rules, and the lines on the roads seem to be guidelines and not actual binding lines. The police don't seem to care if you break traffic rules, they are more concerned with actual crimes.
Roman Forum
The Colosseum

19 March 2016

St. Paul's Basilica
Trevi Fountain, streets and cafes, military guys, and the Capital of Rome
Italian Market and the Pantheon

18 March 2016

The Vatican
Flight over the Swiss Alps
Frankfurt Germany

17 March 2016