North America, Asia · 19 Days · 137 Moments · July 2018

singapore 2018

4 August 2018

πŸ“ 🍚 βž•πŸ‹ β˜•οΈ
we watched Princess Diaries 2 at midnight and it was all just constant squealing for 2 hours

3 August 2018

Curly and Moe take on a pelican
we got very excited
i was staring at the tiger and it was looking at me. i waved and then it waved its tail back at me. i’ve been blessed. i can die in peace
β€œShould i take a picture because your family will want one?”

2 August 2018

this has basically just become a food journal... whoopsie

1 August 2018

açaí bowls :))

31 July 2018


30 July 2018

Gardens by the bay and MBS in the rain :))

29 July 2018

we went to the botanical gardens and there were these really really adorable bulldogs. and other dogs. and chickens!!

28 July 2018

late night supper
art exhibit :))
lil india and some sight seeing

27 July 2018

🦐 🍲 πŸ™
too early for this

26 July 2018

doesn’t get more american than this.
🍌 πŸ₯• 🌽 πŸ₯₯
only gotta a little soaked
gotta get clean somehow 🚿
my kinda skool bus
up and at’em atom ant

25 July 2018

Bali dancer
lunch bunch
look!! it’s the opposite of a β€œfirefly”
nice rice
{holy} moly, {water} you doing?
donuts and snakeskin to break the fast
bali marketplace is the place to B
sunrise over Mount Agung. it’s was early and cold

24 July 2018

made it to bali
waiting game...

23 July 2018

last dinner on the island :(
great view w/ a great sunset
taken moments before i broke the sunglasses on my head
saw Nemo, and Dory, and Gill
🍰 🍝

22 July 2018

this dude was just chilling on the bathroom wall ((: aaaaaaand he didn’t try to sell me insurance
mom doin her yoga πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ what’s new?
πŸ’πŸšπŸ¦€πŸ πŸŸπŸŒŠ
breakfast day 2

21 July 2018

aight. sleep time. gotta be up early tomorrow 😴😴
sunset with flying foxes πŸ¦‡
it me :))
πŸ‰ πŸšͺ
went to go see some dragons. and saw some monkeys. deer. water buffalo. and a sea turtle along the way
medium trek with one big hill=a great view at the top
so apparently this isn’t the kind the breathes fire...
boat ride to go see some deadly animals :))
i like to look like i know what i’m doing even though i don’t πŸ“·
i made mom take my picture
snorkeled. tried to take a picture... didn’t go so well
i forgot that the ocean was salt water
breakfast was amazing. i think we need to make cake and noodles for breakfast a thing in America
good morning indonesia! been up since 5

20 July 2018

i’ve found that i have a very small tolerance to spicy foods that are considered β€œnot/little spicy”
πŸŒ… i could get used to this πŸŒ…
just landed and now on a boat to the island!!
✈️ 🏝
Jakarta filter in Jakarta :)
early bird gets the flight

19 July 2018

chef mama πŸ˜‹
calling it a day
looks like an adult, acts like a kid, but is really just an easily excitable teenager
i WOOD suggest the national museum, its LEAFt me very inTREEgued!
brunch :P
national museum of singapore
🚊 🚊
just slept for about 15 hours :))

18 July 2018

i don’t really know what time it is

17 July 2018

16 July 2018

the face of someone who has been up a full 24 hours plus a few minutes
shoutout to Wolfgang Puck for dinner
plane pics (over corn huskers , utah, coloRADo, arizona,and cali)
took about 14 hours just to get back over missouri....
we made it on the plane! they kept yelling β€œone minute left” and β€œclose the doors now” stress would be an understatement
on standby.......
Lunch provided by β€œ&pizza” it’s wonderful!
rode on the β€œpeople mover” which i am convinced was something modeled after something from star wars
but missed our flight so now we’re rebooking 🀞🏼
and landed....
so we took off...
flight to Dulles delayed 35 minutes who needs navigation anyways?
2 more hours
Had my bag searched because of my food. whoops. i think i’m good for at least an hour!
β€œwe want you to ride MoX”